Top 5 Best Quality Gun Safes On The Market in 2021

A good quality gun safe should be durable, sturdy, safe and it should have a good price.  Sometimes it is hard to determine which of all good quality safes on the market a good choice is for you and if you have that doubt in your mind, I want you to think about the characteristics a quality gun safe has to have, to be a good pick for you.

I can easily show you the best quality gun safes but if you don’t know what you are looking for you won’t have use of that particular list. So, to avoid confusion I want you to think about the gun safe you need. Think about the capacity and think about the types of firearms you want to store in the safe because the capacity and types are the most important features of your gun safe.

quality gun safes

The next thing you have to determine is the type of lock you need. There are two main types of locks; the mechanical one and electronic one. The mechanical lock is a simple combination lock or a simple lock and key locking system. The electronic lock can be a digital combination lock or the biometric lock. Electronic locks are better because they provide a quick reaction time, but the mechanical locks don’t need batteries. As you can see, every type has its pros and cons.

Now that I have briefly showed you few things you need to know before you pick the quality gun safe you will be able to choose the best model for your needs and desires. I have picked 5 good quality gun safes and each one of them has different capacity and locks. Take a look at the list and choose your quality gun safe.

Top 5 Most Popular Quality Gun Safes

GunVault SV500 SpeedVault

Besides being one of the most quality gun safes, this safe is also one of the most popular gun safes. It is a quick access gun safe that can store only one handgun, but you can mount it horizontally and vertically which is a big plus. The safe comes with two types of electronic locks; the biometric lock or the digital combination lock. The moment you unlock the safe it drops the door down and you can grab the pistol by the handle. That is why it is called the quick access gun safe.

GunVault SVB500 SpeedVault Gun Safe

You can mount it under the desk, on the side of the nightstand or even in the closet which makes it a great choice for both office and home. The biometric lock can hold up to 20 fingerprints and the combination lock comes with a special PIN number. That, the quick reaction and the 18-gauge steel construction makes this model one of the high-quality gun safes on the market.

SentrySafe Pistol Safe QAP1BE

Small good quality gun safes usually come with two types of locks and this one is not an exception. This design is called “the drawer safe”  because it has the door at the top of the safe which means you can easily store it in the drawer of the work desk or a nightstand, open it and grab the pistol without moving the safe. This safe is small, it can store one handgun inside but it has a protective foam which will prevent any type of scratches on the pistol.

SentrySafe Pistol Safe, Quick Access Biometric Gun Safe, Single Gun Capacity, QAP1BE

The two types of locks on this quality gun safe are the biometric lock that can store 4 different fingerprints and the digital combination lock. The lock has a simple silent keypad that doesn’t produce any sound which can be very important. This is also a quick access gun safe because the moment you unlock the safe the compression gas strut door will automatically open, allowing you to grab the pistol.

Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe

The design of this safe makes it one of the best quality safes because it is small, but it can fit 5 handguns which is pretty impressive. It has a special handgun hanger in the safe that can store 3 handguns inside and two more handguns can be placed on the bottom of the safe. Most small gun safes can store maybe 3 handguns which makes this safe stand out from the crowd.

Stealth small handgun safe

Besides its special design, this quality gun safe has other impressive features. The electronic combination lock consists of 4 buttons so you can quickly enter the code and open the drop-down door. The drop-down door allows you a quick reaction time and the light inside the safe allows you to see where the pistols are even during the dark.

Barska Biometric Rifle Safe

This is one out of 2 rifle safes I want to share with you and this is one of those good quality gun safes that is equipped with biometric locks. This biometric lock is impressive; it can store up to 120 fingerprints, which is more than enough for you and the people you trust. There is one catch with this safe; it is a small rifle safe. It can store only 4 rifles but it comes with a top shelf you can use to store ammo or handguns.

Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652

So, if you need a rifle safe for less than 5 rifles I would definitely recommend this one because it is durable, quick access and it will keep your rifles secured. The safe comes with 3-point locking system and with the California DOJ approval.

Stack-On 10-gun Cabinet CGB-910

The last of the quality gun safes I wanted to share with you isn’t an actual gun safe, it is a cabinet. It doesn’t mean it is not a good place for your rifles, it only means that it has fewer fancy features than other gun safes. For example, this gun cabinet comes with a simple lock and key locking system which means it doesn’t need batteries.

Stack-On 10-gun Cabinet GCB-910

It also has double the capacity than the Barska gun safe because it can store 10 guns inside. The interior of the cabinet is similar to Barska’s interior; it comes with a rifle rack and top shelf. It may not be as durable as other quality gun safes but it is a good choice for people who don’t have the budget to buy a 10-gun safe for their firearms.

If you aren't familiar with the gun safes on the market and you aren't sure which of the gun safe models is the best choice for you, I recommend you to read my Gun Safe Buying Guide so you can learn how to determine which gun safe suits your lifestyle best. I have made a detailed guide about the features you have to consider before you buy a gun safe and they are connected to the size, brand which made it, capacity, materials used during the production and special features like fire or water protection. If you are familiar with all those features, I suggest you visit my posts about best biometric, quick access or fireproof gun safes if you know that they suit your lifestyle best.