The Best Mechanical Gun Safe On The Market in 2021

There are two types of gun safes, electric and mechanical and it is connected with the type of their locks.  Today I want to share with you all the pros and cons of owning a mechanical gun safe, why you should have them and what are their capacities.

The first and the biggest perk of owning a mechanical gun safe is the fact that you don’t need any kind of power source for the lock to function. The mechanical lock doesn’t need batteries and you don’t have to worry about getting locked out of your own safe. Although, today that can’t happen with electronic locks because most gun safes come with a backup key and lock if the main electronic lock is not functional.

Mechanical Gun Safe

The main problem is that they are easier to crack. You can try as many times you want and you won’t end up locked out what can happen with the electronic locks. There are models that have timeout periods if you enter the wrong code too many times and that is a feature of an electronic lock. That timeout period is another level of security that a mechanical gun safe doesn’t have.

The mechanical lock is usually a combination lock that needs a certain PIN number to function so you have to remember a PIN number but that shouldn’t be a problem. You can choose a mechanical gun safe in any size and for any purpose which is great.

I want to show you the most popular mechanical gun safes on the market for every situation. You will see that those safes are for one pistol, one handgun, a bunch of firearms and even the hidden gun safes which means that you can pick the one that suits you and your situation best.

Top 5 Mechanical Gun Safe Lock Reviews

SnapSafe Mechanical Combination Lock Box 75240

This is the smallest mechanical gun safe on the list and it is perfect for people who are constantly on the road and they want to protect themselves. This safe can store one or two handguns in the foam padded interior (depending on their type). The entire construction is made of 16-gauge steel which makes it durable and dependable product.

SnapSafe Combination Lockbox

The mechanical lock on this safe is a simple combination lock that requires a 3-digit PIN number to open and you can forget about force entering because the gun safe is pry-resistant. This small safe is great for traveling and it meets TSA airline firearm guidelines and it is DOJ approved.

ShotLock Mechanical Shotgun Safe

The mechanical shotgun safe is interesting because it holds only one shotgun and it locks only around the trigger. It means that the main purpose of this mechanical gun safe is to prevent the shotgun from firing. The entire small safe is made fo 14-gauge steel and it uses a mechanical combination lock. You have to press the right numbers to open it an grab the shotgun.

ShotLock Mechanical Shotgun Safe

A good thing about this safe is that you can mount it to the wall horizontally and vertically, it is entirely up to you to decide. You can set your own combination and it is very simple to unlock the safe and grab the shotgun which can sometimes be very important. Although mechanical locks don’t need batteries this safe comes with a backup key so you can be sure that you will be able to use the shotgun no matter what happens with the lock.

V-Line In-Wall Gun Safe With Mechanical Lock

If you are a fan of hidden gun safes this one may be the one for you because it is designed to be placed on the wall. The size of the safe fits between 16“ on the center stud which is great for most homes in the USA. This gun safe comes with a fully carpeted interior to prevent your belongings from scratching and it has a removable shelf.

V-Line In-Wall Gun Safe With Mechanical Lock

The main problem with in-wall gun safes with electric locks is that the lock takes a lot of space. The mechanical gun safe doesn’t have that problem so you can be sure that this small mechanical lock will leave you enough space inside to store what you need. This in-wall mechanical gun safe comes with California DOJ approval so I suggest you consider it.

V-Line Drawer Mechanical Gun Safe

Another small gun safe is made by the V-Line, the same brand that made the in-wall gun safe above. It is a simple pistol safe made for drawers because it has a door on the top. That means you can open it and take the pistol without moving the safe out of the drawer. The entire safe is made of 16-gauge steel construction and it has a foam padded interior.

V-Line Drawer Mechanical Gun Safe

The mechanical lock on this mechanical gun safe is Simplex 5 push-button lock which is easy to use and it doesn’t require batteries. The door is wrapped around the safe which means you can’t pry it open so you can be sure that your pistol is safe inside.

Winchester Bandit Gun Safe With Mechanical Lock

This is the biggest and the most durable gun safe on this list and it is one of the rare mechanical gun safes this size. Most of them already have electronic locks, but there are few brands that let you pick the type of the lock. This mechanical gun safe can store up to 18 guns in the fully carpeted interior in the 14-gauge steel construction.

Winchester Bandit Gun Safe With Mechanical Lock

Like I have already mentioned, this one is a heavy duty safe that comes with big steel locking bolts and it has 45 minutes of fire protection at 1400°F. That is achieved with durable construction and a special heat-expanding seal on the door that activates during the fire. It prevents smoke and heat from entering in the safe, keeping your belongings secure at all times.

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