2021 Best 5 Long Gun Safe Reviews (Wall Mounted)

If you have a long gun then you know that you have to look for the best long gun safe on the market. Due to the size of the long guns, most gun safes are too small, especially the ones that are made to store handguns and other valuable belongings.

The advantage of owning a long gun safe is that it doesn’t take too much space, especially if you own a small number of long guns. I will introduce you to the best long gun safes that you can store in your closet, in the storage or behind the doors. Those long gun safes are great because their slim design gives them the opportunity to blend in the room. It is much easier to store a gun safe that is made from 2-3 long guns than a beast used to store more than 10 firearms of any kind.

Best 5 Long Gun Safe Reviews (Wall Mounted)

When you are looking for a long gun safe you can completely adjust it to your needs because you can choose everything. You can start with the long gun safe capacity which depends on the number of long guns you have. Then you can choose the type of safe which means you can choose the long gun wall safe, the basic long gun safe, the fireproof long gun safe, whatever you need to keep your long gun secured behind a lock. You can even pick a safe by the type of lock it was because the market is full of good quality rifle safes that have digital combination locks that require from you to enter a PIN number, or the biometric locks that require from you to press your finger on the scanner.

Top 5 Long Gun Safe Reviews

Barska Quick Access Biometric Gun Safe AX11652

This long gun safe has a biometric lock on the door that can memorize 120 fingerprints. The reason why is this safe called the quick access safe is the lock that reads the fingerprints and opens the doors in about 2.5 seconds which is far faster than the process when you need to enter the PIN number in the digital combination lock or find a key and put it in the ordinary lock.

Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

This slim long gun safe is DOJ approved and it can fit up to 4 rifles inside. The safe has two storage spaces inside, one for the rifles and other can be for documents, jewelry and ammo so you can have the firearms and the munition in the same place. The additional storage shelf is located at the top of the safe so you can remove it if you don’t need it or if you want to put longer guns in this long gun safe. Its slim design makes it perfect to store in the closet or behind the doors so it is an ideal home long gun safe and the fact that it has a DOJ approval makes it a great choice for offices too.

Stack-On Security Cabinet GCB-910

The Stack-on security cabinet can store about 10 rifles that are up to 52“ tall. The bottom of the interior is padded with foam to prevent long guns from scratching when you have to quickly grab them from the cabinet. The rifles are held with the patented barrel rests so you can easily grab them if the emergency occurs.

Stack-On Security Cabinet GCB-910

There is additional shelf inside the safe so you can store the ammo in the same place where you store your rifles, but if you don’t want to do that you can easily remove the shelf and use the cabinet for long guns. The good thing about the shelf is that it is shorter than the entire cabinet which means you can store long guns in the cabinet with the shelf inside, but they will be the first to gran when you open the safe.

Stack-On Security Cabinet GCB-910 review

The doors have the 3-point locking system and double butted, key coded lock so you can be sure that they won’t open that easily. The pre-drilled mounting holes give you the opportunity to mount the long gun safe to the floor or the wall, depending on where you are planning to put the safe. Although this is technically a cabinet, it has a very durable steel construction that will keep your firearms safe and sound.

Stack-On Tactical Security Cabinet TC-16-GB-K-DS

This Stack-On tactical cabinet can store 2 tactical weapons and about 14 standard long guns. The tactical part of the cabinet has special adjustable barrel rests made for tactical weapons. 7 standards long guns are stored on each side of those barrel rests for maximum efficiency.

Stack-On Tactical Security Cabinet TC-16-GB-K-DS

The interior comes with 4 adjustable shelves that are half the width of the cabinet and one removable shelf that is as wide as the cabinet so you can adjust the interior to your needs.

The 3-point locking system keeps the burglars away from your tactical weapons and the riveted steel thread plate door panel can only help with the durability of the cabinet. The entire construction of the long gun wall safe is made from welded steel so you can be sure that the cabinet is strong enough to keep unwanted visitors away.

Stack-On Tactical Security Cabinet TC-16-GB-K-DS review

This tactical cabinet is approved by the California Department of Justice and that means it meets their standards for safely storing firearms and that is very important because not only does it store long guns, it stores tactical weapons as well.

Paragon Long Gun Safe 7501

Paragon long gun safe is made to store 5 long guns inside which makes it one of the smallest safes on this list. But, that doesn’t have to alarm you because it is still a great quality safe that can fit in almost every closet and it is easy to hide. The safe comes with a special 5 long guns rack that will keep them in one place all the time.

Paragon Long Gun Safe 7501

The safe has digital combination lock so you don’t have to carry the keys with you all the time, but you do have to remember a PIN number that can have 3-8 digits. If you do forget the PIN code you don’t have to worry because the safe comes with 2 backup keys. You can easily enter the right combination even in the dark because the lock comes with a small LED light. The digital lock runs on AA batteries so be sure that you have them in the drawer near the cabinet so you can replace them when the time comes.

Paragon Long Gun Safe 7501 interier

The cabinet of this long gun safe is made from 18-gauge solid steel which means you can’t break it that fast and easy. The safe has concealed door hinges as a part of the special anti-theft protection and if you still aren’t sold, you might be when you hear that this long gun safe comes with the 10-year warranty.

Steelwater Heavy Duty Gun Safe AMLD593024-blk

This is the toughest long gun safe on this list because it can fit about 22 long guns inside and other valuable things like your documents and jewelry. But, that is not what makes it the toughest gun safe on the list. The 60 minutes fire protection at 1875°F is the reason for the toughest safe on the list title.

Steelwater Heavy Duty Gun Safe AMLD593024-blk

When you have 22 long guns in the safe it is hard to determine which one to take and that is why this safe has interior LED light so you can easily find the long gun you want to take with you. The combination lock on this long gun safe is UL listed which means it is one of the most reliable and secure digital combination locks on the market at the moment. When you close the safe you activate the internal re-lockers that work wonders when someone tries to open the safe by force.

Steelwater Heavy Duty Gun Safe AMLD593024-blk interier

The 12-gauge steel construction keeps everything secured and 18 locking bolts make sure that the door can be opened only by the right PIN number. The 11 chrome plated active bolts and 7 dead bolts will keep the doors locked at all time. Also, you can’t enter the safe by force, especially by drilling because it has drill resistant hard plate right behind the lock.

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