Keypad Gun Safe (Best Of, Reviews & Guide)

The most common gun safe today on the market is the keypad gun safe. That type of safe has a lock with a keypad which requires you to enter a certain PIN number or code to unlock it. It is a digital gun safe which means that it requires some sort of power to function and most of the time the power source is the batteries. Depending on the size of the safe, the type of the digital lock, if the safe has small LED light or any other digital feature, the safe can have a cable you can plug in your household socket.

Keypad Gun Safe

That is actually the only downside of owning a keypad gun safe – it needs a power source. That is why it is a good idea to look for a keypad gun safe that has a battery status somewhere or it notifies you when the battery is almost empty so you don’t get locked out of your own gun safe. But, if that still happens you don’t have to be locked out if you got the backup key for the gun safe. Most good quality safes come with one or two backup keys so you can open them if something like that happens. You can easily see that on the picture of the gun safe you are interested, but I would recommend you read the specifications because there are keypad gun safes that have a hidden lock so in the picture you might not see the lock that is actually there.

Since there are so many keypad gun safes on the market, you can assume that they aren’t all with the same type of keypad. You would be right. The most common keypad is the numerical keypad that has buttons with number 1-9 on them. That keypad requires you to enter a certain PIN number. But, it is not that simple because every safe can ask for a different digits PIN number. That means you can enter 3-8 digit number, depending on the model of the safe.

best Keypad Gun Safe

The second keypad type is the one that can or doesn’t have to have numbers on buttons. Those keypads mostly have only 4 buttons and they don’t require you to enter the right PIN number, but they require you to press the right button in the right order. If you aren’t sure what I am talking about, read reviews below and you will understand me. it is not complicated once you figure it out.

Best 6 Keypad Gun Safe

AmazonBasics Security Safe

This is one of the most popular keypad gun safes on Amazon because it is very user-friendly. It comes in 4 different sizes so you can adjust the size of the gun safe to your needs. That means you can use the smallest safe and store only handguns or you can choose the biggest and store your handguns, documents, and jewelry. The keypad on the gun safe uses 4 AA batteries and you have to buy them separately. The small screen on the safe shows you when the safe is locked or unlocked and it also notifies you when the batteries are almost empty so you have the time to switch them.

AmazonBasics Security Safe 0.5 Cubic Feet

This safe comes with a backup key and the lock on the safe is hidden right between the handle and the keypad which is great because intruders won’t notice it. The moment you lock the safe 2 steel bolts is activated making sure that the door stays closed and concealed hinges are making sure that no pry attack can succeed.

Stack-On PSD-1500 Gun Safe

Another keypad gun safe that is small enough to fit one or two handguns with their munition is worth mentioning. This pistol safe has a keypad that has numbers 0-9 and it has two more buttons. The mute button and the enter button that looks like a small tick. The interior of the safe has a foam padding which is great and it opens at the top which means it is actually a drawer gun safe and you can mount it to your drawer to prevent the thieves from stealing the entire safe.

Stack-On PDS-1500 Drawer Safe with Electronic Lock

This gun safe also has 2 live bolts and concealed hinges but it has one more security feature. If you enter the wrong PIN number the safe will give you a time-out which means you can’t press anything for few minutes.

AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Safe

Another model from AmazonBasics that comes with a simple keypad is this safe. It is quite larger than the first model and it also comes in 3 different sizes. The interior comes with one or two shelves (depending on the size of the safe you choose) and it is completely carpeted to store your belongings safely. This small safe offers 20 minutes of fire protection at 1200°F which is pretty impressive for its size.

AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Safe

This keypad gun safe doesn’t have a battery status but it comes with a backup key and a hidden lock so you can enter the safe without power. The construction is made of 14-gauge steel and the door comes with 2 live bolts for extra safety. You can use this gun safe to store handguns and other belongings especially if you want to protect them from the fire too.

Paragon 7775 Gun Safe

Paragon gun safe is similar to the AmazonBasics safe above. It has carpeted bottom (walls aren’t carpeted) and it comes with one shelf so you can store your handguns and other belongings inside of the safe. The entire safe is made of 11-gauge steel construction and it has concealed hinges for extra safety. The keypad on the safe is simple to program with your own code and you can set the PIN number to be 3-8 digits which is even better because the burglar won’t know the total number of digits in the PIN number.

Paragon 7775 Gun Safe

The keypad uses AA batteries to work and if they end up empty you can easily access the safe with 2 backup keys and a lock hidden in the door. The moment you lock the safe two live bolts activate, but I don’t like that they are only in the middle of the door. It would be better if they are equally spread.

SentrySafe QAP1BE Pistol Safe

The SentrySafe pistol safe is not a common keypad gun safe because it uses buttons instead of the real keypad and it has one additional type of lock – the biometric lock. The buttons on the keypad are lit so you can see them in the dark and this is that other keypad I told you in the beginning. As you can see, you have to press the buttons in the right order to open the safe (or scan your fingerprint).

SentrySafe Pistol Safe, Quick Access Biometric Gun Safe, Single Gun Capacity, QAP1BE

This pistol safe is actually a quick access safe because the moment you enter the right code, the compression gas strut opens the door and you can grab the gun. This is a great drawer gun safe you can put in the nightstand of your bedroom or in the office desk.

GunVault MV500 Pistol Safe

The GunVault pistol safe has the same keypad as the model above, but those buttons aren’t lit. This model has a patented design of the keypad because it allows you to press the buttons without looking at the shape of the palm around the buttons. This keypad gun safe is small enough to fit one handgun and maybe a magazine but that depends on the type of the handgun.

GunVault MV500 Micro Vault Gun Safe

The interior of the safe is foam padded for extra protection and from the outside, it is made of 20-gauge steel construction. You will have to buy the batteries separately and you can’t tell their status, but you can unlock it with backup key and lock.

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