California Approved Gun Safe – DOJ (Best 5) 2021

Every state and every country has special regulations and standards about firearms and how to store them properly. The most famous and probably the most wide-spread regulation is the California Department of Justice regulation – DOJ. When you notice that the gun safe has a DOJ approval it means it is California approved gun safe and you can assume its quality proven good.

california approved gun safe

The DOJ approval is not something every gun safe must have, but if the safe has it, it can mean only good news because it means that the safe is made to withstand burglar attacks and it is not just a box with a lock on it. The standards a DOJ approved gun safe has to meet are connected to the construction, the bolt work, the locking system and even the door hinges so you can see that they have considered the entire construction, not just the body.

California-Flag-gun safe

If you want to know what are the real Regulatory Gun Safe Standards for the State of California you can read all about them at this link. It is a good way to start and then you can learn all the details by reading other regulations on that and other websites. I won’t get into details now but I will share with you few gun safes with DOJ approval that are made from home and offices so you can find the one that matches your criteria best. You will notice that those California approved gun safes are made from a durable steel construction and have pry-resistant construction. Those are most important requirements by the California Department of Justice.

california gun safe

There is no requirement regarding the size of the gun safe and that means it is not the size that matters but the materials and security the gun safe provides and that is something you will notice in my reviews below.

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California Approved Gun Safe
by the Department of Justice

SnapSafe LockBox

The SnapSafe LockBox is the smallest gun safe on this list which means it meets the California DOJ requirements for storing firearms. This small safe is made of heavy-duty 16-gauge steel construction with foam padding on the inside. You can use it to store handguns, money, documents, and jewelry but today I will focus only on handguns. Depending on the type of handgun you have, you can store one or two in the gun safe.

SnapSafe Combination Lockbox

This particular model comes in different sizes so you can adjust the size of the lockbox to your needs. Besides meeting the California DOJ requirements, this safe also meets the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guidelines for traveling too which makes it a great solution if you are traveling with firearms.

Stack-On Drawer Gun Safe

This heavy duty drawer safe comes with an electronic combination lock that will lock you out of the safe if you miss the PIN number more than 3 times so you can be sure it has the high level of security. The 2 live locking bolts will keep the door closed at all times and the concealed hinges are the perfect defense against pry attacks. The door opens at the top and that is the reason why this is considered the drawer gun safe. You don’t have to take the safe out of the drawer to open it.

Stack-On PDS-1500 Drawer Safe with Electronic Lock

The problem with electronic locks is that they produce sounds. But, this one has a “mute” option which means you can silent the entire gun safe which can be very important if you are hiding from the burglar. This gun safe has pre-drilled holes which means you can mount it in your drawer and it won’t go anywhere.

Stealth Hanger Pistol Box

This interesting pistol box is a great quick access safe because the handguns in the safe are attached to a special hanger which means you can grab them the moment you open the safe. The hanger has room for 3 handguns and you can place two more at the bottom but I don’t think they are necessary. Inside of the safe is high-density foam to keep your handgun collection away from scratches.

Stealth small handgun safe

The quick access is provided with spring-loaded drop door and a combination lock. The entire construction is made of solid steel with anti-pry tabs and strong locking latch which are some of the reasons why this is California approved gun safe.

Barska Rifle Safe

As you can see, California approved gun safe are also made for bigger firearms, not just handguns and pistols. Barska gun safes mostly have biometric locks and this rifle safe has it too. The size & capacity of the safe is not too big, it can store up to 4 long guns inside. The biometric lock stores about 120 fingerprints, which is impressive but unnecessary.  The size of the safe allows it to be inside the closet which is great especially if you want to put it in the bedroom.

Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652

The safe is made of solid steel, it has 3 deadbolts and protective edges and that is why it is California approved gun safe. It is made to fight off burglars and to keep your firearms safe and sound.

Cannon Safe All Rifle 5936

The last and the biggest example of California approved gun safe is the safe made by Cannon. This heavy-duty safe can store up to 42 guns inside and it has an adjustable interior with a door organizer so you can really fill the whole safe. Besides having an impressive capacity, this safe has also 45 minutes fire protection and locking bolts on the door and the hard plate behind the lock for maximum security.

Cannon Safe All Rifle 5936

When you look at its characteristics you can see why this safe has the California DOJ approval, it is a hard-core safe that will keep your entire gun collection safe at all times.

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