Best Gun Safe Rack For Your Gun Safe To Buy in 2021

If you have a big gun collection, it is logical that you will store them in the high capacity gun safes, which means that you can adjust the interior to your desires. The best way to do that is to include different gun safe racks in the interior of your safe.

Every gun safe rack has a special design which is made to fit one type of firearms so you can organize your gun safe with the best results. It really doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a rifle rack, a pistol rack or an ammo rack; the market has everything you need.

If you are looking for a rifle rack, you actually don’t need to look for it outside of the gun safe because most high capacity gun safes come with it. The same story is on the shelves in the safes but the different gun safe rack models that are used to store pistols are a different topic. Most of them aren’t included in the safe’s interior and you have to buy them separately.

The good thing about buying your own gun safe rack is that you can choose the design you want. There are gun safe racks that allow you a quick access to your pistols and there are racks that allow you to simply store them in the safe. I want to show you the most popular designs and you can see which one of all guns safe racks suit you best.

Different Gun Safe Rack Models for Your Gun Safe in 2021

RKrack Foam Gun Safe Rack

This gun safe rack is made to fit rifles and other long guns and it is a universal model. That means it can fit in almost every gun safe or cabinet, just make sure it is not the model with the fully carpeted interior. The reason for that is simple; the rifle rack has a magnetic strip you use to apply the rack in the safe. That works best when the strip is directly attached to the wall of the safe (steel).

RKrack Foam Gun Safe Rack

This special design of the rack allows you to use it for any type of rifle and long guns and the magnetic strip allows you to change the position of the rack. There is room for 3 long guns on this foam rack and if you want more storage space you can buy more racks and apply them one next to the other. This very durable and thick foam protects long guns from scratches and it is good for both, indoor and outdoor.

SnapSafe 6 Gun Safe Rack

The pistol racks are another option you can choose as a storage solution and this model is the basic model. As you can see, it is a simple construction made with PVC coating and it has room to store 6 pistols. This gun safe rack you can’t mount to the shelf in the safe or in your closet (out of the safe) which makes it easy to transport if you want to carry it around.

SnapSafe 6 Gun Safe Rack


The only problem with this gun safe rack is that it will take the space of one shelf in the gun safe. But when you look at the fact that it can store 6 handguns on it you will see that it only organizes that shelf. Without this pistol rack you would probably put the handguns one next to the other (even one on top of the other). Although it doesn’t save space, it definitely keeps your gun safe interior nice and tidy.

Hyskore Modular Gun Safe Rack

Modular gun safes are the ones you can adjust and assembly by yourself and this modular gun safe rack is the same thing. It is a rack you can adjust to the type of pistol you want to store on it. You can adjust the width and you can connect one gun safe rack to the other. Only one gun safe rack comes with storage space for 6 pistols, but when you connect them you can store 12 pistols on one shelf (if the shelf is wide enough).

Hyskore Modular Gun Safe Rack

The construction of this pistol rack non-reactive foam that doesn’t absorb moisture and it won’t react with any kind of lubricants or solvents. It is a durable rack that looks fragile but it is actually very rigid. That means you can use it to store handguns and the rack won’t move an inch. The same story is with tipping over – it won’t.

Safety Storage Hanger Gun Safe Rack

This is a different storage solution for your handguns and it will definitely save your space.  The reason for that is because you hang the pistols from the shelf which leaves the shelf free for other things. This interesting hanger can store 6 pistols and you have to hang them by the barrel. Due to this specific design, you have to be sure that this gun safe rack is a good fit for your firearms. If it is not, you can find a similar design but in the size and thickness, you need.

Safety Storage Hanger Gun Safe Rack

This gun safe rack is made for pistols which are 10 inches long or less and it can fit on shelves 5/8-1 inches thick. The easier way to determine if the hanger is a good choice for you is to check the caliber of your pistol. This rack is made to fit on handguns 22 calibers and op, but make sure that you got the dimensions of pistols and shelves before you purchase it.

Gun Safe Rack For Magazine

Pistols and rifles aren’t the only things that can store on the gun safe rack. This interesting rack is actually made to store magazines which will keep them all in one place and will save you space in the gun safe. This gun safe rack for magazines is actually a magnetic strip which makes it very similar to the rifle rack I have reviewed above. But, this one comes with nails too so you can put it on other surfaces.

Gun Safe Rack for Magazine

The magazine rack is made to hold metal magazines, hence the magnetic strap; so it is not recommended for plastic or coated magazines you can find with Glock for example. Another thing you have to know about this strap is that it has a weight max capacity which is 3 pounds so don’t go above that.

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