2021 Winchester Gun Safe Reviews

Winchester is a company located in the Fort Worth, Texas, USA and their main production revolves around home & office safe and gun safes.

They are aware that safety comes first when you own firearms and that is why their safes offer you a secure and safe location for all your guns, rifles and other firearms. It doesn’t matter if you have only one handgun for protection or if you are a passionate gun collector, Winchester safes will give you all the storage you need.

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Advantages Of Winchester Gun Safes

The Winchester Company is serious about their products because they know the importance of safe storage place for any firearm you have in your home. Due to that, they make their models with great care, great quality, and special certificates.

The Quality Of Winchester Gun Safes

Every Winchester safe is made with a special care and each and every model is carefully tested so you can be sure that they are all in the top shape. Their superior quality is reflected in the price and the warranty because each and every model comes with a warranty.

Their Constant Improvement

People in the Winchester want to keep their customers happy and satisfied and that is why they are constantly improving their products, adjusting them to the trends and habits of the modern day.

Most Winchester Gun Safes Are DOJ Approved

Winchester gun safes for sale are recognized and approved by the California DOJ firearm safety device which shows you that those gun safes are made to keep everything safe and away from unwanted hands.

Who Makes Winchester Safes?

Texas is a state known for their gun power and they know that every firearm has to have a safe location. That is why Winchester gun safes are one of the best gun safes on the market, made of the best materials on the market.

Winchester Gun Safe Reviews

Winchester Bandit 10-Gun Safe

This Winchester gun safe has a UL listed mechanical lock that will keep the burglar away because it is practically indestructible. The door is secured with the total of 8 locking bolts, 4 dead and 4 active bolts. Anchor the safe to the floor with pre-drilled holes to make sure thieves won’t try to tip it over. The interior is completely carpeted and you can adjust it to your firearm collection and other valuables you want to secure.

Winchester Bandit 10-gun safeThe Winchester 10-gun safe is a part of the Bandit series and it can withstand 45 minutes of fire and temperatures as high as 1400°F.  It is completely covered with UL rated fireboard from the inside and the doors have expanding door seal to keep your belongings safe during a fire. The construction is made from 14-gauge steel so it is a very durable unit. The entire gun safe comes with a limited lifetime warranty and that is one of the things you should consider it when you are buying a gun safe.

Winchester Bandit 18-Gun Safe

The Winchester 18 gun safe is bigger than the 10-gun safe but it has the same fireproof ratings which mean it can survive 45 minutes fire and 1400°F temperature. The gun safe consists of two layers of fireboard in the door, one layer of fireboard in the body and three layers at the bottom of the safe. UL listed S&G mechanical lock keeps everything in one place and 8 solid steel bolts make sure that the door stays closed when the safe is locked.

Winchester Bandit 18-Gun Safe It has the capacity to store up to 18 long guns and it comes with the lifetime free replacement guarantee if the fire damages the unit. Although the capacity says 18 long guns, I wouldn’t use the safe for that number, because it is the maximum number. the recommended number of long guns in this safe is 8-12 because everything else would cause too much crowd and mess in the safe. So, if you are really looking for a gun safe for your 18 long gun collection, read the review for a Winchester 24-gun safe.

Winchester Bandit 24-Gun Safe

The UL listed S&G mechanical lock is very hard to break into and for additional payment, you can upgrade it to the electric lock, but I don’t think it is necessary. 10 solid steel bolts keep the door shut when the safe is locked so you can be sure that your firearms are secure. The adjustable interior allows you to store up to 24 long guns, but I would recommend a smaller number of guns (16-20 long guns) or you may end up with a too crowded gun safe.

Winchester Bandit 24-Gun SafeAnother Winchester Bandit series safe is made from 14-gauge steel with the same fireproof ratings as other Winchester Bandit safes. The safe exceeds California DOJ Requirements which means it is a great quality Winchester gun safe that comes with the limited lifetime warranty. You can anchor it to the floor to prevent tipping or hijacking the entire safe, which is not as uncommon as you think.

Winchester Bandit 38-Gun Safe

Just like every other Winchester gun safe, this one comes with 45 minutes fire protection at 1400° with heat-activated door seal that expands during the fire to prevent heat and smoke to enter the safe. The UL-rated fire protection is covering the walls, ceiling, and door as another fire-resistant feature. The UL listed mechanical lock and 10 solid steel locking bolts will make sure that no unwanted personnel enters the safe without the proper lock combination.

Winchester Bandit 38-Gun SafeThis Winchester Bandit safe is the biggest in the Bandit series and it can store 38 long guns max, but the recommended number is smaller (26-30 long guns). The entire construction is made from 14-gauge steel which makes it very durable and practically indestructible. That you can also see the fire protection rating this Winchester gun safe has, but if you want to learn more, visit my Winchester Bandit safe full review.

Winchester Pony 24-Gun Safe

Winchester Pony gun safe has impressive fire protection that can last for 60 minutes at 1400°F. The UL listed electronic lock makes sure that only people with the right PIN number can open it and if you don’t trust the lock, I am sure you will trust the 10 locking bolts on the door and the reinforced steel return jambs against pry attacks.

Winchester Pony 24-Gun SafeAnother Winchester gun safe that can store 24 long guns is Winchester Pony safe. It has 3 adjustable side shelves and a door organizer so you can store other valuable belongings like documents and jewelry in the safe, but I would recommend you use it as storage for a smaller number of long guns because this is the maximum capacity and it is not recommended to fill the gun safe completely.

Winchester Big Daddy 56-Gun Safe XLT

This Winchester gun safe is made for passionate gun collectors as it can store 56 long guns, which is pretty impressive. Just like with other gun safes on the market, it is not recommended to use it for 56 long guns, but for a smaller number (46-50 long guns). No matter how many guns you have, this gun safe comes with adjustable shelving so you can completely adjust the interior to your desires. The doors have 12 locking bolts and UL listed mechanical lock so you can be sure that the safe is secured.

Winchester Big Daddy 56-Gun Safe This big gun safe has a good fire rating and it is made from 12-gauge steel which makes it very durable. The fire protection of this safe is pretty impressive because it can endure 75 minutes at 1400°F with heat-expanding door seal that protects interior against heat and smoke and heat and UL rated fireboard protection. This massive gun safe comes with a limited lifetime general warranty and for fire and theft.

Winchester Slim Daddy 30-Gun Safe

Slim Daddy is a gun safe made by Worchester for people who want to keep theirs under 30-gun collection safe from fire hazards and burglars. This is a gun safe made from 12-gauge steel with drill-resistant, heat-treated steel hard plate. It is a great gun safe that has special fire and theft protection so you can be sure that your firearm collection can be safe. The good thing is that you don’t have to store only long guns in the safe, because it comes with adjustable shelving so you can use it for handguns, documents, and even jewelry.

Winchester Slim Daddy 30-Gun Safe

The fire protection of this safe last about 75 minutes at 1400°F with heat activated expanding door seal and UL rated fireboard protection. The UL listed lock will make sure that the door is closed and 14 solid steel locking bolts will make sure that the door stays closed all the time. There is not a chance someone can break the door down so you can be sure that your belongings are safe.

Winchester Ranger 37-Gun Safe

Silver Winchester Ranger gun safe is a safe for 37 long guns, which is almost half the capacity of the Big Daddy, but that doesn’t make it less valuable. This gun safe can survive an hour of high 1400°F temperature produced by fire which means your gun collection can be safe inside during the fire. You don’t have to use this safe only to store your long guns because it comes with adjustable shelving and door panel organizer so expand this safe on the storage of your valuable documents and jewelry as well.

Winchester Ranger 37-gun safeThe UL listed lock doesn’t have a flaw so you can be sure that the only way to open it is with the right number combination. The door also has 12 locking bolts; 5 dead and 7 active locking bolts that are spread all over the door. The pre-drilled holes give you the opportunity to anchor the safe to the floor and the limited lifetime warranty makes sure that the safe is made of quality materials.

Winchester Ranger 28-Gun Safe

The smaller Ranger model can store 28 long guns which are also a pretty good number, but it is not for passionate gun collectors. Don’t get me wrong it is not for passionate collectors because of the quality but because of the capacity. I don’t recommend you store more than 20 long guns inside so you can grab all of them with ease. The interior is adjustable and comes with a door organizer so you can organize it as you want.

Winchester Ranger 28-Gun Safe It has a good fire protection with the special heat-expanding door seal to keep the interior intact during the fire. That fire protection lasts 60 minutes at 1400°F and includes UL rated fireboard in the ceiling, walls and the door. Behind the mechanical lock, you can find a heat-treated hard plate that makes the lock even more durable. When you hear all those specifications you can see why the gun safe has a limited lifetime warranty. It is that good.

Winchester Home Safe

This home safe made by Winchester is not really a gun safe, but you can store your handguns, documents, jewelry and other belongings inside. It has a fire protection for about an hour and it has fireboard layers for safer storage. it comes in two sizes and two colors. You can pick the 30×20 and 42×26 size and sandstone or black color. You can store your handguns in the safe even if it is not a real gun safe. You can see that by the door organizer you can order that has pockets for handguns.

Winchester-Home-SafeEverything else is basically the same. The gun safe has UL listed electronic lock with 6 solid steel locking bolts. The entire construction is made of 12-gauge steel and the safe comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

If you aren't familiar with the gun safes on the market and you aren't sure which of the gun safe models is the best choice for you, I recommend you to read my Gun Safe Buying Guide so you can learn how to determine which gun safe suits your lifestyle best. I have made a detailed guide about the features you have to consider before you buy a gun safe and they are connected to the size, brand which made it, capacity, materials used during the production and special features like fire or water protection. If you are familiar with all those features, I suggest you visit my posts about best biometric, quick access or fireproof gun safes if you know that they suit your lifestyle best.