Best Decorative Gun Safes in 2021 (Awesome & Cool)

If you don’t want the entire world to know that you have guns and you keep them secured in a safe you don’t have to have a real gun safe when there are many different decorative gun safes on the market. As their name says they are meant to hide the fact that they are storing firearms.

Every decorative gun safe looks like a piece of furniture or a decoration, not like a real gun safe. It is a great way to hide your firearms from families and friends because they don’t think that a bench you have in the room is actually a safe storage for your firearms.

decorative gun safe

There are few pros and cons in every decorative gun safe and I want you to realize that they can’t provide you the same security level as the real gun safe. Their most important feature is the fact that nobody knows they exist. That is why a decorative gun safe is so popular, it is almost the perfect hiding place in plain sight for your firearms.

Top 5 Decorative Gun Safes

Peace Keeper Clock Gun Safe

The best decorative gun safe ideas are this decorative gun safe concealed as deck clock. When you place this clock on the desk, on the shelf or on the fireplace it will be so basic decoration that most people won’t notice it and that is a great treat of a hiding place. The clock has carpeted interior and ti can fit most handguns, but you have to check the dimensions to be 100% sure.

[amazon fields=”B008EL38YM” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Clock Gun Safe”].


On the outside, it looks like a basic clock made in traditional design. But, when you open it you can see that it has space for you to store your firearm. It doesn’t have a real lock, but a magnetic one so it is not the safest gun safe on the planet, but if people won’t even notice it, you don’t have to have a strong lock and that is its biggest perk.

Home Self Defend Products Quick Vent Safe

Ok, this may not be a decorative gun safe but it is a great hiding space for all your belongings including the handgun. The Vent Safe is a false ventilation you can install on the wall of your house and you can be sure that no one will notice that something is off with the vent. It is made of steel and it doesn’t have any carpet or foam, but that shouldn’t be a problem since you can make it yourself

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The vent is a safe that comes with the lock, but since it is a hidden gun safe it mustn’t have a lock. That is why it is equipped with RFID to lock which leaves no trace on the safe. To unlock the safe you have to use the RFID card and press it against the safe. The moment you do that, the safe will open.

American Furniture Classics Bench

This bench is a great decorative gun safe because you can use it in your living room, in your bedroom or even in your office. This bench has two storage spaces; the first one is for regular items like pillows, blankets and sheets and the second one is more interesting. It is located below the first storage space and it is made to store firearms. You can use it to store up to 6 long guns inside and it comes with a wooden tray for smaller things like ammo and handguns

[amazon fields=”B00M0UC3KS” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”vent Gun Safe”]

There is a small lock you have to use to enter the second storage space for the firearms which is not the best on the market but it is a good quality product. It was a great idea to use the blankets and pillows to hide the real storage space because people won’t pull everything out to see if it is something below.

Mantel Concealment Gun Clock

Another great decorative gun safe idea is to place your handgun in a  clock. I am sure you understand that you can use an ordinary clock for that because you would get busted and that is why this clock is a better choice than an ordinary one. It has a sleek design and made of wood

[amazon fields=”B00M0UC3KS” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”clock Gun Safe”].


Covert Gun Shelf For The Wall

Covert is a brand which makes only hidden gun storages and this shelf is one of them. It is a great decorative gun idea because it looks like an ordinary shelf on the wall. It has a simple modern design of a floating shelf but it is much more than that. The bottom part of the shelf is a storage space you can use to store one or two handguns with magazines.

[amazon fields=”B08CRYK9LB” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”vent Gun Safe”]

Since is a drop down cabinet, it comes with a magnetic lock and gas spring that controls the opening or the guns will fall on the floor every time. It is a great furniture piece and you can use it as an actual shelf, just make sure that you don’t put too many things because it has a load capacity of 20 lbs.

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