Best White And Brown Gun Safe Reviews 2021

The most common color of any type of safe, including gun safes, is black. The black color gives them elegance and it is easy to maintain. But, if you are sick of basic black and you want to spice things up, if recommend that you try with some other color, just don’t be too bold. Bright colors like red, blue, green or pink will make your gun safe stand out and that is not what you want from a secured storage space.

You want your gun safe to blend in your room or office and the best way to do that is to pick neutral colors like black, brown and white. That is why I want to share with you interesting brown and white gun safe models that will fit in your room and will give you that much-needed change from basic black.

White and Brown Gun Safe

Another perk of owning brown and white gun safe models is tied to their purpose. For example, a white gun safe is a great choice for safes that are built in the wall because most rooms have white walls. By picking the white color you will blend your white gun safe with the walls and you can easily cover it with a picture or a mirror.

The similar story is with brown gun safe models but in a different environment. Brown gun safe models are interesting for people who love the traditional design of a room which is filled with wooden furniture. Those rooms are mostly brown in color which means that a brown gun safe is a perfect pick for them. If you have an office filled with brown bookshelves you can be sure that a brown gun safe will look much better than its white or black version.

So, read my top 5 brown and white gun safe models to help you realize which brown or white gun safe models are a good pick for you.

Most Popular Brown & White Gun Safe Models 2021

Homak In-wall White Gun Safe

A white color for built-in gun safes is a great choice because they are easy to blend in the rest of the room (wall). This interesting model comes in two sizes which means you can use it to store long guns or handguns, but make sure that you are aware of the size of the safe before you buy it so you can fit what you want inside. The safe is constructed of 1.5 mm steel and it is simple, without any parts which are sticking out of it.

Homak Security Wall Safe WS00018002

This simple gun safe is easily concealed with a picture or a mirror so you can be sure that people won’t notice it. But, that type of design comes with a simple lock and this white gun safe comes with a simple lock and key system. The bigger version comes with 2 locks and the smaller version with only one lock. The entire design of both models is made to fit between the studs in most homes so you won’t have problems with the installation of the safe.

Flat Recessed In-Wall Brown Gun Safe

The reason why I decided to put this safe here is its color. I know that I am not an expert but this looks a lot like beige or off/white color than the light grey as the manufacturer described it. But, if you aren’t satisfied with this color you can get the same model in black. Besides color, this safe is pretty handy. Its slim design makes it a good in-wall gun safe and the fact that it is a light brown gun safe gives you another option in color. The interior doesn’t have any carpet or foam but it comes with two shelves. The problem is that the middle space is mostly taken by the lock so you will have to use other two spaces.

Flat Recessed In-Wall Brown Gun Safe

This in-wall light brown gun safe is made of solid steel and it comes with a special electronic combination lock so you can be sure it is a safe storage for your firearm. The lock has two locking bolts and the door has concealed hinges to prevent all pry-attacks. The lock requires batteries and once you remove the batteries you can change the password which is an interesting feature.

Vaultek VT20i White Gun Safe

This is not an ordinary safe and it is not a built-in gun safe. It comes in different colors including white and the others are black and Camo designs so you can pick the one that you like best. This is a badass handgun safe which has a quick reaction time and different locking systems so you can share them with the people you trust. The only thing you have to be aware is that it is a handgun safe which means that it can store one, maybe two handguns inside (depending on their size and models).

Vaultek VT20i White Gun Safe

This awesome white gun safe comes with a biometric lock with 20 fingerprints, digital combination lock, and you can even use your own smartphone application to unlock the safe if you are within range. This amazing gun safe is high-tech and durable which is great. You can use the special Vaultek App to see when was the last time you unlocked the safe, to check the battery status and change every setting there is on the safe.

Cannon Landmark Brown Gun Safe LM3220-H10HEC-16

I have mentioned the built-in gun safes and the small handgun safes but now I want to share with you one heavy-duty safe that is big enough to store your documents, jewelry, money, and handguns inside. Unfortunately, it is not big enough to store long guns, but it definitely has the room for more than just a few handguns. The fully carpeted interior is divided into 3 sectionals with two shelves and it includes a door organizer for smaller items.

Cannon Landmark Brown Gun Safe LM3220-H10HEC-16

The lock on the safe may be a simple digital combination lock but the safe is pretty secured. The door is equipped with 4 locking bolts and concealed hinges so you can be sure that no pry-attacks can open this safe. Besides security against theft, this brown gun safe has also a fire protection that lasts about an hour due to the high-quality triple fin intumescent seal on the door. That is one impressive feature that is worth looking into.

Barska Compact Biometric Safe

The last model I want to show you is a white gun safe made by Barska. They are specialized in biometric locks and this model has it too. But, this safe is the smallest on this list so you can use it to store one, maybe two handguns inside. The design of the Vaultek is much better because it is slim and this is a box so I would recommend this one as a home gun safe. The good thing is that it comes with a carpeted bottom so you can avoid scratching your belongings.

Barska Compact Biometric Safe

This small white gun safe comes with biometric lock and two locking bolts so you can be sure that the door will stay closed when you want it to. The biometric lock can store up to 30 fingerprints so you can share them with the people you trust and if the battery runs out of power you can easily open the safe with the backup key. If you are looking for a small white gun safe, take a closer look at this one as well.

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