Truglo Dual Color Red Dot Sight Review in 2021

Camping and hiking are among the most rewarding ways to spend your free time. If you add hunting to the equation, you are sure to have loads of fun whether you are going solo or in a group of friends.

For this activity, there are a couple of essentials that you ought to invest in, and an adequate dot sight stands as a must-have. Looking at the market, there are a bunch of different models that vary in design, field of view, and mount type.

We came across the TRUGLO Dual Color Red Dot Sight, which is one of the best options for hunters using handguns, rifles, and crossbows. Read on to learn all about this product and why you might be interested in it as well as its pros and cons. Let’s get right to it!

Truglo Dual Color Red Dot Sight

As one of the most recognized names when it comes to fiber optic sights and other hunting accessories, TRUGLO is a company that you can trust. Coming with a limited lifetime warranty, this red dot sight is highlighted by an innovative design, a spectacular field of view, and a simple weaver mount that is suitable for most gun models.

The 30mm lens diameter is a good solution when it comes to seeing what is happening in front of you from all angles. Painted black and weighing just below half a pound, it is a well-made product that any hunting enthusiast should definitely consider.

Who is This Red Dot Sight for?

The versatility of the TRUGLO 30mm red dot sight is impressive, as it isn’t only suitable for hunters with shotguns but with other weapons, as well. Thus, whether you are using a handgun, crossbow, rifle, or common shotgun for your activity, this is a great option. Additionally, even if you aren’t into hunting, you may still benefit from this product, as it will offer you a great field of view when you are on a hiking trail.

Most importantly, it doesn’t come at a high price, so even if you are on a tighter budget, you should be able to afford it!

What’s Included?

You aren’t getting any accessories with this red dot sight apart from the integrated weaver attachment that allows you to mount it without a lot of effort. Also, the manufacturer offers a detailed instruction guide that provides all the necessary information on how to use this product.

Overview of Features

The first highlight of the Truglo dual color red dot sight has to be the MOA reticle, which works in numerous ways. Apart from offering red and green illumination, it should also make it easier to shoot at various distances. The shorter the distance, the smaller the diameter of the dot, ensuring that you are right on target.

One of the coolest points is that this model is incredibly sturdy, which means that hunting in rough weather conditions shouldn’t present an issue. This is because it offers 1000-gram shock resistance, and it is also fog and rainproof. On the other hand, it is quite lightweight and easy to mount using the weaver-style method.

Probably the most important part is the fact that this dot sight offers a superb field of view. This is essential when it comes to both long-distance shooting, as well as ensuring that you can see everything around your target. The lens is made in a way to support eye relief, which means that even if you look through these optics for hours, you shouldn’t feel any eye strain (or it will be minimal).

As mentioned above, the illumination can be both red and green, and you can adjust the rheostat to ensure that the brightness is at an optimal level. We have to say that such customization isn’t present in most magnifying optics. On top of all that, there is a limited lifetime warranty, which further proves the fact that investing in the TRUGLO Dual Color Red Dot Sight is a good choice.

Our only concern regarding the design of this product is the lens caps. Apart from feeling a bit loose, it is sight-through, which may not be something you are looking for. Other than that, this is an affordable and well-made product that is worth considering!

How to Use Truglo Dual Color Red Dot Sight

As it is highlighted by a weaver-style mount, there isn’t much theory when it comes to the installation of this product. You should just make sure that it is tightly fixed to your crossbow/handgun/rifle, and once you have that taken care of, adjust the brightness to ensure optimal illumination and enjoy a wide field of view. If you aren’t experienced with mounting dot sights, then we would suggest that you carefully read the TRUGLO manual, as it provides all the necessary details.


  • Good price for a great quality product
  • Red and green illumination
  • Superb field of view
  • Adjustable rheostat for customized use
  • Rugged lightweight design
  • Weaver-style mount


  • See-through lens caps
  • Loose caps can be frustrating


TRUGLO Range-Rover Series Bow Sight

If you are someone who is all about archery and you are looking to update your hunting equipment, then this moving bow sight stands as a solid choice. It allows you to adjust the yardage depending on how far away you are from the target, as well as make sure that the picture you are getting is 100% clear.

On top of all that, it is highlighted by a carbon fiber construction to ensure that it offers high-quality and long-lasting performance. It is a great alternative to the Truglo sight above.

Wrap Up

We can say with confidence that the TRUGLO Dual Color Red Dot Sight is an impressive product highlighted by a great field of view, a sturdy design, and good adjustability. Thus, if you are someone who is on a tighter budget and wants optics that can be mounted to almost any weapon out there, be sure to give it a go! We hope that you will enjoy your next trip with your new red dot sight!

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