5 Best 24-gun Gun Safe & Cabinet Reviews in 2021

High capacity gun safes are safes that can store a large number of firearms and the smallest high capacity gun safe can be a 24 gun safe. That type of gun safe can store 24 long guns and handguns inside, which means it is not a small gun safe so you have to have the room for it.

You can store your 24-gun collection in a gun cabinet or in a gun safe. There aren’t that many differences in their design except the overall durability. The gun cabinet will keep your firearm collection safe but without electronic, biometric and those types of locks.

5 Best 24-gun Gun Safe & Cabinet Reviews

The gun safe, on the other hand, can store your firearms in sturdier construction with higher security level because their construction is stronger, they are heavier and they have more security features. The gun safes have can have a fire and water protection and their price is higher than the price of the gun cabinets.

But, remember, most gun safes can’t store that amount of firearms inside. The number (in this case 24) is the number of the maximum guns in the safe. If you want your guns to be one on top of the other, then you can buy the safe for the maximum number of firearms. I would recommend you go 10% lower which means that for the 24-gun collection I would recommend for example the 30-gun safe capacity. That is the story with all high capacity gun safes, not just this one.

I want to share with you most popular 24 gun safes and cabinets so you can choose the one that suits your needs best.

Top 5 Best 24-gun Safes on the Market

Stack-On 24-Gun Safe FS-24-MB-E

This Stack-On can store up to 24 guns inside but it comes with the adjustable interior. The fully carpeted interior can be a 24-long gun safe or it can be a 12-long gun safe with additional removable shelves which means you can organize it by your gun collection. If you have only long guns then leave the rifle racks, but if you have handguns too, combine the shelves with the racks.

Stack-On Fire Resistant Gun Safe for 24 Guns FS-24-MB-E

This 24-gun safe has an electronic combination lock that will signal when you enter the right code. Since it has an electronic lock, you will need batteries for it. You don’t have to worry about batteries running out because the lock comes with the low battery indicator. This 24-gun safe has 30 minutes of fire protection at 1400°F and it is approved by the California DOJ so it is a good quality product.

Steelwater Gun Safes 24-Gun Safe

This gun safe is slightly bigger than others and it has a bigger capacity because it comes with a door organizer you can use to store handguns and ammo. This gun safe can store long guns, handguns, ammo and a few other belongings, which is pretty impressive.

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The entire safe is made of 12-gauge steel construction and it has a digital combination lock. The moment you lock the safe 6 live bolts are activated and 4 deadbolts are already in the door. There is one problem; the safe doesn’t have a backup key so you have to use the PIN number to unlock the safe thought the electronic lock. A good thing is if the batteries end up dead you can replace them without opening the door because they are located on the outside. This is another fire resistant safe with 1-hour protection at 1700°F.

Stack-On 24-Gun Safe W-24-BH-E-S

Another Stack-On gun safe for 24-gun worth mentioning is this model that comes with the fully carpeted interior, 2 rifle racks and a door organizer. It is a gun safe mostly made for long guns, but you can use the door organizer to store handguns and ammo. Its highly adjustable interior allows you to convert one side of the safe into a storage space if you need.

Stack-On Woodland 22-24 Gun Safe W-24-BH-E-S

The electronic combination lock makes sure that the door stays locked. The hard plate right behind the lock prevents all types of drill attacks and the small light near the keypad notifies you when the batteries are almost empty. This is another fire resistant gun safe with 30 minutes of protection at 1400°F so you can be sure about its quality.

Cannon 24-Gun Safe AE592618-60-H1FEC-17

This Cannon gun safe comes in two sizes; the 24-gun safe and the 48-gun safe and I want to focus on the 24-gun safe today. Inside the safe, you will get a long gun rack, shelves and a door organizer so you can be sure that it will fit all your belongings. The simple black design is completed with two white logos on the door which gives it elegance.

Cannon 24-Gun Safe AE592618-60-H1FEC-17

The electric combination door makes sure that only people with the right PIN code can unlock the safe. The moment you lock it, large locking bolts are activated making sure that the door stays closed. The fire protection of the safe lasts about an hour thanks to the expanding seal which protects from smoke and heat.

Winchester Bandit 24-Gun Safe

Winchester is a brand famous for their high capacity safes so this one is not a surprise. This high capacity gun safe comes with a fully carpeted interior, adjustable shelving system, rifle racks and a door organizer so you can make your own door safe interior.

Winchester Bandit 24-Gun Safe

This is one of those high capacity safes that come with a mechanical combination lock so you don’t have to worry about batteries in the safe. The entire construction is made of 14-gauge steel with reinforced steel return door jamb which means that it is one impressive security system. The safe is heavy and it has a door expanding seal which prevents heat and smoke from entering the safe during a fire. Besides that, the safe has few layers of fireboard which result in 45 minutes of fire protection at 1400°F. It may look simple from the outside but this 24-gun safe is a beast and it will keep your belongings safe at all times.

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