Top 3 Floor Gun Safes in 2021 According To An Expert

Floor gun safes are safes you can install in your floor, just like you would to with the wall gun safes in your walls. Their main purpose is to hide the fact that you have some type of firearm in your home or office so the manufacturers made sure that they are simple and practically invisible.

That is why they don’t have the same security level as the real gun safes that stand in the center of your room, but they can be safer since nobody knows that they exist. That is why you can’t buy the first-floor gun safe you see because the safe you will install in your floor has to be perfect.

Floor Gun Safes

There are 3 types of floor gun safes and I will show you one model for each type so you can easily understand their pros and cons. There are floor safes you can easily install between the studs in the wooden floor which means you can make a hole in your existing floor to install the safe. That is the simplest and probably the cheapest type of the floor gun safe.

The second type is the gun safe you have to install in the floor during construction. Those floor gun safes are mostly made of concrete floors and they are built to last. The third type of floor gun safe is different from the first two types because it is not completely installed in the floor, but only the base of the safe. It means that it has the higher bottom construction so you can install it in the floor and make sure that the safe won’t move an inch no matter what.

My personal favorite type of the floor gun safe is the first one because you can adjust it after in life and it is not tied to one location.

Top 3 Floor Gun Safes

Barska Floor Gun Safe

Barska is the first model of the floor gun safe which means you can easily install it on your wooden floor. The design of the safe allows you to install it between the joints so you can be sure the installation will be easy and simple. The main advantage of this safe is its simplicity because it is  100% straight and it blends perfectly in the floor.

Barska Built-in Gun Cabinet for Floor

The interior has a simple foam padding at the bottom and everything is locked with a traditional lock and key. You can use it to store handguns, ammo, jewelry and other valuable belongings because it is safe only you will know about.

Protex IF-1500 Floor Safe

The  Protex floor gun safe is also not a 100% gun safe but you can use it to store handguns inside. It is the second type of floor safes that is installed in the concrete floor. It is an impressive small safe that is made of solid steel with locking bolts on the door so you can be sure it is a good quality storage space.

Protex IF-1500 Floor Safe

The mechanical lock could be a downside because it is a big lock, but the door is below the surface of the floor and the safe has a special lid for covering the hole which is a simple and great solution. Once you install this safe on your floor it will become a vault and you won’t be able to move it to make sure that you have chosen the right location of the floor gun safe.

Bunker Hill Floor Gun Safe

The third model is actually my least favorite type of floor gun safe because it is a combination of a regular gun safe and a floor gun safe. This Bunker Hill safe looks like a regular gun safe, it also comes with casters, which is odd for the floor gun safe. The reason why this safe is the floor gun safe because you can install the base in the floor. You can see that the base is elevated which means that you don’t have to mount the safe to the floor, but you can literally build it in the floor. It is like they couldn’t decide whether the safe would be an ordinary or a floor safe and I don’t like that.

Bunker Hill Floor Gun Safe

But, when you look past that, the safe is made pretty good. The body is made of 9-gauge steel and the door are 5-gauge steel construction. The digital combination lock will activate steel locking bolts all around the door to keep the safe closed at all times and the concealed hinges will keep every pry attack away from the safe.

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