2022 Top 3 (Sliding) Mirror Gun Safes You Will Love

The mirror gun safe is not as effective as the hidden gun safe because most of the gun safes with mirror are too thick for a regular mirror so you can notice that there is a hidden storage behind the glass. That is why most mirror gun safes come with the lock and the key and they do act like a gun safe and not gun cabinet which is a story with the hidden gun safes & cabinets.


The good think about gun safe mirrors is that there are models that give you the opportunity to build them in-the-wall. The bad side is that you have to hire a contractor for that, but the good thing is that you will only have a mirror on the wall and the entire gun safe will be in the wall.  That means it would be hard to notice that the mirror is not just an ordinary mirror.

Top 3 Sliding Mirror Gun Safes

That doesn’t mean you can’t use a mirror gun safe to safely store your firearms in plain sight, it just means that a gun safe with a mirror has 2 purposes. The first, the main purpose is to keep your belongings in a form of long guns and handguns safe and the second purpose is to provide you a mirror. Although they aren’t as safe as the regular gun safe, they provide a level of security for your firearms so you don’t have to worry about someone breaking into your home and stealing them.

If a mirror wall gun safe is made from good quality materials it will provide you all the security you need and it will look good in your home or your office. So, if you are looking for a hidden gun safe and you want it to be the one with the mirror, read my reviews below and find which one suits you best.

Top 3 Mirror Gun Safes

In-Wall Hidden Mirror Gun Safe

The first mirror gun safe I want to share with you is the in-wall gun cabinet that has two options for installation. You can hang it on the wall and you can install it inside of the wall. That means you can choose one of those two options and act accordingly to your decision. When you look at the interior of the safe you can see that it can fit a 2-3 single barrel rifles but they can’t have scopes. There is one shelf at the top of the safe but you can remove it if you want to put longer guns in the safe.

In-wall hidden mirror gun safe

The mirror gun safe uses the traditional lock and key method to keep your firearms secure. That method you can use if you decided to hang the safe on the wall, but if you decided to install it in the wall you will have to install a magnetic lock because the keyhole is on the side of the safe. This concealment wall mirror is the best option for rifles.

Tactical Walls – Sliding Small Length Concealment Mirrors Bundle

Tactical Walls is one of the most popular brands which produces mirror gun safes and this small gun safe is a perfect solution for your home or office. This product is actually a sliding mirror gun safe which means you have to slide the mirror to get to the guns and not open it. When you look at the unit you can’t say that it is anything more than a mirror and due to its size you can use it to store handguns, not rifles. For rifles, I suggest you take a look at the next gun safe mirror right below this review.

Tactical Walls Small Mirror Gun Safe

If you want to open this sliding mirror gun safe you will have to use the magnetic key because there is no other way to open the safe. A good thing is that the moment you press the key to the correct place, the mirror gun safe will pop open. That means you can quickly react at the time of an emergency.

Concealing a gun safe behind a wall mirror is an excellent way to keep it away from curious eyes and exploring hands. Concealment is precisely what the buyer gets with this safe—hidden compartments behind a sliding mirror to increase overall safety and security. 


It contains a large enough compartment hidden behind a standard size wall mirror to keep it concealed. This compartment provides enough pistol fit for two of them and two extra loaded magazines to increase security. 

This hidden storage mirror safe comes with two separate boxes with a large enough compartment specially designed for handguns and the extra ammo. These compartments are completely concealed behind a wall mirror that slides on high-quality sliders with quick and easy movement and a hidden lock. 

With this mirror safe bundle, you have the option to use a mirror or even a canvas to conceal the box. You can even mount a dry erase board instead of the canvas and mirror for a more extensive variety of concealment options. These options will then act as a cover to hide the gun safely away from any eyes that scan the wall. The different options for cover will fool the casual observer, and they will not easily see the safe hidden behind the cover. 

The box is securely mounted to the wall with solid studs, and holes are drilled in the wall to anchor the box. This means the safe will stay in position as long as you want the safe to be concealed on that specific spot. 

The safe is pretty large, with a dimension of 14 inches by 22 inches and a depth of 3 1/2 inches. This size will provide more than enough space for two of a wide range of handguns in the allocated spaces, specially designed for handguns. 

With Polar furniture wood for the frame, it is durable enough to last longer and increase the overall lifetime, and has a nice finish color. The product dimensions include a width of 22.5 inches to completely conceal the safe behind the cover, keeping it concealed. 

It also opens to a width of 39 by 30.25 inches to give you full access to the safe behind the cover. These slides open on an easy sliding mechanism, so you will not have trouble opening the safe when you need access to it. 

The bundle includes the sliding cover and a selected magnetic key to keep it locked all the time for increased safety. Also included is the snap safe or insert and two large retention magnets to increase the security and safety factor of your concealed safe. 

You have the option of a security panel and a key with a mechanical locking system to gain access to your gun safe. This feature provides you with a backup plan in case of emergency or when you forget your combination code for the keypad. 

Overall it is quite a safe option to have this type of concealed gun safe at your disposal for emergency handgun access. It can also be used as a mirrored jewelry cabinet organizer or jewelry armoire to keep your valuables safe and secure.

Tactical Walls – Hinged Full-Length Mirror Wall Safe Bundle

The last, but not least, mirror gun safe is the bigger model made by the Tactical Walls. This is also a sliding mirror gun safe, but it can fit as many long guns and handguns you can because it has a very adjustable interior. You can add the adjustable shelves and racks for your firearm and you can even install the LED light so you can see what you have inside even in the complete dark.

Tactical Walls Big Mirror Gun Safe

It doesn’t matter whether you will use this gun safe mirror as the long gun storage, handgun storage, or storage for documents and jewelry, you can be sure that the belongings are safe inside. The safe comes with a magnetic lock and key. The only way to open the sliding mirror is to press the magnetic key on the right spot. That gives you a chance to hide your belongings in plain sight.

With a classical designed full-length wall mirror to conceal the gun safe, you have a perfect option to increase the overall aesthetics of any room. This will display very well on the wall while it is a suitable place to conceal your emergency firearms out of harm’s way. 

Fitted with hinges, it does not need that extra wall space you need when a sliding option is used to access your weapons. The total size of this concealed safe behind the mirror will not be an issue when you mount it on the wall. 

That means the size you see is the size you need for mounting on the wall, which will save a lot of space. To further increase the versatility of this wall-mounted safe’s versatility, the door easily opens on strong concealed hinges. 

Included with this concealed wall-mounted gun safe is the mirror frame that is made from very durable and lightweight materials. Strong ABS plastic materials are used to construct the mirror frame so it can last for a long time. 

It is also lightweight enough to put no extra burden on the hinges for quick, easy access to the hidden safe. So the hinges will smoothly open and will last for a long time to increase the overall lifetime of your wall-safe bundle. 

The hinged wall mirror comes with large dimensions of 22.5 inches in width and a total length of 60 inches. This will be enough to cover the safe behind the mirror and completely conceal it from being discovered by any observer. 

A concealed safe behind the mirror is deep enough but not too much, so it will not stand out that much from the wall. With a total depth of 3.5 inches, you will have ample storage space for rifles and handguns inside the safe. 

The shelves located inside the safe can be moved up or down and completely removed to reveal a larger space for rifles. The top compartment is fixed and ideal for keeping handguns and extra loaded magazines on it, offering an added layer of security. 

With an easy snap safe and insert option, you will have quick and easy access while keeping your firearms safe. This will help to keep hidden from exploring eyes and make it difficult for those who want to gain unauthorized access. 

A selected magnetic key will further increase the reasonable security factor of your wall-mounted concealed gun safe behind the mirror. You also have two substantial retention magnets included to further keep your firearms safe and secure from would-be thieves and others with malicious intent. 

This wall-mounted full-length mirror comes with a framed mirror that will provide you with an excellent decor option for any room. The frame is designed to display nicely in any space and increase the aesthetics while concealing your valuables and firearms quite effectively. 

With quite an affordable price tag attached, this will be a good choice and will be accessible to more people out there.

Tactical Walls – Sliding Full Length Mirror Bundle

This is another ordinary full-length mirror you can mount to the wall with a large-size quality mirror gun safe concealed behind it. While it is a practical way to conceal a wall safe, this is even better with enough storage space for more than just a handgun. 

Tactical Walls Sliding Full Length Mirror Bundle

You have enough space at your disposal with this safe to safely keep your rifles and handguns with extra ammo hidden. The total mounting size is also not much larger than a standard full-length mirror you will typically attach to the wall. 

This concealed wall safe comes with a robust sliding mechanism to reveal the total capacity of the safe behind the mirror. These slides are made from solid materials and come with an easy sliding option to quickly provide access to your gun safe and its contents. 

With two compartments to keep your handguns and larger rifles, you have a lot of space available in this safe. The top compartment comes with large enough dimensions of 14 inches wide and 10 inches in height to keep your handguns safe and secure. 

The bottom part is much more significant, and the removable shelves can be manipulated to provide larger or smaller space depending on your needs. The total depth of the safe is 3.5 inches to make it deep enough to conceal your firearms easily. 

With a considerable 60-inch height provided by the larger compartment, you will have enough space for most long rifle sizes. This means you can easily keep more than one rifle at a time inside the safe with extra loaded magazines and ammo. 

This wall-mounted mirror will need space about the size of the mirror for it to slide open unobstructed for full access. The font mirror cover slides open to the right to reveal the total size of the safe for quick and easy access. 

That means you will have easy access to all of your weapons in the case of an emergency without any obstruction to hinder you. This means this concealed wall-mounted safe is an excellent option to hideaway your weapons and have quick access to them. 

It displays well on the wall to increase the overall aesthetics of any room to make it a practical option for a safe. While it provides an attractive display option, it also increases the overall security factor you need to consider when purchasing a gun safe. 

This gun safe comes with a more significant price tag attached to it but the full features included make it a good investment. But it might not be that good for those who work with a tight budget and can not afford the higher price attached to it.


A good choice for your number one safe in this lineup will be the full-size wall mirror with the quick-opening sliding door included. But those who can not afford the higher price tag may go for the one that comes with a hinged door and additional options.

If you are interested in a diy mirror gun safe project you may be able to tackle installing the tactical walls mirror yourself.  I have a previous post on in-wall gun safe that might be helpful. 


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