Best Choice For A Portable Gun Safe Box for 2021

The best home gun safe is a gun safe box. A gun safe box is a small gun safe that can store up to one or two handguns with the magazine. The main purpose of those handguns is protection and that is why they are placed in a small gun safe. A small gun safe, aka gun safe box, is great because you can store it in your desk, in the nightstand, in the closet, almost everywhere.

There are many models on the market which means you can completely adjust the size and the design of the box to your desires. That means you can choose the capacity, the type of the lock and you can even choose the way the doors are designed.

Portable Gun Safe Box

If you want a quick access gun safe I would recommend you go with a combination lock and not a digital one that requires a PIN number. The one that requires you to press the right buttons which don’t have numbers on them. But, if you are a fan of digital combination locks, make sure that the keypad is good so you don’t press the wrong number during the process.

To help you choose the right gun safe box for you I have prepared the two most common types of gun safes and you can see which one is the best for you. You can choose the size, the design and the lock on them so keep reading the reviews.

Top 5 Gun Safe Boxes

AmazonBasics Security Safe

The AmazonBasics Security Safe is the most versatile line of gun safe boxes because it comes in 4 different sizes. You can choose 1 out of 4: 0.5 cubic feet, 0.7 cubic feet, 1 cubic feet and 1.2 cubic feet. That means you can store from 1 up to a couple of handguns inside the safe. The inside of the safe is simple, it comes with one additional shelf (only bigger sizes) and it has a padded bottom to prevent scratches.

AmazonBasics Security Safe 0.5 Cubic Feet

The door uses an electronic combination lock with a small screen so you can see the status of the safe (locked/unlocked) and low battery notification. The door comes with two steel bolts and the hinges are concealed so you can be sure that pry attack doesn’t work here.

Stealth Handgun Safe Box

This is the second design of the gun safe box I want to show you and it is a perfect quick access design. As you can see it from the picture, this model has a front door which is called the drop-down door. Those doors will open by dropping down the moment you unlock it. The lock is combination lock which means you have to press the right buttons on the top of the safe to unlock it. The buttons are placed so you can press them with your 4 fingers for quicker access.

Stealth small handgun safe

The handguns in this safe are placed on the hangers. That means you can grab them by the handle the moment the door drops down. The maximum capacity for the safe is 5 handguns; 3 on the hangers and 2 on the bottom, but I wouldn’t put the handguns on the bottom, just on the hangers.

SereneLife Gun Safe Box

SereneLife is a small gun box that has great features. The entire gun safe is made from reinforced steel and there are 2 locking bolts on the door with concealed hinges. The interior of the safe is simple, it has a foam padded bottom and it doesn’t have any shelves. The size of the safe allows you to store up to 2 handguns and magazine but, the correct number depends on the type of handguns.

SereneLife Gun Safe Box

The safe has an electronic combination lock and the entire design is pretty simple. It doesn’t have a screen and it can’t show you the battery status, which is a downside, but it comes with override keys so you don’t have to worry too much. You will be able to open it if the batteries end up dead.

AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Safe

There aren’t many fire resistant gun safe boxes so I decided to share with you another AmazonBasics model. This one also comes in different sizes; 0.83 cubic feet, 1.24 cubic feet, and 2.1 cubic feet. That is great if you want to adjust the size of the safe. The interior of the safe consists of foam padded bottom and one or two shelves depending on the size of the gun safe box you choose.

AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Safe

The digital combination lock doesn’t have a screen so you can’t see the battery status but it comes with a pretty big handle for easier access. Also, the door hinges aren’t concealed which can be a downside. This gun safe has one thing that others on this list don’t and that is the fire protection. It can withstand 20 minutes as 1200°F of fire and that is pretty good.

GunVault Gun Safe Box

The GunVault gun safe box has the similar design as the Stealth gun safe I have reviewed above. The safe comes with a front drop down door for and a combination lock for quicker access. But this gun safe is slightly better. Inside it is completely foam padded and it comes with one additional shelf for more storage space. The entire construction is made from 16-gauge steel which makes it very durable.

GunVault GV2000C-DLX Multi Vault Deluxe Safe

But, the best feature is the lock. The combination lock has a special no-eye keypad design that is in the shape of a human finger. That way you can always know what to press, even in a complete dark. Since the lock is electric the safe has a small low battery indicator so you can know when to replace the batteries. But, if you do end up with empty batteries, you can easily open the safe with override keys.

If you aren't familiar with the gun safes on the market and you aren't sure which of the gun safe models is the best choice for you, I recommend you to read my Gun Safe Buying Guide so you can learn how to determine which gun safe suits your lifestyle best. I have made a detailed guide about the features you have to consider before you buy a gun safe and they are connected to the size, brand which made it, capacity, materials used during the production and special features like fire or water protection. If you are familiar with all those features, I suggest you visit my posts about best biometric, quick access or fireproof gun safes if you know that they suit your lifestyle best.