Best Metal Gun Cabinet & Safe Models Reviews in 2021

Gun cabinets are not as secure as the gun safes but that doesn’t mean they can’t provide you with a certain level of safety. They are mostly made for storing your firearms in the office or other lines of work where you are dealing with your weapon more often.

The best choice for that kind of safety is a metal gun cabinet because metal is stronger and more durable than wood or even hard plastic. The metal or steel gun cabinet is not as heavy or strong as the gun safe, but it will hold off most burglars due to its construction and features like the concealed door hinges.

Most metal gun cabinets come with a traditional locking system, which means that they have only a key and a lock, but there are some better gun cabinets with digital combination locks. Those cabinets are in between a metal gun safe and a cabinet which results in the higher level of security but also the higher price.

Metal Gun Cabinet & Safe

If you want to keep your firearms safe from children or unwanted visitors but you don’t want to buy a gun safe because it is too expensive for you then you should get a metal gun cabinet. Most of them are made of good quality materials and they come with some warranty so you can be sure that your guns will be safe.

If you use a gun cabinet for storing your weapons but you aren’t opening it that often then I would suggest you take the model with the lock and key because every electronic lock needs a power source. Most of the gun safes use batteries as the power source and if you want to avoid coming to the gun cabinet to realize that the batteries are dead and you have no idea where the backup key is, buy the cabinet with traditional locking system.

That simple feature can bring you trouble in the future and that is why it is better to use a traditional lock on your steel gun cabinet. The same story is with the steel gun safe, but I have a feeling that people who buy the metal gun safe use their guns more often.

So, if you have found yourself in the description above then I suggest you take a look at the list of best metal gun cabinets in my opinion.

Top 5 Metal Gun Cabinets

Stack-On Steel Gun Cabinet for 10 Guns

Stack-On is one of the most popular steel gun cabinet brand and they really know what they are doing. This is not the only Stack-On metal gun cabinet on this list, but for now, I will focus only on it. When it comes to design it is a simple black exterior with few silver details, but from the inside, it has a foam padded bottom to prevent scratching, a rifle rack and one additional shelf at the top of the cabinet. That shelf is shorter than the cabinet so you can store long guns that won’t fit under the shelf – talk about the user-friendly product.

Stack-On 10-gun Cabinet GCB-910

The entire design of the cabinet is made to store up to 10 long guns but that depends on their type. The top shelf is there to store ammo or handguns and you can remove it if you don’t need it. The entire cabinet is welded steel and it has the 3–point locking system which means it locks the door in 3 different places. It doesn’t require batteries because it comes with a lock and key so you can lock it and forget about checking the batteries every once in a while.

Stack-On Steel Gun Cabinet for 18 Guns

The second Stack-On metal gun cabinet on the list is bigger than the previous and it has more interesting features. For example, it may hold up to 18 shotguns or you can convert it into a storage space for a smaller amount of shotguns and more shelves. It is also known as the convertible cabinet because you can adjust it completely to your needs and desires. So if you have long guns and handguns you can store them all together in this cabinet, but of course, check the capacity first.

Stack-On 18-Gun Convertible Gun Cabinet

When it comes to the technical characteristics, it is pretty much the same as the steel gun cabinet above. It is made from a steel construction and it has a 3-point locking system to makes sure that the door stays shut completely. It also comes with a traditional lock and the key so you don’t have to think about the batteries.

Best Choice Products Steel Gun Cabinet

The Best Choice Product steel cabinet is right between the steel gun safe and cabinet as I have mentioned in the introduction. The reason why this safe is right in between is the fact that it has an electronic lock, but it is not as sturdy and durable as the high-quality safes. Don’t get me wrong, it is made from solid steel and it is durable, but it is not comparable with the real gun safes.

Best Choice Products 5 Rifle Safe

The capacity of this metal gun cabinet is 5 long guns with one additional lockbox above the long guns. That lockbox has its own lock and you can use it to store ammo and handguns. The interior of the cabinet is pretty simple. It has foam padded bottom, a rifle rack and that lockbox on top. The electronic combination lock requires batteries, which is not the best solution, but there is an override key you can use to unlock the cabinet when the batteries are dead.

Paragon Metal Gun Cabinet

Paragon is another product that can be placed between the metal gun safe and cabinet for the same reason – the electronic lock and the overall construction. It is a good gun cabinet that will hold off most burglars and kids, but the gun safe is far more durable and safer. The interior is actually pretty similar to the Best Choice Product model. It has a foam padded bottom, a rack for 5 long guns and a lock box on top of the cabinet.

Paragon Metal Gun Cabinet

The only thing that makes this gun cabinet slightly better is the fact that it is made from 18-gauge steel construction. This steel gun safe/cabinet uses batteries in the digital combination lock, but it comes with an override key so you can open the safe at any time. Another big bonus for this gun cabinet is the 10-year warranty.

HQ ISSUE Metal Gun Locker

The last on the list is the metal gun locker because it is the simplest and the lowest form of secured storage firearm solution. This interesting metal gun cabinet can store up to 12 firearms you can quickly grab due to the double doors. This is the only cabinet that has a metal net design on the doors so you can see where and how many long guns are in it. The interior is naked, which means it doesn’t have any foam padding and the only thing you can see in there is the long gun rack.

HQ ISSUE Metal Gun Locker

It is not the most user-friendly cabinet but it is great for people who have only long guns. The entire construction is made from 22-gauge steel, which is not bad and it has a lockable handle. That means it doesn’t have a real lock and key but you can lock it with a padlock.

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