2021 Bighorn Gun Safe Reviews – Classic Safes

Bighorn safe company is another brand made by the Rhino Metal Inc. That produces gun safes with good quality and performance.

The main company of the Bighorn gun safes is located in Idaho and it started in 1994 as a small metal workshop. Over the ages, the company expanded and started producing gun safes under 3 different names and one of those names is the Bighorn gun safe.

Bighorn Gun Safe logo

The Bighorn safes are easy to recognize because they are mostly in two colors, the main color of the safe with the decoration on the doors. Also, most of them have a BIGHORN written above the lock so you can’t miss them.

Advantages Of Bighorn Gun Safes For Sale

If you are familiar with the Rhino gun safes company then you will be pleased to hear that the Bighorn gun safes share the same advantages. If you aren’t sure what I am talking about, let me help you by sharing those advantages here with you:

They Have A Great Customer Service

People behind the Bighorn safe company are aware that you have to keep customers satisfied if you want to succeed in any business.  That is why they work hard to keep their customers happy and their customers are aware of that.

Most Models Have Fire Protection

Fire is one of the most dangerous forces of nature and it can happen in our homes more often than we can admit. That is why Bighorn gun safes for sale have a fire protection but the durability of that fire protection depends on the model of the Bighorn safe.

They Come With A Warranty

The warranty is the best way to present the quality of the product to the public. Almost every Bighorn gun safe comes with the limited lifetime warranty that covers defects made during production or electric or manual locks. Other parts of the Bighorn safes have a 1-year warranty with some requirements, the same way every warranty works. You have to properly use and maintain a product.

Where Are Bighorn Safes Made?

The Rhino Metal Inc. Also owns the Kodiak, Rhino and Rhino Ironworks gun safes. All those safes are high-quality products with great performance. They are all produced in Idaho, the USA which means their quality is controlled through the entire process. This information gives them a green light and puts them in front of all those gun safes that are produced in China and shipped to the USA.

Bighorn Gun Safe Reviews

Bighorn 19ECB Gun Safe

The Bighorn 19ECB safe is the most popular Bighorn safe that has adjustable shelves so you can adjust the interior of the safe. It has 30 minutes of fire protection at 1200°F and you can fit as many as 15 long guns in the safe. If you want to access the firearm in the safe you will have to use the electronic lock on the door so make sure you have the right PIN for it or you will stay locked out.

The safe has 8 locking bolts to keep the door closed when it is needed, but when the door is opened you can open them at 180°angle which can come handy to someone. The entire steel body of the safe is drill resistant which makes it hard to break into. The entire safe is approved by the California DOJ.

Bighorn 5928ECC-SPL Classic Gun Safe with 30 Minute at 1200 Degree Fire Rating and Basic Door Backer

The Bighorn classic safe is actually pretty similar to the Bighorn 19ECB safe. They have a similar size but the Bighorn classic safe can fit 24 long guns inside. What makes this classic safe so interesting is its design. There are two versions; one with the NWTF logo on the doors and one without it. Both of the versions are golden in color. This color might not be the best for a safe especially if you want it to fit in your home, but that is not a dealbreaker.

The safe has 30 minutes of fire protection at 1400°F with 2 layers of fireboard in the ceiling and 1 layer of fireboard in the walls, floor, and door.  Besides that, it has 8 door bolts against burglary. As you can see, you don’t have to worry about the performance of the safe because it is a very good gun safe.

Bighorn Classic Safe 12ECBS

Another safe from the Classic series is the Bighorn safe that can fit 16 long guns max. The electronic lock located on the doors is UL listed so you don’t have to worry about the quality the heavy duty door hinges allow you to open the doors completely (180°), while 6 door bolts allow it to lock the safe so nobody can enter. The safe may look slim but it is very heavy which makes it harder to move or open with force.

Bighorn Classic Safe 12ECBS

This Bighorn gun safe also has fire protection for about 30 minutes at 1200°F which is achieved with special heat-activated door seal that expands during the fire to prevent the heat and the smoke from entering the safe. You can expect to get the limited lifetime warranty with this safe which is a great deal.

Bighorn Gun Safe 6030EL

This is a heavy duty Bighorn safe that can fit 26 long guns and it has an impressive 70 minutes fire protection at 1200°. The doors have a heat activated seal that expands 7 times and keeps the interior of the safe secure during the fire. But, that is not all; you will find that this Bighorn safe has 4 big door bolts for better protection against burglary. Bighorn 6030EL Gun Safe

All those characteristics made this Bighorn gun safe compliant to the California DOJ requirements and good enough to pass the UL RSC security rating.

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