2021 Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safe-Vault Review

The Hornady Sporting Goods Company first started the sporting goods company which was interested in the team uniforms, basketballs, baseball bats and gloves and after the II World War, the things changed.

Hornady gun safe logo

They started to produce all kinds of bullets which eventually lead them in the gun safe business after a few turbulent years. Today they are known as one of the most influential brands in the USA not only in the gun safe category but in the ammunition, bullets and overall security.

Advantages Of Hornady Gun Safes

Hornady gun safe gives the revolutionary concept for storing the firearms, the jewelry as well as other valuables by combining the quick and intuitive ease of the access with the unparalleled safety as well as security.

Innovative FRID Locking Method

Using the innovative Radio Frequency technology for ultimate in an access control, the Hornady gun safe will get opened just by placing RFID bracelet, the card (looks like the credit card) and key fob (fob hover over panel to open a lock) on large electronic reader, and with included conventional key lock as well as electronic touchpad (and configurable for left and right handed use) just by using the programmed code.

In The Business For More Than 50 Years

Hornady is one of the rare companies that is connected to the ammunition, firearms and gun safes for such a long time. They are in the business since 1949 and they must be doing something right since they are still here, 70 years later.

They Produce Everything Connected To Gun Safes

Like I have already mentioned they are a respectable brand in the security, ammunition and bullet production which makes them a great choice if you want to buy a good quality gun safe.

Hornady RAPiD Safe Reviews

Hornady Rapid Safe 2600KP

This safe is a Hornady rapid electronic RFID steel safe made from 14-gauge steel construction with two internal hardened locking lugs which makes it almost impossible to open without a key. The thing with RFID technology is that you can open the safe without touching it, all you need is the matching RFID bracelet, key fob or sticker that you can use to open the safe. But, if you don’t want to use the RFID technology, you can unlock it with the good old key.

Hornady Rapid safe 2600KP

The Hornady rapid electronic RFID steel safe is California DOJ Approved which makes it a safe storage space for firearms and it meets TSA requirements for handgun safety while traveling.  There is also a special ASTM International safety standard for child and pry resistance that this Hornady rapid gun safe respects which makes it very interesting for people with kids.

Hornady Rapid Safe 2700KP (XL)

This Hornady 2700 Xl gun safe is actually pretty similar to the Hornady 2600 safe, but with some differences in the size of the gun safe. The Hornady 2700 safe comes with the RFID lock you can open with a special RFID Wristband, two RFID Stickers, RFID Key Fob or two Circular Barrel Keys so make sure you have them all by your side.  You can use AC or batteries to power the RFID lock so you can access the handgun at all times.

Hornady Rapid safe 2700KP (XL)

It is actually pretty similar to the 2600KP model above, it meets the TSA requirements for traveling and the California DOJ requirements for firearm safety. It is also made of 14-gauge steel construction so if the only thing that is bothering you with the 2600KP is the size, you can consider the 2700KP model.

Hornady 98141 Rapid Safe 4800KP

The quality of this Hornady security Rapid gun safe is impressive and it exceeds the ASTM International safety standards for child and pry-resistance. It also uses RFID technology to lock the Rapid gun safe and it allows you to program 5 RFID tags. The steel cabinet is made from 14-gauge steel construction which means you don’t have to worry about its durability.

Hornady 98141 Rapid safe 4800KP

It looks more traditional than the models above but that doesn’t mean it is not a safety device. Its size allows you to store 2 1911 size pistols. Besides RFID technology you can open the safe by entering the right 4-6 PIN number or you can use the barrel key you get with the safe.

Hornady Rapid Security Gun Safe 98150

This is one of the safes with the Hornady quick safe feature. The entire construction is made from 16-gauge steel so you can be sure it is durable. The Hornady gun safe gives you the opportunity to open the gun safe without touching it so you can quickly grab the stored handgun. The RFID technology is the locking mechanism of this Hornady quick access safe and the position of the pistol in the safe allows you to react instantly.

Hornady Rapid security gun safe 98150

The child-resistant design makes it a safe choice for families with kids so you don’t have to worry about that. You can open the safe using RFID technology with 3 bracelets, a key fob, and an RFID card to make sure they are always by your side so you can react quickly.

Hornady Rapid Security Gun Safe 98185

This is one of the few models of Hornady security rapid gun safes that will store your handgun safe on the wall. The entire Hornady RFID wall safe is easy to access to if you have a proper equipment like the Hornady Rapid safe bracelet, Hornady stickers or 2 circular barrel keys. The RFID lock is powered by the AC or batteries so you can access the gun at every moment.

Hornady Rapid security gun safe 98185

This gun safe has predrilled holes so you can mount it to the wall for quicker access, but what is most important, it is a very durable safe. It is made of 14-gauge steel and it is endured drop/pick/saw tests which means it is not so easy to break into.

Hornady Tripoint Lock Box 98152

The Hornady tripoint lockbox is the perfect choice for your firearms if you have to travel because the heavy-duty construction keeps them secured and the lockbox meets the TSA requirements for handgun security in luggage. This interesting Tripoint Lock is actually a patent made by the Hornady which means it is even safer than other locks. If you need a safe lock box for your firearms during traveling definitely check out this lock box.

Hornady Tripoint Lock Box 98152

This heavy duty gun safe is made of 16-gauge steel construction and it is designed to meet the ASTM standards for child resistance and protection from unwanted people so you can use it to store handguns, documents and money.

Hornady Rapid Security Gun Safe 98170

Like almost every other Hornady Rapid security gun safe, this safe is also protected by the FRID technology and made from 14-gauge steel construction. The Hornady Rapid safe XL has a special child-resistant feature to keep them away from the danger one firearm can do. This Hornady Rapid safe XL can store most 1911 size pistols and 4-inch revolvers inside. You can secure the entire The Hornady Rapid safe XL with safety cable that comes with it.

Hornady Rapid security gun safe 98170

The RFID lock is powered by the AC or battery which means you can store it in your car while you are traveling if you want to be protected. The moment the RFID lock reads the matching tag the doors will open because they have a spring-assist lid so you can react pretty quickly if you have to.

Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker

The Hornady Rapid safe AR gun locker is the perfect gun safe to store under the bed. The safe comes with the AC and batteries which means you can open it at any time. The size of the Hornady Rapid safe AR gun locker is big enough to fit 2 tactical length rifles and the RFID technology makes sure you open the safe in record time.

Hornady Rapid safe AR gun locker

The exterior is made from 16-gauge steel and you can mount the gun locker to the floor or at the top of the bed, just make sure you have to mount it in the right direction. This gun safe, as all Hornady gun safe exceeds the ASTM international safety standards for child and pry resistance which means it is safe for families with kids.

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