Best 5 Digital Gun Safe Lock On The Market in 2021

Almost every gun safe on the market today can be purchased with the digital gun safe lock which is not strange because everything around us is digital. There are many types of digital locks which is good because you can choose them by your desire and needs. It means you can choose the digital combination lock, the biometric lock or the RFID lock.

The good thing about the gun safe digital lock is that most of them are quick access. It means that you can open the lock with the proper key in few seconds and that can be crucial in an emergency. You don’t have to take the key with you because all you need is your fingerprint, the right PIN number or a proper bracelet. But, the bad thing about digital gun safes is that they require a power source. You will have to use the batteries or you will have to plug the safe into the electric socket for it to function. The second option is better if the safe has that feature, but most of them don’t – especially small digital gun safes.  

digital gun safe

The most important thing you have to decide before you buy a digital gun safe is the lock you want on it. The digital combination lock requires a 3-8 digits PIN number to open. The biometric lock will use the scanner on the lock to scan your fingerprint and use it as the key. The RFID lock is the newest addition to the digital locks and it means Radio Frequency Identification. With this lock, you don’t have to press any button or your finger, all you have to do is bring the proper bracelet or key fob close enough for it to open the safe. That and the biometric lock are considered the locks with the quickest access.

To help you with the choice I will now show you models of gun safes with all those locks so you can see how they work and if the gun safe that has them works for you.

Best Digital Gun Safe Locks

AmazonBasics Security Safe

The first gun safe digital lock I am about to show you is the digital combination lock. The AmazonBasics gun safe is only available on Amazon and it seems to be very popular there. It comes in 4 sizes; 0.5 cubic feet, 0.7 cubic feet, 1 and the 1.2 cubic feet. The most popular model is the smallest one because it is a great home gun safe, meant to keep your handgun behind the lock. The digital combination lock used in this safe requires you to enter a PIN number so you can access the safe.

AmazonBasics Security Safe 0.5 Cubic Feet

The safe comes with carpeted interior and it comes with one or two removable shelves, which depends on the size of the safe. The door is locked with 2 locking bolts and it has pry-resistant concealed hinges so you can assume why it is so popular. Since the digital combination lock requires batteries this safe comes with them and the indicator if the batteries are empty so you will know when to change them. It also comes with a key so you can open the safe without power.

Best Choice Product Rifle Safe

The digital combination lock can also be on the rifle safes as you can see. This rifle safe can store up to 5 rifles inside, but it doesn’t come with a completely carpeted interior. The only carpet is at the bottom of the safe which is OK because you won’t scratch the rifles. It has a rifle rack inside which means that the rifles won’t touch the walls. Besides a big rifle storage, this safe has one additional storage above rifles with its own lock. You can use it to store jewelry, handguns or munition.

Best Choice Product Rifle Safe

The gun safe digital lock requires a PIN number to open the safe, but you can use only the key to lock the safe if you want because you will get 4 keys with this gun safe. Make sure that the digital combination lock has its power source and you won’t need keys.

Vaultek VT20i Gun Safe

Vaultek VT20i has impressive features because it doesn’t have just one gun safe digital lock, it has the two. The Vaultek has the biometric lock that can store up to 20 different fingerprints and it also uses a digital combination lock. That means you can leave the biometric lock for you and share the digital combination PIN number with the people you trust. The moment you unlock the safe the automatic door will open and you can react in under a second.

Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe

But, what makes this safe even more interesting is the fact that it comes with one additional feature. This is actually a smart gun safe. That means it uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone. All you need to do is to install the Vaultek app and adjust the gun safe as you want it. You can mute the safe, check battery status, check who used it last and even unlock the safe but you have to be near it.

Barska Biometric Rifle Safe

Another biometric gun safe I want to show you is one of the most popular Barska models. It is a rifle safe that can store up to 4 long guns which is not much, but its size gives you the opportunity to hide the safe in the closet. The biometric lock on this safe can store up to 120 fingerprints and that is both weird and amazing. I believe that 120 fingerprints are too much. The biometric lock reacts in under 2.5 seconds which means that you can quickly react if you have to.

Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652

The 3 steel bolts keep the door closed at all times unless you unlock it with your finger or with one of the backup keys. This slim and durable digital gun safe is DOJ approved so you don’t have to doubt its quality.

Hornady 98172 RAPiD Digital Gun Safe

The last gun safe digital lock I have to show you is the RFID lock and I will show you it through the Hornady gun safes because they are specialized in RFID technology. Most of their safes are small and I will now show you a handgun safe. The entire safe is made of 14-gauge steel construction so you can assume it is durable.

Hornady Rapid safe 2700KP (XL)

This safe comes with 3 “keys”, you can use the adjustable wristband, the H key fob and adhesive decals so you can access the safe without touching it. If the battery dies you can still unlock the safe traditionally – with the lock and the key. The size of the safe makes it a great traveling gun safe and it meets the TSA traveling requirements and the DOJ requirements too.

Hornady 978170 RAPiD Digital Gun Safe

The last digital gun safe I will show you is RFID gun safe that is very similar to the Hornady model above. It is a small handgun safe that is made of 14-gauge steel construction and from the inside, it is covered with soft foam to prevent handgun from scratching on the surface. The battery will make sure that the RFID lock is working, but if you run out of power you can unlock the safe with the key.

Hornady Rapid security gun safe 98170

It also uses RFID technology which means you will get a wristband, a key fob and 2 decals with the safe. Just like the model above, this one also meets the TSA and the DOJ requirements which means it is safe for traveling and for your home and office.

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