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Covert Cabinet is another company that doesn’t offer you a traditional type of gun safes so if you are sick of regular gun safes or you might want to change something check them out. They are more focused on producing Covert gun cabinets that offer you a chance to hide your valuable belongings like documents, jewelry, and handgun right in the middle of your room.


Their headquarters is located in the Springboro, Ohio, USA and their market is focused on the United States of America, but they aren’t afraid to expand to the rest of the world.

When you ask them why a covert gun cabinet and not a covert gun safe, they will say; those gun safes are the first place where intruders will look. That is why they decided to replace a gun safe with the Covert gun storage furniture that looks like ordinary furniture.

Now, you have to be aware Covert gun cabinets are not a safe which means that some of their models don’t come with the lock. That is logical because a lock will show an intruder a hidden compartment.

The only type of lock they use is the special magnetic lock which doesn’t leave a trace in the design of the Covert shelves. To open those locks you need a special magnetic key and the reaction time of those locks is great, which makes Covert safes quick access safes.

covert gun storage furniture

So, if you are looking for as safe storage for your documents, jewelry or firearms, read the reviews of Covert gun storage furniture because they might be what you are looking for.

Advantages Of Covert Gun Cabinets

Buying a Covert gun cabinet may not be a good choice on the safe side because most of their models can’t lock, but they have other advantages and some of them I will share here with you.

They Look Like A Piece Of Furniture

They don’t just look like a piece of furniture, they are a part of the furniture.  Covert gun shelves look like a floating shelf and if you didn’t know about the hidden compartment, you would assume their product is just a floating shelf.

They Are Affordable

When you get a Covert gun shelf, you will get a secret storage and a shelf which gives you furniture for two purposes. Due to that, they are affordable and they have a good price to quality ratio. When you assemble Covert shelves you will be impressed by the design and its hidden compartment.

They Are For All Your Belongings

You don’t have to use them only for your handgun, you can use them to store your important documents like passports or even family jewelry. You can choose the model by the thing you want to hide so you can use the entire compartment completely.

Covert Gun Cabinets Reviews

Covert Gun Cabinet GS-1228

Covert Gun Cabinet GS-1228

The first Covert gun cabinet I want to share with you is the GS-1228 gun cabinet that can store your handgun, magazine, jewelry and other valuables. It is actually a wall-mounted Covert gun shelf made to look like a floating shelf. You can put a decoration on it because you pull the hidden compartment out like a drawer. It is a great hidden compartment because you can easily put it in any room of your home or office and nobody will suspect it is something more than just a floating shelf.

Covert Gun Cabinet GS-24

Covert Gun Cabinet GS-24

The Covert gun cabinet GS-24 is bigger than the Covert gun shelf GS-1228 and it is ideal for storing 1-2 guns and other important documents. You don’t have to worry that the interior will scratch your belongings because it has a soft carpet on the inside. If you want to separate the handguns and the documents you can easily buy special boxes for that too. It is the pretty big unit and due to that, it comes with a special Covert magnetic lock and key so you can lock your belongings without an actual lock.

Covert Gun Cabinet HG-24

Covert Gun Cabinet HG-24

Covert gun cabinet HG-24 is also designed to look like a floating shelf, but this one has a different hidden compartment. It is not a drawer, but a drop-down storage compartment. This model also comes with the magnetic lock and key, which is logical because it is a drop down system which has to stay locked or it can get opened accidentally. This model comes with 2 adjustable steel hinges so you can adjust the compartment the way you want it to be.

Covert Gun Cabinet LG-46

Covert Gun Cabinet LG-46

Covert gun cabinet LG-46 has the same drop-down storage principle as the HG-24, but it is bigger in size which means you can use it to store bigger guns, not just handguns. Since it is a bigger model it comes with the 3 adjustable steel hinges and 2 Covert magnetic locks with 2 keys.

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