The Best 5 Closet Gun Safes in 2021

When you have firearms in your home you want to hide them from the family to keep them safe. When kids see a big safe in your room they will get curious and they will want to see what is inside and due to that, it is a good idea to hide the safe and the best way to do that is to place the safe in the closet.

As you all know, you can’t place a big gun safe in the closet because it won’t fit. Or it will fit and the only thing you will have in the closet is safe and that is not what a closet gun safe should do to your room.

A closet gun safe has to take space in your closet without interfering with other things. Every small gun safe can be a closet gun safe because most of them fit on the shelf or on the bottom of the closet. I would recommend avoiding gun safes that are so small you can fit one or two handguns inside because it may happen that you lose the safe in the closet.

closet gun safe

So, there are two good types of closet gun safes. The first type is a slim and high rifle gun safe and the second type is the gun safe box. A rifle gun safe with slim design can fit in the closet and it won’t take too much space. The gun safe box you can put on the bottom, you will be able to easily access it and you won’t lose it like it could happen with lock boxes.

So, due to that, I want to share with you most popular closet gun safes for both rifles and handguns so you can choose the one that can fit into the closet and won’t stand in the way of your everyday chores.

We all have to consider that there are bigger and smaller closets on the market so make sure you check the dimensions of the interior of the closet and the size of the safe before purchase.

Top 5 Best Closet Gun Safe Reviews

Barska Quick Access Gun Safe Reviews

The best closet gun safe is Barska rifle safe because it is made to fit in the closet so you probably won’t have any problem with that, but don’t forget to check the dimensions first. The Barska closet gun safe can fit up to 4 rifles and it comes with a shelf at the top so you can store ammo for it. The safe doesn’t have a fully padded interior, but it does have protection at the bottom which is pretty ok.

Gun Safe

This is a biometric gun safe which means it uses your fingerprint to open the door and it can store up to 120 different fingerprints. That is amazing but I am not sure why would you need that much? Anyway, you don’t have to use them all. Since it is a biometric lock it requires batteries and if they run out of power you can easily unlock the safe with the backup key.

RPNB Rifle Safe

This gun safe is similar to the Barska gun safe in dimensions and capacity which makes it a good choice for a closet gun safe too. It can store up to 5 long guns and 4 handguns because it has a rack for both. The interior is fully carpeted so you won’t damage your firearms and it comes with a shelf on the top for ammo. A great thing about this shelf is that it is removable

Gun Safe

The electronic combination keypad allows you to store your own PIN number which is great because you have one combination already in mind you can use it. The moment you lock the safe the 3 locking bolts are activated so you can be sure that it is a good safe for the money.

Best Choice Products 5 Rifle Safe

This gun safe is slightly bigger than other safes I have reviewed before so be sure that it can fit in your closet before you buy it. That is something you have to check with every closet gun safe. This one has enough room to store 5 rifles inside and it doesn’t have a fully carpeted interior, only the bottom. Just like others, this one has one additional storage space but it is locked which can be both good and bad. Bad because you have to spend the time to unlock it, good because it is secured

Gun Safe.

This rifle safe also comes with an electric combination lock that requires a PIN code to unlock which means you have to have batteries for it. But, the backup key and lock are included so if the battery runs out, no worries. The 3 locking bolts will make sure that the door stays closed when you lock it.

AmazonBasics Security Safe

This is a small safe that can store only handguns and it is a great closet gun safe because it will definitely fit in the closet. It comes in 4 different sizes, which means you can adjust it to your collection and desires if you want a bigger or smaller gun safe.  Depending on the size, it has one additional shelf or not

Gun Safe.

There is a small foal protection for the bottom of the safe so you don’t have to worry about scratching your handguns. The electronic lock is a combination lock that activated two locking bolts to keep your belongings safe and it has concealed hinges to resist pry attacks.

Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe

This small safe is actually very interesting quick access safe you can put on the shelf of your closet and I would recommend putting it somewhere in the middle of the closet. The reason for that is its quick access feature. The 3 handguns in the safe are placed on hangers and the moment you unlock the safe you can grab the guns which are great in an emergency. There is room for 2 more handguns on the bottom of the safe too.

Gun Safe

The lock on the safe is also combination but it doesn’t have a keypad it has buttons. You have to press them in the correct order to unlock the safe. The moment you do that the drop-down doors are activated and you can quickly grab the guns.

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