2021 Bulldog Gun Safe, Cases And Car Vault Reviews

Bullgod is not a traditional gun safe company because they are focused on producing solutions for storing and carrying firearms. That means you won’t find big and heavy Bulldog gun vaults that easily.

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They are more focused on producing Bulldog gun cases you can carry with you no matter where you are going. If you are traveling a lot, no matter whether it is by car or train, and you want to have your firearms with you then I suggest you take a look at the Bulldog gun safe reviews because you will notice they have it for every situation.

Advantages Of Bulldog Gun Safes

Bulldog has a big variety of gun cases and vaults that will adapt to your situation without any problem. No matter whether you are looking at Bulldog gun cases, vaults or safes, they are all made to give you a proper protection.

Hand Selected Materials

Every material used in the production of the bulldog cases & vaults is handpicked which means it is chosen with care and a special purpose. You can be sure that materials in the Bulldog cases and vaults are high-quality; durable and they will protect your belongings.

Affordable Price

Bulldog gun cases have a great quality to price ratio which means you can be sure that the price is in line with the quality of the Bulldog security gun safe. They aren’t cheap nor too expensive, their price is just right and that is something people in Bulldog are proud of.

Great Customer Service

They tend to create a bond with their customers because they know that is how you spread loyalty all over the world. A customer is the most important factor in any business and people in Bulldog gun safes love to say that their customer service sets them apart from the competition.

Bulldog Gun Safe & Vault Reviews

Bulldog Digital Vault BD1050

This Bulldog gun safe you can put in the Bulldog gun cases because it is small and portable, but that doesn’t mean it is easy to break into it. The digital keypad can have more than 1000 secure combinations and 2 door bolts make sure that unwanted people can’t open it that easily. You don’t need a Bulldog vault replacement key, but you will get a bulldog vault override key if you want to open it without the PIN.

Bulldog digital vault BD1050

The size of the gun safe allows you to store 2 pistols inside without stacking them one on the other on the soft bottom carpet so you can avoid damaging them when you are pulling them out of the safe. The electronic lock uses batteries to work and the safe has one LED light that notifies you when the batteries are low.

Bulldog Car Safe With Key Lock BD1100

What makes this Bulldog car safe so interesting is that it has a mounting bracket so you can mount it wherever you can. Once you put the locked Bulldog car gun safe in the bracket you can’t remove it until you unlock it. If you don’t want to use the mounting bracket you can easily secure the safe with the security cable that comes with the safe. The interior is soft so you can be sure that the surrounding of your safe is scratch free.

Bulldog car safe with key lock BD1100

The only downside of this gun safe can be the fact that it has a traditional lock that needs the key. But, besides that, it is a great car safe because it is made from the heavy-duty steel construction and it is very durable so if you are looking for a case for your car, look at this gun safe.

Bulldog Personal Safe With Key BD1121

The BD1121 is a case for your handgun so you can easily bring in on your trip. It is made from 18-gauge steel construction so it is very durable and, what is the most important, it meets the TSA firearm guidelines for traveling. The tamper resistant lock is not so easy to break into, so I suggest you use the key to open it. Once you open it, the hinge will hold the door opened until you grab what you need.

Bulldog personal safe with key BD1121

The bottom and the top of the safe are covered with the egg-crate foam that keeps your handgun safe and you don’t have to worry about damaging it when you grab it out of the safe. The size of the safe allows you to store only one handgun inside.

Bulldog Personal Safe With Combination Lock BD1126

The Bulldog personal vault BD1126 is actually similar to the BD1121 model, but it has a different lock. This Model uses a 3-digit combination you have to enter to open the vault. The interior is padded with “egg crate” sponge which keeps the handgun safe. Another thing that these two models have in common is the TSA approval.

Bulldog personal safe with combination lock BD1126

So, if you like the characteristics you have read in the short review about the BD1121, but you aren’t a fan of the traditional lock and key then you might want to choose this safe that has a different lock.

Bulldog Digital Personal Vault BD1135

Another Bulldog digital vault that can be used to store handguns during travel is the BD1135. It is made from the 16-gauge steel construction and its main opening method is the RFID Card, but if you want, you can use other RFID tags you got with the safe. That means you can open the safe with the RFID card and the FRID key fob. As you can see in the picture, the safe has some other locking methods and they include the LED buttons you have to press in specific order and a traditional key and lock method.

Bulldog digital personal vault BD1135

You can use all 4 methods but that mostly depends on the situation you are in when you have to open the gun safe. Just like the similar models above, this Bullgod is also TSA approved for travel.

Bulldog Personal Car Vault BD1150

Another Bulldog car vault is the Bulldog BD1150. It is also made of heavy-duty steel construction so you don’t have to worry about people easily break in. You can mount it to any surface or you can secure it with 3’ security cable that comes with the Bulldog car vault security box. It has room for one handgun which is perfect for your car, just like the BD1100 gun safe I have shown you before. Bulldog personal car vault BD1150

The moment you put the safe in the bracket it will stay there until you unlock it. That is the principle of the bracket and it is a great way to safely store the gun safe when you have to leave it unattended.

Bulldog One-Touch Personal Safe BD1170

This gun safe I am about to show you in the short Bulldog gun safe review has the extra heavy-duty steel construction, but soft interior. It is locked with the key and the lock itself is tamper resistant so you can be sure that your belongings are safe. You can mount the Bulldog one touch vault to any surface if you don’t need to carry it around which is a great plus.

Bulldog one-touch personal safe BD1170

The drawer design of this safe gives you a quick access to the gun because the moment you unlock the safe you can push it and it will slide the drawer so you can grab the gun. That drawer design is spring loaded so you can be sure it will open wide every time.

Bulldog Magnum Biometric Gun Safe BD4040B

This Bulldog biometric gun safe is a part of the Bulldog Vaults Magnum series. The biometric lock can recognize up to 100 different fingerprints so you can scan your fingerprint from different angles to be sure the lock will read it every time. The entire Bulldog Magnum gun safe is made from 16-gauge steel construction with the tamper-resistant spring loaded door.

Bulldog Magnum biometric gun safe BD4040B

You don’t have to worry about opening your Bulldog biometric gun safe in the dark because it has interior light when turns on when the door is opened. The problem is that everything in the safe works on batteries but there is a low battery indicator so you can replace them in time.

Bulldog Magnum RFID Gun Safe BD4040

This Bulldog Magnum gun safe is actually very similar to the Bulldog biometric gun safe above, but it has a different lock. Yes, that means it is made from the 16-gauge steel construction and it has the spring loaded door, just like the model above. But, this safe has RFID lock which means you have to have a special RFID card or key fob to enter the safe.

Bulldog Magun RFID gun safe BD4040

The interior is covered with special egg-crate foam that prevents the firearms from damaging in the safe. If you don’t want to share the RFID technology with other people you can show them the “night access” buttons or even give them one of 2 backup keys you get with this safe.

Bulldog Magnum Top Load LED Gun Safe BD4060

Another Bulldog Magnum gun safe worth mentioning is the Magun LED gun safe because it is a heavy duty bulldog gun safe. This gun safe has 4 options for entry which means you can easily adjust opening the Bulldog gun cases to the situation. Those 4 options are:  “night light” access buttons, RFID access card, RFID Key Fob, or 2 emergency keys just like with the model above.

Bulldog Magnum Top Load LED gun safe BD4060

The Bulldog Magnum gun safe has the egg crate foam inside of the safe for softer storage and it opens at the top so you can use it as the drawer gun safe. That means you can access the gun safe in the drawer without taking it out and opening it.

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