Heritage Gun Safe Brand And Best Products in 2021

The Heritage Safe Company is a company that produces safes for all kinds of situations and they are focused mostly on the high capacity home safes and gun safes. That means that they want to provide you a safe storage space for all your belongings, not just your gun collection.

Heritage Gun Safe logo

The Heritage Safe Company consists of smaller brands and I have already mentioned a few of them. Those brands are Ruger gun safe brand and Fortress gun safe brand. Each and every model of the Heritage gun safe offer is made of high-quality materials and with special care, so you can know that you would be satisfied with those Heritage security products safe models.

Advantages Of Heritage Gun Safe Models

Heritage Safe Co. Owns Other Brands

Heritage security gun safe is a brand that stands behind Fortress gun safes and Ruger gun safes which are also good gun safe brands so you can expect the same amount of quality with Heritage gun safe models.

You Can Customise Heritage Gun Safe Models

Each Heritage gun safe you buy on their webshop you can completely customize your desires. That means you can pick the color inside and the outside of the safe and you can pick the size of the safe you need. You can pick the capacity that can store up to 30 guns or even up to 72 guns.

Heritage Gun Safe Models Come With A Warranty

Heritage Safe Co. knows the quality of their products like every other good quality brand and that is why every model they have comes with the warranty. Now, they don’t have the same warranty for each model so I can’t tell you that they are all the same but you can easily find out what they have in the warranty and how long does it last.

Heritage has 3 main series in their offer and you can characterize them as 3 gun safes because each series consists of 3 models which come in different sizes and colors. That is why I want to show you all the series made by the Heritage Safe Company and you can see which one is the best for you. After that, it is easy to pick the right size and color.

Top 3 Heritage Gun Safe Reviews

Heritage Ultimate Series

Heritage Ultimate Series is the first series I want to mention in this Heritage security safe review and it is considered as the best series. It has better and thicker steel, large bolts but it comes with the higher price. In this series, you can choose one of 5 sizes of the safe and you can choose textured (6) or gloss (9) colors of the safe on the outside and you can choose two colors of the interior.

Heritage Ultimate Series

Now, let’s put aside the customizability of the safe and talk about the characteristic. This gun safe is made of extra durable steel that will keep intruders away all the time. The UL-listed group II lock with strong external hinges with caps make sure that the door stays closed when you lock the safe. There is one more material in the safe’s construction and that is a firewall which gives the safe 125 minutes of protection so you can be sure that your belongings are secured.

Heritage Legacy Series

The Legacy Series provide you with attractive and high-quality gun safes that will completely adjust to your needs. Yes, like other series, this series is also very adjustable which means you can choose one of 5 sizes starting from 30 to 72 gun safe capacity. Besides capacity, you can change the interior and the color of the safe which makes it extremely adjustable unit.

Heritage Legacy Series

The Legacy Heritage gun safes for sale are made from a high-quality steel construction and they too come with fire protection. That fire protection is made with firewall, Pyro-Shield thermal blanket in the ceiling and with the Palusol fire seal on the door. All that provide you 95-minute fire protection with this Heritage Legacy safe models. The most important part of the gun safe is the lock and this series has Sargent & Greenleaf mechanical locks so you can be sure that you have a good quality safe.

Heritage Centennial Series

Centennial Heritage gun safe series is the most affordable series, but that doesn’t mean it has bad quality Heritage Security vault, models. When you take a look at what it has to offer you will see that it is very similar to other Heritage safe series. You can choose the size and the colors of the safe so you can completely adjust it to your needs. This gun safe series offers you Heritage 48 gun safe capacity, Heritage 56 gun safe capacity and those famous 30 and 72 gun safe capacities.

Heritage Centennial Series

The entire gun safe has 1/8” steel body so you can expect it to be durable and the Sargent & Greenleaf electronic lock keeps the thieves away from your belongings. This safe has the same amount of features as other Heritage gun safes for sale, with minor differences. For example, this Heritage security safe has 75 minutes of fire protection which is lower than other series but still pretty impressive for any type of gun safes.

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