2021 Best American Gun Safe Brands Made In USA

We are all aware that imported products made by the American can’t have the same amount of quality as the products made in the USA. That is a situation we can apply to the gun safes made in the USA because this is a blog about gun safes.

The reason why I think that American made gun safes are a better option for most situations is simple if you are buying your gun safe from American brand you can be sure that their quality control is better than from an American brand that imports its products from another state. Also, the transportation is easier, the entire replacement and spare parts process are much faster and all the money that brand should invest in transportation from another state, the American gun safe brand can invest in the better quality of the product. There are many great brands in America but there are some gun safe brands to avoid if you are trying to protect your guns from theft.  Brands like Sentry safes or GunVault have been known to have security flaws so its important to thoroughly research each gun safe brand before you purchase a gun safe.

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If you want to invest in an American classic gun safe then it is better to invest in the gun safe made in the USA because you are investing in your own country.

When you take a look at all those reasons you won’t be surprised when you find out that best American gun safe brands are the ones that have their production at home. There are many brands like that but I decided to share with you the biggest and the most popular brands which have the best quality products on the market.

The list I am about to show you are the best gun safe brands 2021 have to offer. These brands have their own manufacture in the USA, but that doesn’t mean it won’t change in the future. I will try my best to keep the list updated, but I can’t promise that one of the brands won’t move their production to another country in the future.

The Best American Gun Safe Brands

Liberty Gun Safe Brand

Liberty is one of the most famous American gun safe brand and they are focused on producing high capacity gun safes. The American made gun safes by Liberty are made of high-quality materials and most of them have an impressive fire protection and security features. The Liberty gun safes made in the USA are made in Payson, Utah where the headquarters of the brand is.

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If you want to find out what means a high capacity gun safe made in the USA then I suggest you take a look at my post about Liberty gun safes. There you will find the most popular gun safes made by the brand, you will learn what you need to know about them and you will see what makes Liberty American gun safe brand so popular among the public.

Are Liberty Safes worth the money? I would say yes.  They are made from solid steel and offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and been around for over 30 years.

Everything you need and want to know about Liberty gun safes made in the USA check out here.

Champion Gun Safe Brand

The Champion brand is extremely proud of their American made gun safes which are made with American-made steel since 1999 so you can expect only the best quality products from them. Almost every Champion gun safe made in the USA comes with a warranty and it will keep your gun collection and other valuables safe from intruders. The brand headquarters is located in Provo, Utah so you can be sure that they produce all American-made gun safes.

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The Champion gun safe brand produces different types of gun safes and they are all high capacity gun safes. You can use them to store long guns, handguns, and pistol, or if you want, you can store other valuables like jewelry, documents or technology.

I have made reviews of most popular Champion gun safes made in the USA and if you want to learn more about them and about their characteristics, check out my Champion gun safe post.

American Security Gun Safe Brand – AMSEC

The name of the brand shows you that it is the American gun safe brand so you can expect that their products are also from the USA. The AMSEC American made gun safes are separated into two main categories – the residential and business safes so you can choose the one which suits your need perfectly. Each and every AMSEC gun safe made in the USA has a special feature; it could be fire protection or special burglary protection and they are all very adjustable.

AMSEC Gun Safe Brand

They don’t produce only high capacity gun safes; they produce small pistol safes as well which makes them even more interesting for the public. Besides gun safes, you can order depository safes, floor safes and even pharmacy safes which mean that they will protect your valuables in any situation.  They are located in Fontana, California.

If you want to learn more about their big and small gun safes I suggest you take a look at my post about the American Security brand because you will be surprised with the variety of gun safes they offer.

Fort Knox Gun Safe Brand

Fort Knox gun safe brand is one of the most impressive brands which produce simple yet practically indestructible gun safes. One of the most impressive gun safes on the market has their logo on it and it is a simple lockbox with a mechanical lock that can withstand almost everything when it is locked. Actually, most of their gun safe models come with a lifetime warranty so you can expect a certain amount of quality and durability.

Fort Knox Gun Safe Brand

You can find everything in their offer; from small portable pistol safes with mechanical locks to the high-capacity vaults with electronic locks. They didn’t stop there, they are producing vault doors and different types of accessories that can double the storage space in the safe or help you handle the safe. The location of this interesting American gun safe brand is the Orem, Utah.

If I got your attention and you would like to know more about their interesting gun safe models then I suggest you take a look at my post because I have reviewed them from the smallest to the biggest gun safe made in the USA.

Stack-On Gun Safe Brand

Stack-On is one of the American gun safe brands that have the most versatile offer on the market. Their gun safes are small, big, heavy, light, portable, digital, mechanical, and built-in or stand alone. It really doesn’t matter what you are looking for, the Stack-On American classic gun safe brand probably has it in their offer.

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I like the fact that they make both gun safes and gun cabinets so you can choose the storage type you want based on your desires and budget. Their gun cabinets aren’t as heavy-duty as gun safes but they do provide you a good security level for a good price. So, if you don’t need a high tech lock and heavy-duty fire and water protected gun safe made in the USA, check out their cabinets. They get the job done.

If you are interested to see the huge variety of products they offer you I suggest you read my post about Stack-On brand because you will see that it is true. Check out the post right here and find your best model in the offer of Stack-On gun safes made in the USA.

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Winchester Safes

Winchester are a well known gun safe brand in Fort Worth TX. Their full size gun safes are made of thick fireproof material.   Winchester Safes are manufactured and by Granite Security Products, Inc. Winchester Safes started in 1991. In my opinion Winchester safes is the best long gun safe brands.  A popular model is the Winchester Ranger 26 Gun Safe because of how well it can hold up to a burglary attack. Its resistant to drilling and includes a heat-treated steel hard plate. It is heavy weighting around 602 lbs.  If you were looking for a smaller version Winchester Pony 19 Gun Safe  slightly smaller than Winchester Ranger 26 Gun Safe. The weights  435 lbs.  Check out my post about Best Winchester gun safes

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