2021 Titan Gun Safe & Vault Reviews

Titan Security Products is a company specialized in smaller and portable gun safes and vaults. They are mostly made to store one or two handguns or rifles and they are made for your home, office or even your vehicle.

Titan is a company that is on the market for almost 3 decades and they have produced different gun safe models over those years. They are especially proud of their 9 registered patents that improved the security and quality of Titan gun safe models.

Titan Gun Safe & Vault logo

Besides producing Titan safes they are also known for producing gun safe accessories like security cables, ammo boxes and tactical flashlights.

Advantages Of Titan Safes

Approved By The California Department Of Justice

Almost every model they made has the approval of the California Department of Justice and it can say a thing or two about the quality of the gun safes. It means that they are sturdy and good gun safes that are worth looking into.

Most Models Come With A Lifetime Warranty

Not every gun safe brand would dare to put a lifetime warranty on their models which means that the people behind Titan Gun Vault models are sure that their products are one of the best on the market. I guess that the lifetime warranty does mean that the safe is good quality.

Easily Mountable Products

The interesting part about Titan safes is that they aren’t ordinary gun safe boxes you can put in your living room or in your closet. Their safes are made so they can fit in narrow spaces which mean you can put them under the bed, in the trunk of your car, in the drawer or under the desk. You can hide them or install them where you can grab the gun easily.

Titan Gun Safe & Vault Reviews

Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault

The Titan gun vault is the most famous Titan gun safe due to its simple design and great performance. It is considered the world’s fastest deploying gun safe and due to its design it can store up to 1 handgun and it comes with a special holster for it so you can quickly react. Its design allows you to store it in your car, under the desk or at the side of your nightstand so it is a versatile gun safe. It has vertical and horizontal mounting options which are great because you can adjust it to you.

Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault

The entire safe is made of 14- gauge hardened steel and it comes with a mechanical lock that doesn’t require any kind of batteries. Besides being a California DOJ approved Titan gun vault it also meets the TSA airline firearm guidelines so it is a great choice for traveling and having at home or office.

Titan MonsterVault Horizontal Gun Safe

This Titan gun safe is a safe that made to store under the bed or even in the trunk of your car, just make sure that the dimensions of the safe fit there. It is a rather big gun safe that can store more rifles and a few handguns (depending on the type of firearms) inside the carpeted interior and it has a drawer design. It means you have to pull out the drawer to open the safe once you unlock it.

MonsterVault Underbed Safe

The construction is made of two types of steel. The top and the bottom of the Titan XXL gun safes are made of 11 gauge steel, while the sides are made of 7-gauge steel construction. The electronic combination lock with a keypad requires a special PIN number to unlock the safe and it has to have batteries. If the batteries end up empty you can still unlock the safe with a backup key and lock that are also included in the safe.

Titan SUV Vault A-2761

This is probably the biggest and the most badass Titan gun safe and it is made for SUVs. The entire safe is made like a horizontal gun safe with drawer. That drawer can stand up to 350 pounds which is not small at all. Inside the Titan vault, you can put whatever you want as it has enough room for almost everything. It is an impressive piece of Titan product that provides secure storage space.

Titan SUV Vault A-2761

The entire Titan Vault is made of 16-gauge cold rolled steel and it has 2-stage black powder coat. The Titan XXL storage space comes with a traditional locking system so you have to have a proper key to unlock the safe and grab what you need. Due to its design and durability, I would recommend it for the SUVs and not a home or office.

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