2021 Rhino Ironworks Gun Safe Review

Rhino gun safes are part of the Rhino Metals Inc. and they aren’t the only one. The Rhino Metal safes are also the owners of Kodiak and Bighorn brands and they all produce good quality gun safes for all situations.

The Rhino Metal Inc. is a company founded in 1995 and it started as a metal fabrication job shop. They entered the gun safe world in 1999 when they produced their first safe as a favor. That was enough for Rhino Safe Co. to start producing good quality safes under the Rhino, Rhino Ironworks, Longhorn, Kodiak Bighorngorn name.

Rhino Gun Safe logo

The entire production and the headquarters are located in Caldwell, Idaho, which means that every product they make is a brand made in the USA.

Advantages Of Rhino Gun Safes For Sale

Today, Rhino Safe Company is a respected company which is famous for their quality and great customer service. I will now show you 3 reasons why you should consider getting a Rhino gun safe for the protection of your firearm collection.

Rhino Safes Are Made In America

Rhino safes aren’t produced in China and shipped in Caldwell because they want to control the entire production. That is the best way to make sure that during production they used only good quality materials with good Rhino gun safe prices because they want their customers to be satisfied.

They Produce Everything For The Gun Safe

With Rhino safes you won’t have any trouble finding rhino gun safe accessories like the swing out rack or dehumidifiers because they are producing them for their gun safes. It is far better to buy the accessory for your gun safe from the same brand you’ve bought the safe.

They Have A Great Customer Service

One of the main goals they want to achieve is to have a group of satisfied customers because they believe it is a great way to build a respectable brand. That is why their customer service is one of the best in the gun safe market.

Rhino Gun Safe Reviews

There are two types of gun safes produced by the Rhino safe company. Those are Rhino safes and Rhino Ironworks safes. The main difference between those two types of gun safes is the design because the Rhino Ironworks safes have a “steampunk” design.

Rhino 35-Gun Safe CD6030X

This Rhino gun safe is the smallest in their offering at the moment and it can hold the maximum of 35 long guns. This gun safe comes in a dozen different colors and the blue option is the most popular one. Besides looking amazing, this gun safe has 75-minute fire protection at 1400°F and patented F-4 locking system. The fire protection consists of heat-activated door seal that expands during the fire to keep out the smoke and heat and 5 fireboard layers in total on the entire safe.

Rhino 35-Gun Safe CD6030X

The entire safe is made of 12-gauge steel construction with anti-drill boltwork and 13 locking bolts on the door so you can be sure it won’t open that easily.  The same 12-gauge is used in the composite door that lave spring loaded re-locker if the lock gets tampered or even destroyed.

Rhino 54-Gun Safe CD6040X

The Rhino safes with the CD mark belong in the CD Series which is their highest quality series. CD Rhino gun safe prices are high but those gun safes are worth it. Besides having 80-minute fire protection at 1400°F, they also have the 12-gauge steel construction for the body and the doors. 13 big bolts make sure that it is practically impossible to break into this unit made by the Rhino safe company.

Rhino 54-Gun Safe CD6040X

Although it is safe for 54 long guns, I recommend to use it for a smaller number of guns. Every gun safe should have 10% fewer guns than advertised to avoid the crowd in the safe. So, if you are OK with having less long guns in the safe you will be happy to hear that this safe has met the California DOJ acceptable gun safe standards and that it is certified as the UL Residential Security Container.

Rhino 54-Gun Safe RW6042X

This Rhino gun safe is also known as the Rhino Warthog which implies that the RW series is the toughest of them all. Rhino gun safes for sale in this series have ball bearing drill plate, internal anti-tamper clutch, anti-drill and anti-punch protection which means that you can’t enter the safe without the key. Now, there is more to the safe than just great anti-burglar features.

Rhino 54-Gun Safe RW6042X

The safe also has 80 minutes of fire protection at 1400°F. That is achieved with 3 layers of fireboard in the ceiling, 2 layers in the walls, floor and door and the heat activated door seal that expands during high temperatures to prevent smoke and heat from entering the safe. The 12-gauge steel construction makes the safe very durable and almost indestructible.

Rhino Ironworks 35-Gun Safe CIWD6030X

Every Rhino Ironworks safe for sale is handcrafted which means that they are all unique in their appearance. They are made to be considered as a part of the furniture, but their quality remains impressive. This Rhino Ironworks safe has 85 minutes fire protection and 13 door bolts which means that your long guns will be safe from burglars and fire.

Rhino Ironworks 35-Gun Safe CIWD6030X

The heavy-duty construction is made of 12-gauge steel with special corner reinforcements on critical attach points. The same 12-gauge steel is used on the composite door that has patented F-4 locking system with internal anti-tamper clutch and external reinforcement against pry attacks. The safe is Certified with UL as a Residential Security Container so you don’t have to doubt its quality.

Rhino Ironworks 54-Gun Safe CIWD6040X

This Rhino Ironworks gun safe can store 54 long guns and 8 handguns. It is a great choice for all people who love steampunk design and want a good quality gun safe. This safe, like the one above, has a fire protection for 85 minutes at 1400°F with heat-activated door seal and 5 layers of fireboard in total on the complete safe.

Rhino Ironworks 54-Gun Safe CIWD6040X

The 12-gauge steel construction is used on the body and the door. To make them extra durable there are points that are reinforced for maximum safety. The UL listed lock keeps the intruders away so you can only enter the safe with the right combination. The quality of the Rhino Ironworks safe for sale is not questionable as it meets California DOJ gun safe standards so you can be sure that your firearm collection is safely stored.

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