Old Glory Gun Safes Reviewed in 2021 By An Expert

The Old Glory Gun Safe Company is a gun safe brand that is specialized in all kinds of gun safes that will provide you with a good and secure storage for your firearms. They have many years behind them in designing gun safes so you can be sure that the Old Glory gun safe will keep your firearm and other belongings secure for a long time.

The people behind the Old Glory gun safes are aware that providing good quality materials is not enough, there has to be a good price to quality ration as well. That is why they want to combine the quality with the price in the best way possible and the results are good quality safes with matching the price.

Old Glory Gun Safes LOGO

Old Glory Gun Safe Company is an American company so you can expect good quality material and the performance of every model they have.

Advantages Of Old Glory Gun Safes

Great Customer Service

They are proud of their customer service who is encouraging customers to contact them with all their doubts, questions, praises, opinion and ideas regarding their business and products. They are always available and they have good customer service.

They Know About Gun Safes

They aren’t some random brand which is producing gun safes alongside other products, they are specialized in gun safe production. That is why they are aware of all the pros and cons of digital locks, door hinges or fire protection. If you want to buy a gun safe from a professional, buy an Old Glory Gun Safe.

Their Safes Come With A Warranty

Almost every model in the production comes with a warranty and they offer you a lifetime warranty on some models which is always nice to hear. There is no better proof of quality than a lifetime warranty on a product.

Old Glory Gun Safe Reviews

Old Glory Gun Safe For 12 Guns

The Old Glory Gun Safe is an impressive gun safe because it has everything one firearm owner can expect from a gun safe. It is made from heavy 10-gauge steel construction which means it won’t move an inch no matter how hard you try to break in it. It comes with a completely carpeted interior with long gun racks, shelves and door organizer so you can adjust the interior to your own desires. You don’t have to worry you won’t be able to see in the safe because it comes with a special lighting system.

Old Glory Gun Safe For 12 Guns

The exterior is as impressive as the interior. The lock is UL listed digital combination lock which is one of the best on the market. Also, the safe has 2-hour fire protection due to the expandable heat-activated door seal and 4 layers of fire protection material on the entire construction.

Old Glory Gun Safe for 24 Guns

Even more impressive is the second model I want to show you and that is an Old Glory Gun Safe that can store up to 24 guns inside. The interior of this heavy-duty gun safe is completely carpeted just like the model above and it has interior that can store long guns, handguns, rifles, and other valuable weapons like ammo or knives. This model also comes with a door organizer so the entire interior is completely used.

Old Glory Gun Safe for 24 Guns

There aren’t many surprises with this model on the outside. The fire protection is also 2 hours and it can hold the temperature up to 1880°F. The combination lock is completely safe and drill-resistant because there is a protective hard plate behind it to prevent any drilling attempts. When the doors are locked there is no way to open them as there are 20 locking bolts on the door. If you need a heavy duty gun safe, this one should be on the list.

Old Glory Gun Safe for 39 Guns

The biggest gun safe I have decided to put on this list is the Old Glory gun safe for 39 guns. This safe is similar to the models above which means it comes with a fully carpeted interior. There are less shelves, but more racks in this safe which means it is mostly for long guns. But, if you have handguns you can put them on the top shelf or in the door organizer. Don’t worry there is a lot of room here. The moment you open the safe the light illuminates so you can grab the weapon you want quickly.

Old Glory Gun Safe for 39 Guns

This is another 10-gauge steel construction gun safe which is not surprising since almost every Old Glory gun safe has the same construction. The fire protection is the same, 2-hours for 1880°F due to the fire protection layers and expandable heat activated door seal. If you need a beast gun safe for your big collection, definitely consider this model.

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