Most Dependable Tactical Gun Safes Reviewed in 2021

Tactical gun safe is not some special safe made from special material, it is a safe made to store tactical guns. Yes, you can use an ordinary safe for that, but you have to be aware that tactical guns require more space. Due to that, a tactical gun safe is a better solution because it is designed from the inside to store tactical guns.

When you have an ordinary safe there is a chance that a tactical gun would take space for two long guns in the safe. That means that the capacity of the safe will not be used properly. Also, there are slim gun safes made to store 1-5 rifles that can’t fit a tactical gun inside. So, to avoid any problems with fitting in the safe, make sure that you have looked for tactical gun safes too.

Tactical Gun Safes

Tactical gun safes or cabinets are made to fit 1-10 tactical guns and most of them have extra space for other things like ammo, binoculars or even handguns. It means that you can easily adjust the choice of your tactical gun safe to your entire firearm collection.

There are many gun safes made for tactical firearms and you can choose the capacity, the lock or the fire rating and if that is something you can choose from, why don’t you do that? Adjust the tactical gun safe to you, not the other way around.

Top 5 Tactical Gun Safes On The Market in 2021

V-Line Tactical Gun Storage Box

The first model I want to show you is made for handguns and it is the only for handguns on this list. It is a simple storage box made to store one or two handguns (depending on the type). The 16-gauge steel construction makes it durable from the outside and the foam padded bottom makes it soft from the inside and it prevents all kinds of damage that can occur during transportation or simply using the box.

V-Line Drawer Mechanical Gun Safe

The safe box comes with a mechanical lock which means there are no batteries. The SIMPLEX 5-push button lock requires from you a code in order to open it. As you can see from the picture, the door of the safe box is wrapped around the body which prevents all types of pry attacks and that increases the level of security.

Stack-On Tactical Security Cabinet TC-16-BG-K-DS

This tactical gun cabinet is much bigger, it can store two tactical guns and about 14 shotguns inside. The best thing about this cabinet is that it is highly adjustable. It comes divided into 3 sections. The middle section is for tactical guns and the other two sections you can use to adjust by your desire. It means that you can use one section to store long guns and other section you can use to store more long guns, or you can transform it into storage space for ammo or handguns with adjustable shelves.

Stack-On Tactical Gun Cabinet TC-16-GB-K-DS

This cabinet comes with a traditional lock and key and a 3-point locking system so it has a certain level of security. It is not some cheap gun cabinet, it is a good product and it has the California DOJ approval so you can be sure that it is made of quality materials.

Monster Vault Tactical Gun Safe T1463

This tactical gun safe is a horizontal gun safe. It means that it is made to place your tactical guns horizontally and it is mostly made for your bedroom or your vehicle. You can easily place this safe in the trunk of your car just make sure that the dimensions fit or you can place it under the bed in your bedroom.

Monster Vault Tactical Gun Safe T1463

The safe is made of 16-gauge steel construction and it has a digital combination lock on the door. The lock requires 3-8 digit PIN number which is good because you can set it by yourself. The moment you open the safe you can grab your tactical guns because this safe comes with a slide out drawer.

SecureIT Tactical Gun Safe Model 52

This tactical gun safe is one of the biggest on my list because it can store up to 6 tactical rifles with their ammo and handguns. It is a simple looking gun safe with the adjustable interior. The moment you open the safe you will see that there are no shelves inside and that is why it is so adjustable. It has a storage boxes principle you can install wherever you want due to the specially designed walls.

SecureIt Gun Safe Tactical Model 52

The door and frame are made of 14/16 gauge steel and the side panels are made only of 16-gauge steel so it is a durable and good quality tactical gun safe. It is actually a lightweight gun cabinet so it is a good idea to mount it down using the pre-drilled holes in it. The electronic combination lock uses 8-digit PIN code and the entire system is the 3-point locking system.

Stack-On Tactical Gun Safe TS-20-MB-E-S

The heavy-duty tactical gun safe I want to show you can store up to 20 guns and it has an insane amount of storage space. The interior is fully carpeted so you don’t have to worry about scratching your firearms and it is very adjustable. It means you can adjust it to your needs which is always a great feature.

Stack-On Tactical Gun Safe TS-20-MB-E-S

You can fit about 4 tactical guns in this tactical gun safe, but there is room for more because of the highly adjustable interior so it is not a final number. The safe comes with an electric combination lock and it has huge locking bolts on the door so you can be sure that your firearm collection is safe inside.

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