How to Move a 1000 LB Gun Safe

Let’s be honest – when talking about moving a 1000 lb safe, there is nothing that sounds easy about it. But the reason gun safes weigh so much is because of the protection they offer to keep your prized possessions and valuables safe.

Gun safes have a heavy gauge, thick steel that weighs A LOT, so moving a monster like this requires a clever strategy, and remember that safety is the priority. Here we will look at how to move a 1000 lb gun safe – including tips and tricks, and how to move the safe up and downstairs. So without further ado, let’s get to it!

 big light-grey metal safe on blue hand truck

Things to Keep in Mind

There are a few tips and tricks that you should consider when purchasing your safe and then moving it to your desired location. Let’s take a look at some of the most critical factors.

Before Buying a Gun Safe, Look at the Dimensions

Although you know that the safe you are buying weighs around 1000 lbs, you need to consider the unit’s dimensions. Some are square and wide, and some are rectangular and tall. These dimensions can affect how simple it is to move the safe. The dimensions of the safe you select will primarily be determined by what you will store in it, but this is a consideration to keep in mind.

Decide precisely how much space you really need and the size of the objects you will be placing in the safe to determine what safe is best for you.

Determine Your Route Before Moving the Safe

Before loading up the safe and moving it, walk through the route you plan to take to move the safe to its final destination. Move any carpets and mats, and ensure that no small tables or décor items could be knocked over or damaged in the process.

Be Aware of the Rest of Your Home

As we mentioned above, when you move your gun safe from one place to another, the chance is there that you may knock into or bump into walls and objects in your home. Be very careful of the items in your home as you move, especially when going around tight corners or through narrow gaps. Move slowly.

Get Help From Friends or Family

Moving a 1000 lb safe is not something an average person can do by themselves, so getting two or three other people to help you is essential. For a 1000 lb safe, you want at least three people to make the moving more manageable. However, while many may want to pitch in to help, do not use more than five people as it increases the risk of tripping, falling, and dropping the safe.

Get a Furniture Dolly

Moving heavy objects with more ease is the purpose of a dolly, so not using one is silly. Ensure that you get a dolly with a weight limit that can manage a 1000 lb safe without collapsing or breaking.

Remove the Contents of the Safe

Your gun safe weighs enough without all of the extras inside it. So, before you move the safe, take all of the contents out, and if there are any removable parts, like shelves, take these out too. You will be surprised how those few things can make quite a difference. Additionally, if the door is removable, take it off as well.

Do Not Rush the Moving Process

A big no-no when you are moving any heavy object is trying to move too quickly. This is typically the way most moving accidents happen. Take your time and move deliberately so you can calculate each step and movement. Those extra few minutes can mean the difference between a smooth process and damage to your home.

Additional Tips

It is highly advisable to wear a pair of work gloves when performing the safe moving because you will be doing a lot of pushing and pulling. This can strain your fingers and hands and can leave you with blisters. Work gloves will also stop the safe from slipping and moving in your hands.

Lastly, if you are not comfortable moving the safe yourself, it is best to call a professional who will come with all the necessary tools to ensure reliable movement. By doing so, you protect yourself from unnecessary injuries and you get your safe to the spot you want with less risk of damage to your home.

How to Move a 1000 LB Gun Safe Up and Down Stairs

Most homes will have at least a few stairs that you will need to navigate. In this case, follow the below steps:

  • Wrap blankets around the gun safe.
  • Tilt the safe while sliding a dolly under it.
  • Wrap straps or ropes tightly around your safe to secure it to the dolly.
  • Slowly tilt the dolly backward using your foot and the handle.
  • Guide the dolly up each step moving backward – have your helpers lift the dolly from the bottom for each step.
  • For going downstairs, allow the dolly to “slide” down each step slowly as you pull back for resistance, with your helpers pushing upwards at the same time.
  • If, for some reason, the safe slips off the dolly, do not try to stop it – allow it to fall.

Keep in mind that moving a 1000 lb safe may seem simple, but it is a dangerous task that can result in serious injuries if not done correctly. In any case, if the safe moves, slips, or falls, do not allow yourself to get in its path.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, it is a challenging task to move a 1000 lb safe from one spot to another, but don’t lose faith – with the guide we provided above, you have all the planning and safety tools you need to do the job flawlessly and with a lower risk of injury. Just remember to ask for help from family or friends, make sure you have the right equipment and use clear communication while moving very slowly.

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