2021 Top 5 Clock Gun Safes (According To Expert)

Furniture is not the only place where you can hide your guns although there are some impressive ideas of gun safe furniture on the market. But, today I want to share with you one even more interesting storage space for your handguns and that is a clock gun safe. Clock gun safe is so interesting because a clock is a common decoration in every room. That means you can have a clock gun safe in every room of your home and no one will ever suspect that the clock is more than just a clock.

clock gun safe

The best thing about clocks is that you can put them everywhere. That means you can have a wall clock, a table clock, an antique clock or a modern clock. You can put it on your desk, dresser or a nightstand and nobody will suspect that it is much more than just a clock because you have put it in a strange place.

Although clock gun safes are good because they will blend in, they aren’t the best gun safes on the market. Most of the gun safes are actually cabinets which means that they can’t provide the same security as gun safes. But that is why they are made like clocks, so you can hide them in plain sight. If you aren’t a fan of gun safes in your home then the clock gun safes I will show you might be the thing you are looking for.

Best Clock Gun Safe

Tactical Walls Clock Gun Safe

Tactical Walls is a gun safe brand that produces concealment gun safes and this wall clock is one of their products. When you look at the safe it looks like an ordinary wall safe, but it actually has a small hidden storage right behind the clock. That means that the frame of the clock is made to store handguns and other valuable things. The size allows you to store one handgun and maybe a magazine inside, but that depends on the type of the handgun you have.

Tactical Walls Clock Gun Safe

This clock doesn’t lock which means it is not a clock gun safe, but a clock gun cabinet. You won’t get any keys with the clock, but you don’t need them. If you want to open the clock you will have to press in the right place.

Tactical Walls Clock Gun Safe

Another wall clock gun safe made by Tactical Walls is actually very similar to the model above. The design of the clock is the only thing that is different so you can adjust the design of the clock to your home design. The important part is that no one would expect that those two models are anything more than just a wall clock and that is their best advantage.

walls Clock Gun Safe

The hidden storage is large enough to store one handgun and you can’t squeeze more because you will have trouble grabbing them in case of an emergency.

PS Products Table Clock

Another type of clock gun safe is the table clock made by the PS Products. It is a clock you can put on your work desk or on the fireplace and it will look good. It is made from engineered wood with mahogany stain so it really looks like a decoration. The clock comes with a big frame that is actually that hidden storage for the handgun but it doesn’t look too big for the clock which is great.

PS Products Table Clock

This is a clock gun safe because it has a simple magnetic latch on the back that comes with two keys. The part that opens it the clock itself which means that the front side of the clock is removable.

PS Products Mantle Clock

You will notice that every type of the clock gun safe has its manufacturer and the same thing is with this mantle clock. It is made by the PS Products like the table clock above and the mantle design is perfect for storing one handgun. The mantle clocks are popular as a decoration above the fireplace or on the bookshelf so you can be sure that this clock will blend right into your home.

PS Products Mantle Clock

It doesn’t have a real lock it has a latch but that is also OK because it keeps the hidden compartment closed until you have to use the handgun inside the clock. The most important part of it is that is it not something that will grab the attention so your handgun or other valuables you have inside are safe.

American Furniture Classics 100 The Gunfather

The American Furniture Classics is a brand that mostly focuses on gun safe cabinets and concealment safes like this clock gun safe. This is a clock gun safe that is made to store long guns and not just handguns like the models above. The antique clock like this one is a great furniture piece for traditional homes and you can easily store it in your office, living room or even hallway.

American Furniture Classics Clock

It has two storage. The biggest one is right below the clock and it can store up to 6 long guns inside. The smaller storage is below the first one and it is actually a small cabinet you can use to store munition and handguns. The good thing about this clock gun cabinet is that it comes with locks for each cabinet so you can lock your valuables.

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