Best Double Door Gun Safes On The Market in 2021

The rule says that a double door gun safe is a big gun safe that can store more than 20 guns inside, but that is not completely true. Due to that, I want to show you that you can buy a double door gun safe for a smaller amount of guns so if you need a double door safe you don’t have to buy heavy duty gun safes and cost a fortune.

There are a few types of double door gun safes which means that they can be purchased for their main purpose. The main purpose to use a double door on a gun safe is easier access to the interior of the safe. That purpose is logical for big gun safes with a lot of firearms. Big gun safes are often very wide so you can spread your collection in one row. When you open both doors you can see the complete interior and you will find what you are looking for.

double door gun safe

The second type is for smaller gun collection. That means that two doors usually mean two compartments in the gun safe. One compartment can be only a storage space with many shelves and the other compartment can be a long gun safe with rifle racks. That way you can only open the on gun compartment or the storage compartment.

There is a combination of those two types which is not very common. It means that this double door gun safe has a big gun capacity and it has two compartments. The two compartments long gun safe has rifle racks on both compartments and each compartment acts like one gun safe.

So, depending on your needs you can choose the best double door gun safe which is great, just make sure you have chosen wisely.

Bets Double Door Gun Safes on the Market

Homak Double Door Security Cabinet

The first model I want to share with you is a double door cabinet that has two separate compartments. This double door gun safe can store up to 6 long guns in one compartment and it comes with shelves for handguns, knives, and ammo in the other. The second compartment is smaller which is natural since it is only a storage space, while the other has rifle racks that require space.

Homak Double Door Security Cabinet

The interior of the cabinet is simple and it doesn’t have any protective surface like foam or carpet. Like I have already mentioned, it is a cabinet which means it doesn’t have high-tech locks, it has a simple key and lock system. A good thing is that it comes with 4 locks, two for each compartment. They are on the top and the bottom of the door for better security.

Stack-On Double Door Security Cabinet GCDB-924

The Stack-On model is similar to the Homak I have reviewed above but it is slightly bigger. This double door gun safe can store up to 10 long guns inside the bigger compartment which has rifle rack. The smaller cabinet is filled with shelves which makes it a great storage space for ammo, handguns and other valuable belongings. Both compartments also come with carpeted bottom to prevent scratches on firearms which is the user-friendly feature.

Stack-On 10-Gun Cabinet GCDB-924

The locking system is similar to the Homak model which means it is a traditional lock and key system, but this double door cabinet comes with two locks in the middle. It doesn’t mean it is not safe because it features a 3-point locking system.

Stack-On Double Door Security Cabinet GCDG-9126

The next Stack-On double door gun safe is the third type  I have explained in the introduction. It means that it has two separated gun cabinets but they are both the same (or they can be). It means that this gun safe is highly adjustable. You can see that both compartments have rifle racks but only one has carpeted interior which means it is a real rifle rack compartment. The other one has a rifle rack with naked walls which means you can convert it into a storage space with 4 removable shelves.

Stack-On Double Door Security Cabinet GCDG-9126

So, if you use one compartment as storage space and the other for long guns you can store up to 16 guns inside. But, if you convert both into a one double door gun safe for long guns you will be able to store up to 30 long guns inside which is great.

HG ISSUE Metal Gun Locker

The first thing I have to clarify about this double door gun safe that it is not a gun safe, it is a gun locker. You can see that by the double door with the net on it and the fact that you can’t lock the safe. You can close it with the latch but you can’t lock it. You can buy a padlock and lock the gun locker but without it, it is not possible.

HG ISSUE Metal Gun Locker

This gun locker can store up to 16 long guns inside and the net on the door allows you to see where are the rifles. The gun locker is pretty simple. It doesn’t have fully carpeted or foam padded interior and the only thing it has inside is the rifle rack.

Snapsafe Super Titan XXL Double Door Gun Safe

This is the biggest and the most durable double door gun safe on this list that can fit up to 24 long guns inside. The entire gun safe is carpeted from the inside and it has adjustable storage space so you can fill it up with your valuables. It comes with a rifle rack and shelves so you can put rifles, handguns, ammo, binoculars, and knives inside.

Snapsafe Super Titan XXL Double Door Gun Safe

This beast is made of 9-gauge steel construction and it has 1-hour fire protection at 2300° which is pretty impressive. This badass double door gun safe comes with a combination lock and sledgehammer and pries resistant solid steel door so you can be sure that your belongings are safe inside. It is a heavy duty gun safe you can use as the all-long gun safe or long gun safe with storage space, whatever you need.

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