2021 Most Popular Ivation Gun Safe Reviews

Ivation brand is not a specific gun safe storage solution brand, it is a brand that sells all kinds of home devices and appliances. They are selling everything from ice makers, dehumidifiers, wine refrigerators, safes and even air mattresses.

It basically means that you can equip your entire home with Ivation products which is a really interesting thought, but it does leave one question in our heads; Are they any good? Well, I don’t know about other products, but I do know that Ivation gun safes are pretty good products for home usage and due to that, I will focus only on them in this article.

Advantages Of Ivation Gun Safes

Good Home Safes

Like I have already mentioned, Ivation gun safes are good for homes, mostly because they are small in size. Most Ivation safes are made to store 1-5 handguns, although there are bigger models as well. Their gun safes are simple, easy to store in a work desk or in a drawer of your nightstand which makes them good residential gun safes.

Different Types Of Locks

When you hear about some small company you would expect that they have less than 10 gun safes with a similar design, but Ivation safes are different. You can find an Ivation biometric gun safe, the combination lock, the traditional lock and key locking system, a push-button system; everything but the RFID locking system (for now). That gives you the freedom to pick the one that suits you best.

Different Gun Safe Models

Just like the locks, you can choose the size and the type of door on the safe. It means that you can have the front door safe, the top door safe and even the pistol vault that mounts on the side of the desk. All you need to do is choose the design by your desires and needs.

Ivation Gun Safe Reviews

Ivation Handgun Lockbox

The simplest design of any storage space is a lockbox that can store one handgun inside (depending on the type of a handgun) and with a simple locking system. This Ivation lockbox is precisely that. It comes in two versions; the first version is a simple lock and key locking system and the second version has a simple combination lock with a 3-digit code.

Ivation Handgun Lockbox

But, this lockbox is far from simple. It is made of 16-gauge steel construction from the outside and thick foam padded interior from the inside. That foam padded interior prevents damaging the firearm during travel which makes it a good choice for traveling. If you still aren’t impressed then you should know that this Ivation gun safe has California DOJ and TSA airline firearm approvals.

Ivation Biometric Gun Safe For Car

This model looks like an upgraded version of the Ivation lockbox above because it comes with a biometric lock and a backup key in case the lock ends up without batteries or breaks for some reason. The biometric lock on this safe can store up to 32 different fingerprints which means you can share it with people you trust.

Ivation Biometric Gun Safe for Car

The reason why this safe is called the car safe is due to its compact design which allows you to store it in the standard glove compartment. The interior of the safe is filled with foam padding and the safe comes with a security cable so you can be sure that the safe will stay where you have left it.

Ivation Quick Acess Gun Safe

The Ivation quick access gun safe has a similar design to one of the most popular pistol safes on the market the GunVault SV500. It means that you can mount it under your desk or on the side of your nightstand. The design of this gun safe is special due to the drop-down pistol compartment. The moment you unlock the combination lock at the top of the safe, the door opens and you can grab the handguns by the handle which allows you quick reaction.

Ivation Under Desk Gun Safe

The keypad on the safe is illuminated so you can enter the right code even in the dark. But, you should be careful about the code because if you enter it wrong for 3 times, the safe will give start beeping. It is some sort of alarming system to prevent burglary.

Ivation Quick Acess Drawer Gun Safe

The second quick access safe you have to consider is the drawer safe. The reason why it is called the drawer safe is the top door design. This design allows you to open the safe and grab firearm without taking the actual safe out of the drawer. This 12-gauge steel construction can store up to 2 handguns in the foam padded interior, but the exact number of handguns depends on their type.

Ivation Quick Acess Drawer Gun Safe

The quick access Ivation gun safe comes with a push button lock and a fingerprint scanner which makes this an Ivation biometric fingerprint home safe. The fingerprint scanner can store up to 20 different fingerprints and the push-button lock uses a 4-digit code to unlock the safe. You can use the fingerprint and you can share the code with the people you trust.

Ivation Quick Acess Gun Safe

The third design of a quick access safe you can choose is the front drop down door design. This Ivation gun safe has an only push-button lock but I don’t think it a downside. The moment you unlock the safe with the right code the door will drop down and allow you to grab the pistol from the foam padded interior. You can change the code if you suspect that a person who shouldn’t know it, knows it.

Ivation Quick Acess Gun Safe

The entire gun safe is made of 14-gauge steel construction and it comes with one additional shelf inside the safe. It means that you can store at least 2 handguns inside, maybe more, but that depends on the type of handguns. The push button lock requires 4 AA batteries that are included in the pack, but if they stop working you can easily open the safe with the key and replace them.

Ivation Quick Acess Drawer Gun Safe

This model is actually a combination of the last two gun safes. It is a drawer gun safe which means you can put it in the drawer and it has a drawer. It means that the moment you unlock the safe using the push-button lock at the top of the safe, the drawer pulls out. The drawer is foam padded so you can’t damage the firearm while grabbing them.

Ivation Quick Acess Drawer Gun Safe review

The push button lock allows you to program your own 3-8 digit code and the buttons have a small light on them so you can locate them even in the dark. I am more a fan of the drop-down door on this type of safe, but if you are looking for a safe with a drawer, then this is one Ivation gun safe you have to consider.

Ivation Quick Acess 3-Gun Safe

This gun safe has a very interesting design which makes it a good option for the office. It is like a drawer gun safe as it has the top door but with a different shape. The fully padded interior can store up to 3 pistols inside on a hanger. It means that those pistols are standing up and the moment you unlock the safe you can grab them by the handle.

Ivation Quick Acess 3-Gun Safe

The push button lock has the illuminated buttons so you can enter the right code immediately. If you fail 3 times, the gun safe will start beeping. It is a defense mechanism to scare away the intruders. The entire safe is made of seamlessly welded steel and it requires batteries to work, but if you end up without power, you can easily open it with a backup key.

Ivation Biometric Gun Safe

This Ivation biometric gun safe is not a quick access safe, it is a regular gun safe that has an electric lock and front door. The interior is not fully padded, it has a small foam at the bottom and the walls are naked. It comes with one additional shelf for more storage space but it doesn’t have foam on it so I would recommend placing the handgun on the bottom.

Ivation Biometric Gun Safe

The safe has a simple biometric lock with a scanner, concealed hinges to prevent pry attacks and two locking bolts on the door for higher security. The biometric lock can store up to 20 different fingerprints so you can share it with the people you trust. It is not as impressive as other quick access safes but it is a good product.

Ivation Drawer Gun Safe

This is a simple drawer gun safe that can store up to 2 pistols inside, but the exact number depends on the type of firearms you want to store in the safe. It has a thin carpet on the bottom of the safe to prevent scratches so you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Ivation Drawer Gun Safe

The electronic lock on the safe has a simple keypad you have to use to enter the right code. There is a small LCD indicator which lights up when you enter the code. The safe comes with the gas strut automatic door that opens the moment you unlock the safe. Since it is an electronic lock, the safe needs batteries and if the lock doesn’t work you can unlock the safe by using the override key.

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