2021 Coffee Table Gun Safe & Cabinet

Coffee tables are a center of every living room and most of them are made to store books, magazines, remote controls and other ordinary things you use while you are at home. That is why most coffee tables are made without drawers and the drawers are replaces with shelves below the tabletop. As you can see, a coffee table has one purpose that is the same in most homes and due to that a coffee table gun safe is an excellent idea.

This gun safe furniture that you don’t expect to have a hidden compartment or that they store something valuable inside because they are easy to access to. That is why having a coffee table gun cabinet is a great idea. That type of coffee table allows you to store handguns in plain sight and you can easily access it because it is not in the bedroom or a basement, it is in your living room.

coffee table gun safe

Almost every coffee table gun safe is made to look good and most of them are made from wood. That means that they can’t provide the same level of security as the steel gun safes, but they can help you hide your firearm which is sometimes the even better solution.

So, if you are intrigued by this idea I want to share with you most interesting designs for a coffee table gun cabinet and I am sure you will love it and maybe even purchase one for yourself.

Coffee Table Best Gun Safe & Cabinet

Castlecreek Gun Safe Coffee Table

This interesting coffee table gun safe has a very simple design and I dare to say that its simplicity makes it so good. When you look at the coffee table with hidden compartment it looks so basic that you will look at it and continue looking around the room without giving it much attention. The table doesn’t have anything that could tell it is more than just a coffee table, but it is a coffee table gun safe because you can lock the secret compartment.

Castlecreek Gun Safe Coffee Table

So, how did they do that? Simple, they have added one extra panel on the side where the drawer with the guns pulls out. That way they have hidden the drawer, the mechanism and the lock. It may not be impressive with the design but it is definitely impressive with the hidden storage.

Patriot Promotions Barrel Coffee Table

This interesting coffee table is actually a coffee table gun cabinet because it has a hidden compartment. But, what I like about it is the fact that it looks like an old barrel. The tabletop has a small window that shows you a small storage beneath the tabletop, but the table actually has two, not one storage. The second storage is bigger and you can use it to store firearms.

Partiot Promotions Barrel Coffee Table

It is not the best coffee table gun cabinet, but it has an impressive design that could occupy guests more than the actual question what you have on the table. I would use this tactical coffee table more as a book or magazine storage, but that is only my opinion.

Stealth Furniture Entry Table

Although this is not an actual coffee table gun safe, I want to show you because it has a great storage for long guns, not just handguns like most gun storage furniture. As you can see, this concealment table has a simple design and it comes in two colors, black and light brown (wooden). What I like about this safe is that it is very simple. There aren’t any decoration on the table and you can’t see where is the hidden compartment located.

Stealth Furniture Entry Table

The trick is that the lock of the compartment is at the shorter side of the table and it has a magnetic lock so you can only open it with the right key. You can open it at both ends which is great and you can quickly grab the rifle out of the compartment in case of an emergency.

If you are interested in building your own concealment table I found this video very easy to follow: How To Make the Stealth Shelf!

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