2022 Slim and Narrow Gun Safe

When you want to store your long guns in a secured place and you don’t really have much space to do so, the best solution for you is to check slim gun safe models. Like their name says, they are smaller than other rifle safes and they are made to save space. Its hard to find a slim gun safe so I thought I would write a review about Slim Gun Safes.

Slim gun safe models are a great choice if you want to store your gun safes in a closet or behind the door of your room. But, they do have one downside; they don’t have high capacity. That is not an actual downside but you should be aware that slim and narrow gun safe models can store 5-6 long guns, not more.

That is why you can use them for protection of your home or office and if you are a passionate gun collector, look for high capacity gun safes. Those safes can store from 16 to 60 long guns, even more depending on the type and brand.

I want to show you both; the slim gun safe models and the slim gun cabinets so you can see which one suits your situation better. Most gun cabinets come with a traditional lock with the key which means that they don’t need batteries and that the only thing you need to open them is the key. If you need a storage space like that, you will go with the cabinets. If you want more sophisticated lock like the biometric or digital combination lock, then I would suggest you go with the narrow gun safes.

I took the liberty to pick 5 most popular slim gun safe models and cabinets with different capacity and types of the lock so you can adjust their overall design to your needs. So, take look at the most popular models and choose the one that fits you perfectly.

Best Slim & Narrow Gun Safe Models

Barska Quick Access Slim Gun Safe

This is the most popular narrow gun safe on the market and you will see why. It is a simple rifle safe with an impressively quick lock so it is one of the best picks for your protection. This slim gun safe is made of solid steel so you can expect nothing but durability. The interior has protective carpet on the bottom so you can place your rifles without scratching them. You can store up to 4 rifles on a special rifle rack and above that is a small shelf so you can store ammo and handguns too. Its slim design allows you to store it in your closet so you can put it in your bedroom.

The reason why this gun safe is called the quick access gun safe is the biometric lock that reacts under 2.5 seconds, which is pretty impressive. That high-tech lock can store up to 120 fingerprints which not many biometric locks can. The safe comes with 3-point locking system and concealed hinges so you can expect nothing but security from it.




Moutec Large Rifle Gun Safe, Quick Access Rifle Gun Safe, 5-Gun Metal Rifle Gun Security Cabinet for Rifle with/Without Scope with Separate Pistol/Handgun Lock Box (Digital Keypad-Non Biometric)

Like I have already mentioned, I will introduce you to a few gun cabinets as well and this is the first one. Moutec is not a well-known brand but it is made with care and quality. The safe is made of 100% steel walls so you can assume it is durable. The interior is simple, it comes with a rifle rack and one small self at the top. That cabinet you can use to store ammo or handguns but the locking system complicates things when you are in a hurry. This gun cabinet can store 5 long guns without scopes and it also comes with

  • Rifle Safe x 1
  • Mounting Hardware Set x 1
  • Emergency Key x 2
  • Lockbox Key x 2
  • AA Batteries x 4



The Moutec cabinet is a quick access gun cabinet. It has smart biometric technology that retains 3-8 digits PIN Code. I like this one because you can create your own passcode or manually lock it with the spare key.  For a little extra you can get the fingerprint scanner which works flawlessly and fast!  The biometric features very easy to set up. Code dial very easy to set up as well.  It is nice that the cabinet comes with emergency access keys that are covered under a lifetime replacement warranty.

American Furniture Classics 906

This is another gun safe cabinet, but this one is made by a well-known brand, the American Furniture Classics. They are mostly specialized in gun safe furniture, but they do produce ordinary gun cabinets as well. This is a basic gun cabinet which has a storage space to fit 5 long guns and its slim design allows you to store in almost everywhere. The interior of the cabinet is fully carpeted which is great and it also comes with a rifle rack and a top shelf for ammo.

Since it is a cabinet you could expect a simple locking system and you wouldn’t be wrong. The cabinet comes with a lock and key locking system which is strengthened with 3 locking bolts in the middle of the door. I would prefer if the bolts are spread all over the height of the door, but it is also an OK solution. Considering the price, capacity, and materials, it is a good product. If you are looking for a gun cabinet.




Stack-On SS-16-MB-E 16 Gun Security Safe with Electronic Lock

Stack-On is a famous gun safe brand and they are producing both gun safes and cabinets. This is a slim gun safe model that can store up to 3 long guns and 4 handguns inside. Now, when I say that it can store 16 handguns I don’t mean on the top shelf. There is a special handgun rack on the rifle rack you can use to store handguns which means that the top shelf is reserved only for ammo. The interior of this interesting narrow gun safe is fully carpeted so you can avoid scratches at all cost.

When you look at the slim gun safe from the outside it looks very simple. The only thing you can notice is a keypad and a handle. Well, that simple keypad is a high-quality combination lock that comes with a hardened steel plate that prevents all drill attacks. Besides that, this gun safe comes with locking bolts and the DOJ approval.




Quicktec Quick Access Gun Safe

The last slim gun safe I want to share with you is another quick access safe. The interior of this safe has carpeted bottom and door to prevent scratches on your long guns. You can store up to 5 long guns inside the safe and you can use the locking box above the rack to store ammo. That box inside the safe comes with 2 keys so you can share the 2nd one with the one person you trust.

This one doesn’t have a biometric lock but it does have a digital combination lock with quick reaction time. That digital combination lock requires 4AA batteries so you have to check their status from time to time. If you forget about it and the batteries end up empty you don’t have to worry because this narrow gun safe comes with a backup lock and key.

If you aren't familiar with the gun safes on the market and you aren't sure which of the gun safe models is the best choice for you, I recommend you to read my Gun Safe Buying Guide so you can learn how to determine which gun safe suits your lifestyle best. I have made a detailed guide about the features you have to consider before you buy a gun safe and they are connected to the size, brand which made it, capacity, materials used during the production and special features like fire or water protection. If you are familiar with all those features, I suggest you visit my posts about best biometric, quick access or fireproof gun safes if you know that they suit your lifestyle best.