2021 Top 5 Wood Gun Cabinet And Safe (Solid Wood)

Wood gun cabinets are furniture pieces that use to store your firearm collection. Most of them are made of solid wood and they aren’t hiding the fact that you use them to store firearms. They are more like furniture pieces used to exhibit your firearm collection. That is why I am referring to them as the wood gun cabinets and not wooden gun safes.

If you are interested in buying a wood gun cabinet I suggest you only look for solid wood gun cabinets for sale because they are heavier, more durable and they can provide a certain security for your gun collection. I am more of a gun safe kind-a-guy and I would recommend buying a gun safe instead of a gun cabinet, but since there aren’t many wooden gun safes on the market, the solid wood gun cabinet can do the trick.

solid wood gun cabinet

The biggest disadvantage of any wood gun cabinet is that it comes with a traditional lock. Most of them are actually without the lock, but the ones that do have it have only a small lock and a key.

I know that this sounds like the wood gun cabinets aren’t good, but trust me, they can provide a certain level of safety as well. You just can’t compare them with other steel construction gun safes on the market.

Best Wood Gun Cabinets For Sale

American Furniture Classics Wooden Gun Cabinet

The first wood gun cabinet I am about to show you is also the most attractive one because it is not an ordinary wood gun cabinet. When you look at it, you can see that it is actually a wooden cabinet for books, decoration and an antique tea set, which also has a hidden compartment for long guns. That is what makes it so interesting, it gives it a dose of mystery.

American Furniture Classics Cabinet

The sliding gun storage area is located behind the display area and it is not visible once it is closed. But, that compartment is only for long guns. If you have handguns you can easily store them in the bottom compartment located right below the display area that comes with a lock.

American Furniture Classics Wood Gun Cabinet

Another piece from American Furniture Classics doesn’t have any hidden compartments which mean that everybody can see your long gun and handgun collection. The solid wood gun cabinet consists of two storage areas. The bigger one is for long guns and you can see that the door is covered with tempered glass. That is one of the most durable glasses on the market which means it is not easy to break.

American Furniture Classics 12-Gun Cabinet – 898

The second compartment, the bottom one, is a wood handgun cabinet you can use to store handguns, munition, and other smaller things. Both of them come with a lock, but it is a simple lock without any special digital features.

American Furniture Classics Wood Gun Cabinet

Every model made by this brand is actually a solid wood gun cabinet, which is very similar to the term “wooden gun safe” and this model is not an exception. This wood gun cabinet for sale also has two compartments. The bigger one is used to store long guns and it has tempered glass so you can always see how many long guns you have inside.

American Furniture Classics 8-Gun Cabinet – 600

The bottom compartment of the solid wood cabinet doesn’t have a window and it is actually a drawer. You can use it to store munition and handguns and I would recommend keeping both of the compartments locked at all time. After all, you don’t want some strangers to touch your collection right?

American Furniture Classics Horizontal Gun Display Cabinet

This is the most diverse wood gun cabinet made by the same brand as the ones above because it is actually a horizontal cabinet and not vertical. The solid wood gun cabinet for sale has genuine plywood back panel and it is made so that your long gun looks like it is displayed under protective glass. That can’t be far from the truth because the wooden gun safe has tempered glass.

American Furniture Classics Horizontal Gun Display Cabinet

You can easily hang it on your wall because the wood gun cabinet comes with pre-drilled holes on the back. It is a furniture piece for people who love to display their gun collection.

Sauder 419342 Gun Display Cabinet

The only wood gun safe that it is not made by the American Furniture Classics is this wood gun cabinet. As you can see, this is also a long gun cabinet that can store around 10 long guns (depends on the size) behind the double doors with tempered glass. Additional cabinet below the cabinet for long guns is great for storing munition because you have to have it near firearms.

Sauder 419342 Gun Display Cabinet

This wood gun safe has a traditional lock and key system, but it has one additional protection. It has a lockable gun retention system inside the cabinet, but you have to buy the lock yourself.

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