SnapSafe Treklite Gun Safe Review

A gun safe is an excellent investment for any gun owner. It keeps intruders from getting easy access to firearms, but it is also an excellent deterrent to curious children who may endanger themselves if they get a gun in their hands.

As a gun owner, other than having a gun license, you are answerable if your gun gets stolen or lost. This further emphasizes the need to have a strong, hard to pry safe. Unfortunately, most safes that offer these features are bulky and can only be mounted at home or hidden in drawers or walls. So what happens to the person who is constantly on the move and still has to carry their weapon or valuables with them? This is where a portable safe comes in.

A portable gun safe needs to be lightweight, easy to carry, and sturdy enough to resist breakage. It should be easy for the owner to quickly access it while also making it difficult for intruders to gain access, for instance, by using multiple locking systems.

None meets all these requirements like the SnapSafe Treklite Gun Safe Lock Box. This easy-to-install safe can be carried anywhere and fits even in the smallest spaces and compartments. Let us take a look at some of its outstanding features.

SnapSafe Treklite Gun Safe Review


 Gun Safe Lock Box with cable


This gun safe by SnapSafe gives heavy-duty protection for your handgun and other prized possessions that you’d want to be hidden away from your children and thieves. In addition to keeping your gun and valuables safe, the SnapSafe Treklite gun safe is convenient when you want to travel as its design makes it fit in your suitcase, under your car seat, or inside your travel bag away from the open. To use this weapon concealer, you need a permit from the government, and you’re good to go.

Who is This Product For?

This gun safe is suitable for people who need a portable unit to conceal their firearms. It is also an excellent choice for someone who needs a gun safe whenever they go camping. It can also serve as an excellent storage unit for precious items you can’t leave behind but need to carry in a safe space.

What’s Included?

After purchasing this product, you will get the‎ SnapSafe Treklite Portable Gun Safe.

Overview of Features

We must look at the size and specifications of this lockbox to know how much space you will be getting for your stuff. The XL lockbox is 10 x 7 x 2 inches outside and can carry a full-size-fit 1911 handgun. Its design focuses on saving more space, ensuring you can store more than your handgun in the safe.

Another top feature that this gun safe has is the level of security and privacy it offers the user. You don’t want to store your gun and valuables in a place that can be cracked open easily. This is different when it comes to the lockbox by SnapSafe. The lockbox is made of alloy steel for strength and durability. It is still lightweight, making it possible to carry it anywhere you want to go.

The SnapSafe gun safe is composed of polycarbonate, which is impact resistant, meaning the lockbox won’t become damaged if it falls. In addition to that, the safe has a 1500-pound rated cable for holding together stationary objects in your car or at home.

This lockbox can be easily stored in many places. You can place the safe in your drawer when you’re at home. You can just put the lockbox in a suitcase if you are traveling, and you’re good to go. Its design also makes it possible to hide it under the seat of your car.

It is suitable when traveling because it has a foam interior, which means even as the car moves, the foam protects your items inside. Finally, the lockbox can be your companion during the camping season and keep your gun secure.

When it comes to the drawbacks of this gun safe, the primary issue is its external hinges. These present a weak point that allows access to the safe. What’s worse, the pin that holds the hinges in place can be easily pushed out, and just like that, one has access to the contents of the safe.

How to Use It

After opening the package box, you will find the lockbox, which comes with a set of keys and a SnapSafe combination lock. Although the product comes preset at zero, make sure that three digits are centered on zero. After this, open the box and change the lever from A to B underneath the lock.

You can set your preferred combination on the combination lock and then change the lever from B to A. To lock the box, scramble the digits so that they don’t match the combination you set.


  • Suitable for traveling
  • Sturdy and heavy-duty
  • Fits almost anywhere for added convenience
  • Space-saving design
  • Easy to lock quickly


  • Vulnerable hinges prone to break


Amazon Basics Portable Lock Box

portable Case Lock Box

The Amazon Basics Portable Lock Box is similar in features to the SnapSafe gun safe. First, both products are made from steel. The other important thing is that both are certified safes for carrying a firearm. Both locks have a suitable design for traveling and storing your valuables tactfully. In addition to all of these features, one can use both products to store small firearms like handguns and other sensitive items like documents and jewelry.


SnapSafe looked at the market today and realized that many people didn’t have a place to store their firearms and valuables and came up with the SnapSafe Treklite Gun Safe Lock Box. This box offers travelers a place to store their handguns, cash, jewelry, and those critical documents that you cannot leave behind or need for your meeting. This lockbox uses a key lock and a combination lock to secure your items inside. What’s more, the steel key lock is easy to operate, increasing the convenience of the product for complete peace of mind.

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