2021 Gun Safe Lighting – Light Kit – LED Light

Gun safes are excellent places to store your handguns and other belongings, but the heavy-duty ones can’t allow you to see what you have inside, especially in dim light or even dark. That is why one of the most important gun safe accessory for high capacity gun safes are the gun safe lighting systems.

Their most important purpose is to light up the interior so you can see what you have in the safe. Having a lighting system in the gun safe gives you a quick reaction and it allows you to easily notice the gun you are looking for.

Gun Safe Lighting

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a gun to clean it or you are looking for a gun for your protection, you will be faster with the gun safe light kit installed in the safe.

Now, there are safes that are equipped with the LED gun safe lights, but there aren’t many high capacity models. The small gun safes often come with a built-in gun safe LED light, but for most big gun safes you have to order them separately and after that, install it in your interior.

That is why I want to show you the most popular gun safe lighting systems, their designs, brands, and specifications in this article about gun safe lighting systems.

The Best Gun Safe Lighting Systems

Torchstar LED Gun Safe Light Kit

The first gun safe gun safe lighting system I want to show you is actually a kit that consists of 4 LED light bars, motion sensor, and powered adapter. That means that this LED gun safe lights light up when you open the safe due to the motion sensor. This kit comes in different sizes which means it comes with 6 and 4 LED light bars so you can adjust the kit to your gun safe capacity and size.

Torchstar LED Gun Safe Light Kit

The installation of these led gun safe lights is very simple because they are equipped with adhesive 3M tapes so you can glue them to the interior of the safe. The motion sensor activated on the motion which means that the light will turn on automatically when you will need it.

Kuled Wireless Motion Sensing LED Gun Safe Lights

This wireless gun safe lighting systems use its sensors to turn on and it doesn’t have any wires attached to it which means it uses batteries to function. You will need 4 AAA batteries to make the light work which means you will have to have a spare pack somewhere near the safe at all times.

Kuled Wireless Motion Sensing LED Gun Safe Lights

The sensor on this gun safe lighting system will make the LED light turn on when you are within 3 meters of it and it will work until you are within range. 15 seconds after you move away from it, the light will turn off.

Stack-On LED Gun Safe Light Kit SPAL-300 & SPAL17300

This Stack-On gun safe light kit comes in two versions, and both of them come with the 3 LED lights. It is another wireless gun safe lighting system which means it requires batteries to operate so you don’t have to have an electric outlet in your gun safe.

The both led gun safe lights versions to come with a special design that allows you to turn the LED light in any direction which makes it easier to adjust. That user-friendly gun safe light kit allows you to light separate corners on the shelf in your gun safe which is great.

Light My Safe Gun Safe Lighting Kit – 5 Pack

Light My Safe lighting kit is made by the brand specialized in the lighting systems so you can assume that it is made of good quality materials. I like the fact that it is a simple design you can easily adjust to the interior and the fact that you get 5 20-inch LED lights in the pack.

Light My Safe Gun Safe Lighting Kit – 5 Pack

It is not a wireless gun safe lighting kit, but if you have an electric outlet in the safe it is not a problem. This amount of LED lights and the length of each bar will make your safe shine bright so you won’t miss a thing inside. Now, if you want a lower light, you might want to use just some of the bars or even reconsider the product because this is really bright.

Light My Safe Gun Safe Lighting Kit – 3 Pack

This pack is also made by the Light My Safe brand which means it is pretty much the same as the one I have mentioned above, but it comes in a different, smaller pack. This pack holds 3 LED lighting bars that are easy to install in any safe with an electric outlet.

Light My Safe Gun Safe Lighting Kit – 3 Pack

I would be more impressed if they were wireless because they are really bright but that shouldn’t be a deal breaker for you if you have an electric outlet. Also, keep in mind that this gun safe lighting system is made of jewelry lights which produce white and bright light in your gun safe.

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