2021 Homak Gun Safe & Security Cabinet Reviews

Homak Manufacturing is a company that is on the market since 1947  and it is located in Chicago, Illinois. Since then, the company is going strong in several categories including the gun safe business.

The main business field of Homak Manufacturing company was first steel kitchen cabinets production. Their products were made with good quality materials and people recognized it so they started to buy their products.

Homak Gun Safe logo

That is why Homak started to spread its offering on the toolboxes, tool cabinets, workbenches, spill containment system etc. During those years they started producing safety cabinets for firearm storage and that is how the Homak gun safe & cabinet was born.

Today, they are producing all kinds of steel products and each product is made with the same quality.

Advantages Of Homak Gun Safes & Cabinets

Homak Safes & Cabinets Come In Different Designs

It really doesn’t matter whether you need a pistol safe or a big heavy duty gun safe, you will find a match in the Homak security gun safe offer. It means that they have small safes, in-wall safes, corner safes and even safes for more than 50 guns. All you need to do is figure out which one you need.

Their Products Come With A Warranty

Depending on the product you can end up with a 1-year warranty or even a 10-year warranty. It means that their products are durable, dependable and made to last. Depending on a Homak product you want, you will get the warranty which is a good choice.

They Are Specializes In Metal Cabinets

They don’t produce only gun safes which is great because you can see that their metal cabinets are a good choice for many situations and purposes. Their quality is very good and they are aware that they can share their expertise in other business fields.

Homak Gun Safe & Cabinet Reviews

Homak HS10036683 Pistol Box

This is the smallest Homak gun safe on my list but it has a few user-friendly features. The first and the most important one is that this Homak box comes in 3 different sizes; 3.5 inches, 5.5 inches and 14.25 inch so I can’t really say how many handguns you can fit inside as it varies from one to the other. What I can say is that it is made of powdered steel and it doesn’t have foam padded interior. But that is something you can easily add yourself if you really need it.

Homak HS10036683 Pistol Box

The size and capacity is the only difference between those 3 Homak boxes. They all come with electronic combination lock and 1-year warranty. The electronic combination lock requires you to enter the right code and if you fail for 3 times you will be locked out for 15 minutes. The smallest safe is Homak HS10036683, the middle is HS10036684 and the biggest is HS10036685.

Homak Security Wall Safe WS00018002

If you are a fan of hidden wall gun safes then this Homak wall cabinet is a great choice for you. It also comes in two sizes, but that only means different height. This safe is a Homak between the studs wall safe so it has to have a similar width. The interior of both versions is simple, it doesn’t have too many shelves and it is constructed of 1.5 mm steel.

Homak Security Wall Safe WS00018002

Due to the design, I would classify this wall safe as the Homak wall cabinet because it doesn’t have a too high-security level. It comes with a traditional lock and key locking system so you can hang the mirror or picture on it. Both sizes come in white, which is a better option than the black color because you can easily hide it on the white wall.

Homak HS30103660 8-gun Security Cabinet

This Homak 8-gun security cabinet can store up to 8 long guns inside as you can see it from the name of the product. The cabinet comes in different sizes and designs which makes it user-friendly product. There is also a Homak 6 gun cabinet, Homak 8-gun double door steel security cabinet, and the Homak 12-gun security cabinet. Every model is in black color and it doesn’t have foam padded or carpeted interior.

Homak HS30103660 8-gun Security Cabinet

Inside you can expect to get a rifle rack and top shelf, but that also depends on the version of the Homak gun cabinet. The locking system of this Homak cabinet is traditional lock and key with two locks on the door. The locks are at the bottom and at the top for better security.

Homak HS30120080 First Watch 8-Gun Cabinet

Another Homak gun cabinet for sale is this 8-gun cabinet which is similar to the model above. It is in simple black color with naked walls, but it has foam padding on the bottom of the cabinet. The cabinet comes in 3 sizes, the Homak 8-gun cabinet, Homak 12-gun cabinet and Homak 14-gun cabinet. Inside you can see that there are a rifle rack and the top shelf but it really depends on the size of the cabinet.

Homak HS30120080 First Watch 8-Gun Cabinet

The locking system is simple, it is a traditional lock and key with two point locking system with the full-length piano hinge. The entire construction is made of 18-gauge steel so it will last a long time.

Homak First Watch RTA Electronic 8-gun Safe

The First Watch gun safe also comes in two sizes, you can use the 8-gun safe or you can choose the smaller version that can store up to 5 guns inside. Inside it looks like a cabinet; a simple design without additional features. There are a rifle rack and a top shelf that comes with a door so you can close it and lock it if you need.

Homak First Watch RTA Electronic 8-gun Safe

The lock on the safe is electronic combination lock and you can easily enter the PIN code you need to open the safe because it has a simple keypad on the door. Inside the door, you can see two internal hinges and live-locking bolts to keep the door closed at all times.

Homak 12-Gun Safe HS40221120 In Green Color

The 12-gun safe can store up to 12 long guns in the fully carpeted interior. It has additional storage space for ammo and handguns on the top shelf right above the rifles. You can’t lock the top shelf as it doesn’t have doors, but if you don’t need that option than it is completely alright. Actually, there aren’t that many gun safes with a lockbox on the top shelves so you probably don’t need it.

Homak 12-gun Safe HS40221120 in Green Color

The hunter green color is not very common for a gun safe, especially for a Homak gun safe, but if you don’t mind it, it is not important. The steel cabinet comes with a mechanical combination lock with locking bolts on the door so you can be sure you can’t open the safe that easily. The safe has the approval of the California DOJ which is always welcome information.

Homak 16-Gun Safe Review

You can assume that a Homak 16 gun safe is not a small storage for your firearm collection and you would be right. The safe has a fully carpeted interior you can adjust to your needs. It comes with rifle racks and additional shelves so you can organize the interior the way you like it.

Homak 16-gun Safe Review

This heavy duty gun safe comes with an electronic combination lock with 8-point locking system. This safe is interesting because it has 30 minutes fire protection at 1400° which is pretty impressive for the safe that size and it comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

Homak 24-gun Safe BH50126240

This Homak First Watch gun safe is not the only Homak First Watch on the list because I have reviewed it above. This model comes in 3 different sizes, the 8-rifle gun safe, the 14 rifle gun safe and the 24-rifle gun safe. I will focus on the biggest version, the 24-gun safe. It comes with a fully carpeted interior you can adjust to your needs.

Homak 24-gun Safe BH50126240

I like the fact that this Homak gun safe has a mechanical combination lock because it doesn’t require batteries.  Besides that, the safe has a 4-way locking system with 8 locking bolts and it is a fire resistant unit. It provides 30 minutes of fire protection at 1400°.

Homak 48-gun Safe BR50125480

The last two Homak gun safes I want to share with you are beasts. They have high capacity safes that can store a huge number of long guns and other firearms. The 48-gun Homak safe comes with a fully carpeted interior divided into 3 sections you can adjust if you need. It has rifle racks, shelves, and door organizer so you can adjust it completely.

Homak 48-gun Safe BR50125480

This is another mechanical combination lock safe which means you don’t need batteries for it. It has 11 locking bolts on the door and it has a fire protection. That protection lasts up to 45 minutes for 1400° temperature.

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