Best Picture Frame Gun Safe Reviews in 2022

One of the most unusual concealed gun safes is the pictured gun safe. We all know about gun safes hidden in the wall behind a picture, but there aren’t that many pictures that are actually gun safes on the market. That is why having a picture gun safe is a good idea. It is one of those items people wouldn’t suspect it is a gun safe.

I am not talking only about wall pictures, I am talking about a picture frame gun safe you can put on your desk or on the fireplace. That smaller gun safe is an even better solution because no one looks at the pictures that are on the desk. The wall pictures can awake the doubt, but the desk ones won’t.

That is why I want to show you the best picture frame gun safes that are on the market at the moment. They are made so you can put your own picture inside or you can use the picture that comes with the frame. The choice is entirely up to you.

Top 3 Picture Frame Gun Safe

Stealth Furniture Picture Frame Gun Safe

The Stealth Furniture is a brand specialized in concealed safes so this picture gun safe is not a surprise. It is a big picture you can use to store handguns and rifles, and not just one handgun. A good thing about this picture frame gun safe is that you can use with 28 different pictures. The interior of the picture gun safe is actually pretty interesting because you can adjust the interior to you. It means you can use it to store only handguns, rifles and handguns with a special foam or you can put shelves inside.


This is a real picture gun safe because it comes with the RFID lock and 3 card keys. That means you can share this interesting picture gun safe with two people you can trust. You don’t have to use it only as a picture frame gun safe, you can use it for your jewelry and documents too.

This is not your standard picture frame you will typically mount on the wall, but it provides great decoration to your office or study. An ordinary frame will have hinges that hold and move the front panel, but this one is held in place with a sliding mechanism.

While normal concealment picture frames have space to add a picture, this one displays handmade art decor on the wall. Concealment frames, as it is with this one, will prevent your guns from being detected by ordinary thieves who have gained access to your home.

A hidden gun shelf behind the artwork is easily accessible by using the easy sliding mechanism to reveal it for access to your arms. It is safe to use in your home because it is not easy for small children to access the dangerous firearms stored inside.

To further improve the functionality of this hidden gun safe, it comes with foam partitions for handguns and extra magazines. It also has a partition for an assault rifle so you can have quick and easy access to it.

The foam partition will also provide ample protection for your weapons, so they will not easily get damaged when you need to transport the safe. Everyone will admire this functional wall art while not suspecting anything is hidden behind it in plain sight.

Yalotz Creations Picture Gun Safe

This picture frame gun safe comes in three different colors so you can adjust it to your room more easily; the colors are the black, brown and dark stain. This small picture gun safe is made so you can hang it wherever you like and it has enough room to store one handgun, magazine and, for example, a Swiss knife or a pocket flashlight.

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There is one interesting feature of this picture gun safe. It has a small magnet that can hold our handgun in place and that can come very handy. The picture doesn’t have a lock and it opens very simply if you know how. You have to lift the frame up to access the safe which is fast and easy to do.

The art included with this concealment wall safe is made by hand to provide you with authentic value for your money. This is great because you have a hidden gun shelf that is concealed behind the artwork for security and safety purposes.

With an easy to attach to the wall installation system included, you will be able to hang it in only a short time. The front view makes this safe look like an ordinary frame or décor on the wall while it houses your protection from danger.

It also comes equipped with a sliding mechanism for quick and easy access to your weapons stored behind the frame. Inside this concealed frame, you have safe storage for your weapons, including a slot for an assault rifle and a magazine for it.

Also included is a partition for a handgun, an extra magazine, and a partition for a knuckle duster. This may be a bit small for those who have more weapons, but it is ideal for emergencies when you need quick access.

While it is a good choice for décor in your office or at home, it is also made very durable to last for many years to come. The wood artwork is also coated with triple layers of polyurethane, so it will last very long and not lose its aesthetic value.

Barska Picture Frame Gun Safe

Barska is a famous gun safe brand which has an in-wall & floor gun safes, so this product is not a surprise. Their picture frame gun safe is simple and made in the traditional design to look like a real desk picture. You have to know that this frame doesn’t come with the picture which is not the best solution because you have to put your own picture inside. It is good because you can put whatever you like, but if you don’t feel like spending time on finding the picture you should be aware of that information.

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The lock on the safe is a simple mechanical combination lock and the safe itself is not big. That is understandable because the frame is made for a desk or a shelf, not the wall.  This picture gun safe doesn’t have foam padding so it can scratch your belongings but if you put the picture gun safe behind you in the office, you will be the only one who will know that it has a hidden compartment.

While this safe may look like a standard picture frame, it is far from that, with a strong hidden gun shelf attached to it. This real picture frame can hold a 5 x 7-inch picture in the frame to conceal what is hidden behind it.

A great feature is that you can change the pictures in the frame on a regular basis to increase the overall aesthetic options available. These versatile concealment picture frames from Barska are made to last with very durable construction to improve the security of the safe.

To make it even more versatile, these concealment frames can be used for more than just arms, ammunition, and other weaponry. It is also a great option to use for home and office security to store valuables and documents to keep them safe from malicious intent.

The photo frame is also portable enough to be used in many different setups at home, whether in the study or office. Though it may not be big enough to store rifles, it is great for discrete storage for all types of small weapons and other valuables.

With the unique design, it can easily be used on your desk as a photo frame while holding other items safe and concealed. This standard picture frame may not be ideal for putting on the wall; it can be used in that way when needed.

With a maximum picture frame weight of one pound, it is lightweight and easy to carry with you from home to the office.


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