Best 4 Gun Safe Door Models For Room in 2021


If you are a passionate gun collector or you just have a lot of things you want to keep safe you might want to consider another option instead of buying a heavy duty gun safe. That option is to install a gun safe door on the room you can use as the vault.

If you are one spare room in your home, it can be in the basement or even in the attic, you can transform it into a gun vault. That room can store all your valuable belongings, your gun collection and even your money or documents.

Gun Safe Door Models For Room

That is actually a pretty good idea because the burglars can’t take the gun safe room with them and they only have one way to break into the gun safe room – through the gun safe door. This is not an ordinary security solution so it is not something everybody can afford.

The interesting thing about the gun safe room is that the doors aren’t a thing you can’t afford as their price is similar to a heavy duty gun safe. The bigger problem with the gun safe room is the space, you have to have space for it.

Due to that, I want to show you what you can get and what you can expect to form a gun safe door so you can see if it is a good choice for you or your gun collection.

Best Gun Safe Door Models

SnapSafe AUX Vault/Gun Safe Door 32×80

SnapSafe is a famous gun safe brand so it is natural that they would have a gun safe door in their offer too. They have more than just one model, but at this time, I want to focus only on this model. The 32×80 gun safe door is a model with standard door opening 32“ and the height 81“. The door looks pretty simple, they don’t have any decoration except the keypad and a handle.

SnapSafe AUX VaultGun Safe Door 32x80

The doors aren’t made of wood or any low-quality material, they are made of 12-gauge steel construction, both the door and the frame. As I have already mentioned, the door has a keypad for the digital combination lock so you can enter only with the PIN number. The door is secured with 9 live-locking bolts so you can be sure that they won’t open that easily.

SnapSafe AUX Vault/Gun Safe Door 36×80

Another SnapSafe door for the gun safe room is the 36×80 model. This model has the standard door opening 36“ and the door height 81“ so it is a wider model than the one I have reviewed above. But, that is the only thing that is different. Other specifications are pretty much the same.

SnapSafe AUX VaultGun Safe Door 36x80

The door comes with a digital combination lock with a simple keypad you have to use to enter the right PIN number. The 9 live locking bolts will make sure that the door stays closed and the construction of the door and the frame is also 12-gauge steel.

V-Line Closet Vault II Gun Safe & in-Wall Cabinet, Off White

The Homeland Safes have this door model which is suitable for a vault, gun safe room, and a tornado shelter. That gives this door a wider purpose which makes it more user-friendly. The dimension of the door is 30“ x 80“ but, before you purchase it, make sure that the dimensions are right. This door model has a decoration above the keypad and the handle so it is not a completely basic design

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B01DSWGCLM” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”cmctech-20″ width=”500″]

Since it has a wider purpose you can expect a better performance when it comes to safety and durability. The digital combination lock is the S&G spy-proof lock and the door comes with 11 locking bolts. Since it is a good gun safe door for a tornado shelter it is good to know that the model comes with 1-hour of fire protection at 1800°.

American Security Products Gun Safe Room Door

American Security, also known as the AMSEC, is a good quality gun safe brand and you can expect a good quality gun safe door from them too. The AMSEC gun safe door are commercial grade which means that they are very durable and adjustable as the model fits in walls thickness of 4-3/4″ to 9-3/4″


This commercial grade door uses UL listed group II lock which is spy-proof and drill-proof as it comes with the massive hard plate. The door comes with the 10 locking bolts which are activated the moment you lock the gun safe room. Just like the Homeland Safes gun safe door, this model is fireproof use to the fire insulation in the door.

If you aren't familiar with the gun safes on the market and you aren't sure which of the gun safe models is the best choice for you, I recommend you to read my Gun Safe Buying Guide so you can learn how to determine which gun safe suits your lifestyle best. I have made a detailed guide about the features you have to consider before you buy a gun safe and they are connected to the size, brand which made it, capacity, materials used during the production and special features like fire or water protection. If you are familiar with all those features, I suggest you visit my posts about best biometric, quick access or fireproof gun safes if you know that they suit your lifestyle best.