2021 Barska Gun Safe Reviews (According To Expert)

Barska is a brand established in 1994 and it is a highly respected company which produces sport optics products like binoculars, spotting scopes, and telescopes. Few years after that, they wanted to share their production and they started producing Barska safes and vaults.

The headquarters of this brand is located in the Pomona, Southern California where they have warehouse and distribution and everything starts from this spot. They are spread all over the world and you can find their products in 40 different countries which gives you an impression of their popularity and quality.

Barska Gun Safe logo

People in Barska are proud of their good quality materials and affordable price of Barska gun safes because they want to be a good choice for people no matter if they want to store their gun for protection or their entire gun collection.

If you still ask yourself is Barska a good brand, then read my Barska safe reviews and you will find your answer.

Advantages of Barska safes for sale

When some brand is on the market for almost 25 years, it tells you that they have good quality materials and that they can adapt to their customer’s needs and trends. Due to that, I want to show you why you shouldn’t doubt about the quality of Barska safes right now:

Good quality materials

Every Barska gun safe is made from good quality materials and it is adjusted to the size and the needs. You can mount small Barska gun cases to the table or the side of the closet, while big Barska safes for sale you can store in any room.

Easily adjust the size of the gun safe

It means you can easily choose the best gun safe for you by reviewing your gun collection and choosing the size of the gun safe depending on the number of guns. You can store 1 handgun or 16 rifles in Barska gun safe and even more (about 45) in Barska gun vaults.

It has the affordable price

The quality of Barska safes is pretty good and when you look at the price of their units you will see that they are affordable and durable. They are one of the most popular best buy brands which provide you good performance and quick reaction time in need.

Barska gun safe reviews

Barska biometric safe AX11224

This Barska biometric safe (model ax11224) is a small gun safe that can store handguns, documents and other valuable things you want to keep safe all the time. The Barska biometric safe with fingerprint lock can remember 30 different fingerprints so you can give access to the safe to people you trust. Since it is a biometric lock the safe use batteries but they can last up to 2 years which is pretty impressive, but they end up empty you don’t have to worry because the safe comes with 2 backup keys.

Barska biometric safe AX11224

The interior of the safe has a protective floor mat so you don’t have to worry about damaging handguns when you grab them. This small gun safe is DOJ approved and it comes with 2 point locking system to keep the intruders away. The safe produces sound when it reads the fingerprint and some other actions, but you can activate the silent mode if you want it to be completely quiet.

Barska compact biometric safe AX11620

One of the smallest Barska quick access safes is this Barska compact biometric gun safe. But, don’t get fooled by its size, it can also store 30 fingerprints in the database and it is DOJ Approved for firearm storage. This Barska mini biometric safe has a 2-second scan lock which gives you a quick access to the gun stored inside. Due to its size, it is a good idea to mount it on the wall, shelf or a drawer just to be sure that thieves won’t get away with it under their arms.

Barska compact biometric safe AX11620

You can store up to 2 handguns in the safe if you don’t want to fill it with documents so you can make it an all-gun safe. Just like the model above, this one also comes with 2 locking bolts for extra security and a floor mat to prevent damaging your valuable belongings.

Barska large biometric safe AX11650

The Barska large biometric gun safe has two removable shelves inside the safe and t is made to store handguns and other valuable belongings. It has 3 locking bolts on each side of the door which makes it very durable and safe. It is not a gun safe for rifles but it can store a large number of handguns and it can store a large number of fingerprints, 120 to be more exact.

Barska large biometric safe AX11650

You have to use 4 AA batteries to power the lock but they are included in the package. You will get 2 backup keys with the safe and you can be sure that it comes with the protective floor mat just like other models. It is a big gun safe but you can still mount it to the floor to be sure that it will stay in one place at all times.

Barska biometric 4-gun safe AX11652

This Barska safe can store handguns and 4 rifles so you can be sure that your firearms are safely stored behind a biometric lock. The Barska biometric 4 gun safe can remember about 120 fingerprints which is too much for my taste, but you can never be too safe. This slim and high Barska 4 gun safe can fit in your closet, in your hallway, or behind the doors.

Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

The biometric lock runs on batteries and it comes with 2 backup keys so you can be sure you will be able to open it at all times. This Barska rifle safe is a great safe for homes and offices because it is DOJ approved.

Barska biometric 12-gun safe AX11898

This is Barska extra large biometric gun safe because it can fit up to 12 rifles inside because it has adjustable rifle rack and 3 removable shelves so you can adjust interior to your desires. It also has 120 fingerprint memory and its batteries can last for a few years without any problem. If the problem occurs you can easily open the safe with 2 backup keys. Barska biometric 12-gun safe AX11898

Once you lock the safe nothing can open it except your fingerprint because it has 5 locking bolts and it is tampered-resistant. All that can easily sum up with California DOJ approval that this gun safe has.

Barska large biometric wall safe AX12408

The Barska large biometric wall safe has a biometric fingerprint scan for 120 different fingerprints but is also has one interior locking compartment for your most valuable belongings. When you open the doors of the Barska wall safe you will see that it has a built-in LED light so you can see even in the dark the interior of the safe. This safe has one interesting feature I haven’t seen in many safes and that is the fold out tray when you open the safe which can come handy from time to time.

Barska large biometric wall safe AX12408

The light color makes it easier to blend into the room and if you are looking for a wall safe and you can easily store in behind a picture which makes it a great hidden gun safe. Just because it can stay hidden it doesn’t mean it is not as durable as other Barska gun safes.

Barska wall safe with left opening AX12880

This Barska biometric wall safe is pretty similar to the model above but it has a left opening system so you can adjust it to the position of your room. The Barska wall safe also has 120 fingerprints database which means you can scan your finger at different angles and that can be very convenient. You can access the safe even in the dark because it has integrated LED light in the safe with the fold out tray like the model above. Barska wall safe with left opening AX12880

This safe also has one cabinet in the safe you can lock for some extra valuable documents like passports or money. Also, most safes have the right opening system and if you need a left opening wall safe then I suggest you consider this Barska biometric wall safe.

Barska top opening biometric safe AX11556

The Barska top opening biometric safe is a great safe for your drawer because you can easily open in at the top. That is why it is also known as the Barska drawer safe. This top opening biometric drawer safe by Barska can store up to 30 different fingerprints and the doors are equipped with a hydraulic hinge. The entire steel construction is durable and it comes with pre-drilled mounting holes so you can mount it on the wall or in the drawer. Barska top opening biometric safe AX11556

The biometric lock uses 4 AA batteries as a power source that can last up to 2 years, but if they end up empty you can use backup keys to open the gun safe. It might be one of the best drawers safes on the market because it has the quick reaction time that allows you to react accordingly.

Barska fireproof gun safe AX11902

This is the only small Barska fire safe that can withstand 1-hour fire up to 1700°F. It is not a Barska biometric safe. It uses Pin numbers you must remember and enter when you need to retrieve your belongings and your gun. If you forget the PIN you don’t have to worry because it has override key you can use. The interior comes with the protective mat but it doesn’t have shelves, which aren’t important due to its size and design.

Barska fireproof gun safe AX11902

During the night you can easily enter the PIN number because the LED bright display is easy to read. It is a very durable Barska fireproof safe that comes with tamper-proof hinges which makes it hard to break and take the valuable belongings.

Barska floor safe

The Barska floor safe is made entirely out of steel and it is the perfect size to put it between the joists in the floor so you can easily cover it with the carpet and no one will know it is there. It is not a Barska biometric floor safe; it comes with a key you use to open it. The doors on the Barska floor safe have Deadbolt locking system which makes this Barska floor safe secure and hard to spot. As you can see their biometric lock is rather big which makes it impossible to incorporate in the floor safe.

Barska floor safe

The pre-drilled holes can make the installation easier and the protective floor mat will make sure that your documents or handguns in the safe are scratch-free. It is not a quick access safe, but it is one of the best-hidden safes made by Barska.

Barska biometric keypad safe HQ200

This Barska gun safe is a combination of biometric and keypad safe which means you can use them both.  The biometric scan can store up to 30 fingerprints which mean you can choose who can access your Barska HQ200. If you don’t want to share the biometric lock with too many people you can give them the PIN number so they can enter the gun safe.

Barska biometric keypad safe HQ200

Since both locks are electronic the safe operates with 4 AA batteries but it also comes with 2 backup keys. This small biometric gun safe made by Barska is California DOJ approved so you can be sure it is one quality safe.

Barska biometric keypad rifle safe HQ800 AX12760

This Barska biometric safe is similar to the Barska HQ200 but it is bigger because it is made for rifles. It has a biometric scan which can store up to 120 fingerprints and it has removable shelves so you can adjust the interior to your desires. Besides the biometric lock, there are two more options to open the safe; the digital combination lock and the traditional key. You can program the digital lock with one PIN number and you will get 2 backup keys for the safe.

Barska biometric keypad rifle safe HQ800 AX12760

The 3 point seel deadbolt locking system keeps the firearms in the safe at all time. Also, the safe is DOJ Approved safe which means it is made to store firearms and it is made to last.

Barska digital keypad safe

This is one of the few Barska safes that aren’t biometric. If you want to access the safe you have to enter 4-digit PIN number you can set yourself. If you don’t want to give your fingerprint, this safe is a great choice for you, just make sure you get the combination right because you only have 4 attempts before you are locked out. You can choose to show the numbers you are entering on the small display or to keep them hidden if you don’t want other people to see them behind your shoulder.

Barska digital keypad safe

The digital combination lock uses 4 AA batteries to operate, but if the battery dries out you can easily open the safe with the key that comes along. The bad thing about small safes is that they are easy to carry and the good thing is that they come with pre-drilled holes for mounting.

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