In-Wall Mount Gun Safe & Cabinet Between Studs

In-wall gun safe is a great solution for people who don’t have enough room to accommodate a gun safe and for people who want to keep their gun safe a secret. Most in-wall gun safes are made so you can hide them behind a mirror or a picture and only people who know about it would know it existed.

But, there are some things that you have to consider when you are buying an in-wall gun safe or cabinet. For example, if you want to install the safe in existing wall you have to contact a professional because you can’t randomly select the place for your gun safe in-wall. You have to make sure that you won’t interfere with the stability of your home, especially if you want in wall rifle safe.

In-Wall Mount Gun Safe & Cabinet Between Studs

The best location for the in-wall gun safe is between studs. That way you aren’t changing the construction of the wall, but you have to keep in mind that it means the safe will be a certain size which depends on the studs of the wall. That means the in-wall gun storage is not suitable for a large gun or rifle collection. This type of safe can be high, but it can’t be deep.

The best quality wall gun safes should be waterproof and you must not buy a gun safe in-wall that it is not waterproof. When you have a hidden wall gun safe it means you can’t move it around which means if it comes to any kind of water damage in your home, your belongings must be secure in the safe.

In-Wall Mount Gun Safe

If you want to hide your in-wall gun safe with a picture or a mirror, make sure you can easily access your safe. Placing a safe behind a heavy mirror is not a good idea because in case of an emergency you can’t come to your safe quickly.

The good thing about hidden wall gun safes is that you don’t have to use the best quality locks on the door if the safe stays hidden. An in-wall gun cabinet is also a good solution but then you have to be absolutely sure that the gun cabinet is hidden so nobody can’t fit it because cabinets are more easily to break into than safes.

Best 5 In-Wall Gun Safe Reviews

Paragon 7750 Electronic Wall Lock And Safe

The Paragon 7750 gun safe is perfect for your home because it can easily fit in the design of your room with white color. This is not an actual in-wall gun safe but it can store a couple of handguns on the shelves. The reason why I have put this safe on the in-wall gun safe list is that it is made of high-quality materials and it comes with the 10-year warranty.

Paragon 7750 Electronic Wall Lock and Safe

The in-wall gun cabinet comes with two lock options, you can choose to enter the PIN number to open the safe or you can use one of two keys that come with the safe. The PIN number is better because you don’t have to carry the key with you, but you have to remember the code that can have 3-8 numbers. The electronic lock has LED light so you can enter the correct PIN number even in the dark. The electronic lock runs on AA batteries, so be sure that you always have spare near the safe.

The interior of the safe is carpeted with grey mat padding which will prevent any kinds of scratches on the belongings in the hidden wall gun safe. You will get 2 shelves inside, but you can’t adjust their positions, which is a small downside, but not a dealbreaker.

Paragon Electronic Wall Lock and Safe

Another thing that makes this wall gun safe good is that it is made to fit between the studs so you don’t have to change the construction of the wall in your room and it is relatively easy to install just be sure you are satisfied with the location where you want to install it before you buy it because it has to be a perfect fit. That is not just for this wall mount gun safe, this works for any wall gun safe you eventually decide to buy.

Homak Between The Studs Wall Safe

The Homak inwall gun safe is a small safe that can fit one or two handguns with ammo. Its size makes it easy to hide with a mirror or a picture and it is made so you can easily fit it between the 16-inches studs in the wall or the floor. Gun safe like this is a great choice for your home and office because it uses special HMC tubular locking mechanism to keep everything safe. That high-security locking mechanism will make sure that intruders stay out of the safe.
Homak between the studs wall safe

The cabinet is sturdy, it is made of heavy-duty 1.5 mm steel which is more than enough for the purpose and the fact that it is hidden and its size gives you the opportunity to hide it in the closet if you think that behind a picture is too boring. The full-length piano hinge makes sure that the door is safe and hard to break into.

The black foam interior will keep your handguns safe, but keep in mind that this gun cabinet has room for 2 handguns and a magazine not more because the lock takes a lot of space in the safe. That is one of the designer’s flaws, but if you use it only as an emergency in wall gun cabinet, then 2 handguns and a magazine are all you need.

in wall safe Homak between the studs wall safe

This is one of the smallest in wall gun cabinets on the list, which makes it perfect for people who want to store one or two handguns in their home and office only for protection. As you can see, I did referer to this unit as an in-wall gun cabinet because it is not really a gun safe. The reason I would say that is because it is not as tough as most safes on the market. But, if you hide it well, nobody will know about it so it can be as secure as the best safes on the market. I like the quality-price ratio of this safe because it can give you a good hiding place for your handgun for the money, It also comes with the 1-year warranty and that is always a big plus.

Stack-On IWC-22 In-Wall Cabinet

The Stack-On in-wall cabinet comes with 2 removable shelves so you can adjust the interior to your needs.  The cabinet has foam padding on the bottom and the shelves so you don’t have to worry about damaging your handguns and the 3-point locking system will keep your belongings safe from intruders. Yo can store about 2 handguns in the safe with other valuable belongings like the documents or money, but I wouldn’t put more handguns inside because they might fall out when you open the doors.

Stack-On IWC-22 in-wall cabinet

Someone once noticed that the design of this cabinet looks like the electric panel and if you are lucky enough to have that kind of panel you can easily store this in-wall gun cabinet in the plain sight without having the need to hide it and that is actually pretty genius. I am not sure if this was their purpose or the designers of the Stack-On in-wall cabinet were just lucky.

Now, let’s get back to the lock. The 3-point locking system locks the door near the lock and on the top and bottom of the door as well, that is why it is called the 3-point locking system. The price and the materials used in this gun cabinet are great because it is a sturdy and simple in-wall gun cabinet that is not too expensive and I really like its quality-price ratio.

Stack-On IWC-22 in-wall cabinet safe

The reason why this is the in-wall cabinet is the same as the model above. It is a simple cabinet with a simple lock, without any digital or biometric parts and you can’t expect much from it. The only thing that this cabinet needs to provide is the safety for things that are stored inside and it has to stay hidden.

Protex Electronic Wall Safe – PWS-1814E

The electronic in wall safe made by Protex is designed as between the studs gun safe because it fits 16-inches wall studs, just like the Homak wall safe above. Your belongings will be safe here because the electric lock has 2 heavy duty locking bolts that keep the intruders away. The electronic lock will open only to a person who has the right PIN number and the moment you open the in-wall safe the small LED light will light up the interior. That is convenient when you have to access the safe in the dark.

Protex electronic wall safe – PWS-1814E

The electronic lock is no the only way to open the door because you will 2 additional keys. You can use them when the batteries in the lock are dead or the keypad is damaged form failed burglary attempt. The lock has motorized bolt system that opens the spring loaded door the moment you enter the right code. That is pretty convenient because it allows you to quickly access the safe and grab the handgun if you really need it.

The interior of the hidden wall gun safe is adjustable as you can remove 2 shelves and adjust the space to your needs. Also, it has a high-quality velvet all over the walls and the bottom which will keep your belongings safe without scratching them. Some people think that having a carpeted interior is not important, but that can highly improve the state of the wall gun safe as much as the state of things in the safe.

Protex electronic wall safe – PWS-1814E in wall safe

When you look at the price and the performance of this wall gun safe you can see it has a great price to quality ratio. I like the fact that it comes with an electronic lock, but it has override keys and I am a fan of spring-loaded doors because they can help you react quickly if you have to.

Barska AX12038 Biometric Wall Safe

Barska has most of their safes with the biometric lock and this gun safe in-wall is not an exception. The biometric lock can store up to 120 different fingerprints and its design makes it easy to hide behind a picture or a mirror. You don’t have to share this gun safe with 119 other people, but I do suggest that you scan your finger few times in different positions because that way you will be able to open the safe no matter how you press your finger on the scanner. The in-wall gun safe with 120 fingerprints gives you a chance to try that option.

Barska AX12038 Biometric Wall Safe

Since the in-wall gun safe uses 4 AA batteries, you can easily open the safe with backup keys if the batteries end up empty, but they are made to last about 2 years so you don’t have to worry about that.

The interior of the Barska gun safe in-wall has a protective floor mat to keep your belongings scratch-free and 2 removable shelves give you the opportunity to adjust the space as you like it. The safe is big enough to fit a couple of handguns, magazines, documents and other valuables you want to keep hidden which makes it a great choice for your office or home.

Barska AX12038 Biometric gun Wall Safe

The safe is producing beeping noises when you press the finger to the scan, when you open the door and when you close it which is not the best feature, but I do like the fact that you can mute the sound and then the in-wall gun safe is completely silent.

The Barska in-wall safe has the California DOJ Approval for safe storing firearms which means that this safe is a real in-wall gun safe and it is made for that purpose. The quality and the durability of the safe are the best proof that it is made with extra care. Also, the entire gun safe has a warranty that lasts about 1 year which is more than enough to see if the safe is good and durable as they say it is.

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